Maxims, rules of thumb and other observations on human cognition and sociocultural affectations

This will be added to on an irregular basis...
  • What is said to humans directly is received with skepticism and considered with dubiousness while that which is heard in passing, especially that which most conforms to their mentality or prejudices, is readily believed.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive latency between exposure to new information or experiences and the ability to think dispassionately and intellectually about it.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive spectrum starting with the moment of exposure to new information or experiences and ending with some point at which the thing is effectively "in the past" for them.
  • This cognitive spectrum is linked to the emotional process often referred to as shock, anger, denial and acceptance.
  • The more and faster information or experiences are presented to people and the closer the quarters and the lesser the distance between people, the more their early reactions in the passionate emotional stage are reflected back to them in the manner of responses to those reactions from others in light of those responses.
  • The more outrages which are suffered without sufficient time to allow emotional bleed-off, the farther the bar for subsequent reaction and outrage are pushed, and the more further events must progress before reaction and outrage.
  • It is possible for serious detriments to eventually sit below this threshold for long enough for their damaging effects to build and multiply until their entire society undergoes some reactive convulsion.
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fixing Firefox 3's Quick Find bar...

EDIT: Something stopped this from working recently and I haven't found the solution... YET...

Not listed as a known issue over at Mozilla's site, and hardly mentioned despite extensive Google searches, the solution was pieced together thusly...

  1. Put %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ in your Start | Run bar and hit return. Go into the profile folder, then select the chrome folder.
  2. Note the location in the address bar and open Notepad.
  3. Enter this in it:
  4. /* Add Next/Previous Buttons to Quick Find Bar */
    .findbar-container>* {display: -moz-box !important;}

  5. Save as userchrome.css (making sure to change from .txt to All Files in the drop down to make sure Notepad doesn't autoappend and make it userchrome.css.txt. Make the place saved to the location you noted.
  6. The Quick Find bar should now have the forward and back and whatnot no longer grayed out.

Led to it by this:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Dr. Horrible - Joss Whedon comes through

Thanks to The Wolf's most recent post on his blog, I was introduced to this little bit of comedy gold that you just have to see.

Thank you Wolf for that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury continues to apologize for his entire raison d'etre...

Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.

Yes, even the story itself says it right in the title:

Archbishop of Canterbury: Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims | Mail Online

And Islam isn't offensive to Christians? To Jews?


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Suicide by chainsaw, not necessarily an American phenomenon...

Man cuts off own head with chainsaw after flat is earmarked to be bulldozed by developers | Mail Online

Sounds like the local council are a real pain in the neck.