Maxims, rules of thumb and other observations on human cognition and sociocultural affectations

This will be added to on an irregular basis...
  • What is said to humans directly is received with skepticism and considered with dubiousness while that which is heard in passing, especially that which most conforms to their mentality or prejudices, is readily believed.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive latency between exposure to new information or experiences and the ability to think dispassionately and intellectually about it.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive spectrum starting with the moment of exposure to new information or experiences and ending with some point at which the thing is effectively "in the past" for them.
  • This cognitive spectrum is linked to the emotional process often referred to as shock, anger, denial and acceptance.
  • The more and faster information or experiences are presented to people and the closer the quarters and the lesser the distance between people, the more their early reactions in the passionate emotional stage are reflected back to them in the manner of responses to those reactions from others in light of those responses.
  • The more outrages which are suffered without sufficient time to allow emotional bleed-off, the farther the bar for subsequent reaction and outrage are pushed, and the more further events must progress before reaction and outrage.
  • It is possible for serious detriments to eventually sit below this threshold for long enough for their damaging effects to build and multiply until their entire society undergoes some reactive convulsion.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Who said the current Israeli administration was bad for Israeli-Arab relations?

No one is above the law in Israel' | Jerusalem Post

Best quote at the bottom:

Rashid Bohairi in Kuwait: "I swear Israel is a state that will succeed. They are prosecuting their prime minister because of tens of thousands of dollars. What about the millions of dollars that Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority stole? How come the Palestinian people are still hungry?

This article is chock full of Arab Muslims in the street in various Arab nations commenting on the spectacle of a corruption scandal in Israel going on over only a few tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, that little. Remember the scandal in CT that took down John Rowland and had him doing some time? That level of corruption.

Going after ANY amount of corruption in the Muslim worlds is nearly unheard of, and usually only done behind closed doors to save the regime's behind from embarrassment.

Which only proves the assertion I've always made, which is that these people are no different than you and me. Fellow humans. Humans love to subvert and see the underdog come out on top. They love to see the high, mighty, and unworthy come crashing down.

Way to go Israel. Your imperfections and foibles truly are a light unto the nations today. And I mean that sincerely.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

UK Academia Loses Their Minds, In Other News, Water Is Still Wet

UK union encourages Israeli academia boycott | Jerusalem Post

The University and College Union, the largest trade union for academics and academic-related staff in further education in the UK, voted on a motion at their annual conference in Manchester on Wednesday that will reintroduce an academic boycott of Israel.

The motion passed without debate and by a show of hands and asks members "to consider the moral and political implications of educational links with Israeli institutions, and to discuss the occupation with individuals and institutions concerned, including Israeli colleagues with whom they are collaborating."

What moral and political implications? Drawing scorn from the usual Muslim organizations? Drawing tsk-tsk disapproval from the usual anti-everything leftists? Collaborating with people brave and ballsy enough to stand up to half a dozen Arab and Persian nations arrayed against them with both arms and one foot tied behind their back?

Last year, UCU lawyers deemed a boycott "unlawful" and ruled that a motion calling for a boycott passed at last year's conference "cannot be implemented," leading to the decision being thrown out.

However, the union failed to adhere to its lawyers' rulings - and has refused to respond to the calls to make public the legal advice it received - and last month, another boycott of Israeli academia was introduced.

So their own layers told them it was not lawful per UK and EU legal standards and court precedents (which are the two primary things which lawyers use to decide if something is or is not a bad idea) and they decided to ignore their (probably expensive) legal counsel and to reintroduce yet another boycott measure.

Anti-Semitic? No. Anti-Jew. There's a difference. They'd fall over backwards and sideways to give accolades to the least accomplished Palestinian Muslim poet writing allegedly pithy and amusing screed against Israel and Palestinians are Semitic. Half as much attention would be paid if he was one of the odd Christian denominations there whom they don't think much of either as they are considered sell-outs to the forces of western hegemony and inauthentic when it comes to things like struggle and victimhood.

No, this is more of the deeply ingrained thinking of the Christian west coming to the surface through the mental cracks of socialistic idiocy and that idea is that Jews somehow don't deserve a home of their own. It's been publicly denounced by the Vatican, it's been harrumphed by the CoE, etc., but still continues to defy attempts at wiping it out.

It's the sad legacy of how Christianity came about and here being used by the usual suspects on the left, who are always against their own nation, their own interests, their own success, their own people, etc. just for the sake of annoying all and sundry and exulting in the power of that. Like being vocal supporters of the Soviets during the Cold War even as Stalinist atrocities were documented and Russians were escaping or emigrating left and right.

(If you want to get down to it, it is anti-everyone-else not anti-Semitism, as these sort are bigoted and condescending to everyone who isn't one of them. Palestinians are helpless retarded children in their view and incapable of acting any better than supporting the ultimately anti-Palestinian interests of Syria and Iran, both of whom would gladly see the Palestinians reduced to radioactive dust just to see Israel lose. Remember, before Israel popped back onto the historical stage, the area was the ass end of the former Ottoman Empire and considered of no interest whatsoever unless someone not Muslim was trying to control the area in which case, everyone feigned indignance and waged jihad until it was back to being under Muslim rule and preferably from as far away as possible.)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Hampshire still in competition with Vermont for Northeast Dumbass Politics Award

State Bans Method Of Disposing Of Remains - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR Manchester

The process of resomation turns human remains into a liquid. Supporters said it's more environmentally friendly than cremation, which can release mercury. But lawmakers who reacted against what the process involves decided to ban it, even though it has been legal in the state for two years.

Open barn door, release horses, close barn door, pretend horses are still there.

You can move there and find it out for yourself, but we here in Southern New England like to think of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts as our own little slice of West Virginia only with liberal loons, tax evading numbnuts, and one world government conspiracy freaks.

We decided not to send them gun racks when we realized they might try actually getting guns just to put in them and that's just a scary thought. - Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News - Woman Wakes After Heart Stopped, Rigor Mortis Set In - Health News | Current Health News | Medical News

Thomas, who lives in West Virginia, is being called a medical miracle after she suffered two heart attacks and had no brain waves for more than 17 hours; reports

Cue "brain waves actually exist in West Virginia?!" jokes.

Seriously though, "death set in"? Rigor mortis? And then she gets up and they can find zilch wrong with her?

Did they check her for two hearts? Temporal energies?

Popeye's sister located...

Local News | Woman gets mad, then even over theft | Seattle Times Newspaper

You can fairly hear the music and the words... "That's all I can stands, I can stands no more!"

Right on lady. You rock.

Teacher is the weakest link...

Teacher lets Morningside students vote out classmate, 5 : St. Lucie County : TCPalm

Melissa Barton said she is considering legal action after her son's kindergarten teacher led his classmates to vote him out of class.

After each classmate was allowed to say what they didn't like about Barton's 5-year-old son, Alex, his Morningside Elementary teacher Wendy Portillo said they were going to take a vote, Barton said.

When I was in grade school, similar things were done to me. Contrary to belief, most teachers are not the kind, driven, and dedicated people they would like the public to believe.

Think about your own kids and the moments they tried your patience the most. Now multiply that moment by twenty kids and one hundred eighty days. Dedicated? Driven? Caring? If you believe that, you need more psychiatric help than this teacher.

I consistently scored extremely high on aptitude and IQ tests. I was consistently ridiculed by fellow students when I answered questions put to the class, showing that not only had I paid attention, I knew more than the teachers quite frequently. This only more ticked off the teachers who when not joining in actively with torment, did nothing to stop other students.

School for me was hell and many of my teachers are 100% guilty of aiding and abetting the cruelty of other kids.

America, you need to get the rose colored glasses off and understand that society cannot raise your kids for you. You're not doing so hot a job now, TV is an obvious bad choice unless the last thirty years has taught you nothing, and the Internet is just a hundred million times worse as it is slowly becoming a battleground between the forces of censorship and control on the one side, and the say anything to get a rise out of people on the other.

I didn't have autism. I had intelligence which might as well be the glare off a wolf's teeth to a sheep. It frightens people who breeze through life in charge for no other reason than someone more powerful was stupid enough to put them there. It threatens them. (It is one of the worst kept secrets that the majority of public school teachers hail from the bottom 25% of college graduates.)

If you teach your kids here and there to be smart, they are in for hell. So I can understand your subconscious drive to not make your kids more than strictly just under average. I can also understand that you as the electorate, as the populace from which the power of government flows can demand better.

You know, when I was kid, the popular psychology idea regarding bullying was that the victims brought it on themselves by fighting back and should be punished if necessary to discourage them from doing anything but silently accepting the abuse and that eventually the bullies would get bored and stop. This was of course utter lunacy and it led to a lot of miserable kids back then.

Now, they try to say they are against bullying, but you see if you pay attention that it is a lot of empty slogans and bullshit, but you're buying it. You're changing the news channel and saying to yourself, "they're finally doing something." Well, they're not and never did.

Only you the people can change this. Not the choice of who gets in the White House, not the winner of Dancing with the Stars, not the American Federation of Teachers. Only you.

Remember, the people in charge of the educational establishment are the same people who tell you with a straight face that setting standards and expecting children to be taught to be able to reach them is on par with a moon made of cheese. How is that any different from having expectations on your kids' behavior and intelligence and holding them to it, punishing them when they do decidedly dumb things you warned them not to? Do you think you're a moron to expect better of your own kids?

Well, the people in charge of the system are a self-serving lot, defending their own interests, and those interests do not include being held to any standards of performance in their job which is to raise your kids for over one thousand hours a year. Do you still think that standards are for the ignorant?

Just think about that and this story I linked to, the next time you reflexively agree that teachers are overworked, underpaid, and doing a thankless job. If it is thankless, it might be because their establishment has successfully held off being kept to the sort of workplace performance checking that you and ever other person lives up to every day on your job. If it is underpaid, it is only in comparison to American police officers and certainly not the average middle class American whose pay is outpaced by the average teacher's salary. If they are overworked, it is only because they have decided to take a job that they had no intention of meeting the requirements of.

Let me ask you this... in your private sector job... are you nearly immune to risk of firing, making above the median wage, and getting blindly reflexive praise from your employer's business partners?

I didn't think so.

Environmentally Friendly Bombs Planned - Yahoo! News

Note: I did NOT make up that headline.

Environmentally Friendly Bombs Planned - Yahoo! News

These compounds have great potential, "especially for large caliber naval and tank guns," Klapötke added.

Well, I'm sure the recipients of future offshore bombardment will be able to go gently into that good night, albeit rather suddenly, with the knowledge that their messy demise was not carried out with damage to Earth's delicate ecosystem, and their remains will thanks to the power of those explosives go towards fertilizing mother Earth.

You know though, I've never heard "...and a flight of environmentalists wing thee to thy rest" before.

No good deed ever goes unpunished, even if it is the wrong person suffering

Charity: Aid workers raping, abusing children -

Children as young as 6 have been forced to have sex with aid workers and peacekeepers in return for food and money, Save the Children UK said in a report released Tuesday.

After interviewing hundreds of children, the charity said it found instances of rape, child prostitution, pornography, indecent sexual assault and trafficking of children for sex.

You know, during the Clinton years, we sent the military all over the place and...

Oh noooooooo...



How did none of this get seen or reported? Did we deploy the blindest dumbest troops everywhere? Did none of the bountiful numbers of civilians who went everywhere with them get one whiff? Or did no one care???

Seriously though, I am not sure which is worse. To be emotionally and psychologically raped by the welfare system here or to be sexually exploited as these kids were? Either way, we constantly manage to do a disservice to all those who don't need it, all the while feeling good about ourselves as if the system doing it was nothing but pure.

"Imagine. For just pennies a day, you could help perverts afford decent oral sex from young girls around the world."

I wonder how well those charity ads would go over phrased more realistically.

GW reaches goal of surpassing his father!

May consumer confidence falls to near 16-year low - Yahoo! News

The May reading marks the fifth straight month of decline and is the lowest since the index registered 54.6 in October 1992 when the economy was coming out of a recession.

His father was still in office until January 1993, and this milestone thus allows our current president to boldly and proudly proclaim having surpassed his father's accomplishments, which is often one of the central subconscious drives of males everywhere.

Unfortunately while the specific achievement, destruction of an entire economy before leaving office, was achieved, it took him two terms to do it, so the Guinness Book people will have to get back to us on the exact categorization of the achievement and the award if any.

While no one has managed to get close enough to the president to ask how he feels about this, it is highly likely that he would in all due modesty share the credit with the following and we agree in advance: American outsourcing of manufacturing and other job capital to the third world allowing them enough money to join the modern age and consume fossil fuels with the same gluttony we do, rampant schizophrenic investment trends among the upper middle class, an idiot electorate who have few enough brain cells to be taken in by Ted Kennedy for two billion terms as a singular of many for instance, and the loss of Alan Greenspan who seemed to be the only person on Earth capable of juggling the numbers long enough to forestall the inevitable collapse of the stupidity under the onslaught of reality.

Congratulations are in order therefore to one and all. Good job everyone, but I feel I must warn you that you need to pick up the pace and improve your competency at economic incompetence if you're going to truly compare on the world's stage across history. So stop your slacking people, put your nose to the grindstone, and get back to work on fucking up everything you touch.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad News Round-Up

Retail gas hits 12th consecutive record high - May. 19, 2008

Shouldn't be too surprised, but why is no one paying attention to the fact that diesel is higher and has been for a long while now, increasing the cost of everything that depends on it to get from point A to point B.

Why gas prices have gone from 90 cents to $4 a gallon. - May. 20, 2008

A new refinery hasn't been built in the United States in three decades, although capacity at existing refineries has been expanded.

Emphasis mine of course. Here's how supply and demand work as simply as possible: low supply and high demand equal scarcity and thus higher price. We have massive demand and thanks to persnickety environmentalists and a brainless government it is massively more expensive to bring a refinery to idiot standards than decades ago. Wait, the government is giving them an excuse to cut supply in the face of ever increasing demand... KA-CHING!!!

Do you suppose that this might have something to do with MANY MANY MANY members of congress in BOTH parties and MANY MANY MANY so-called "greens" holding investments in oil and gas???



Nevermind speculation, oil drilling bans in the USA, etc...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo | the Daily Mail

Am I the only one who read that as "Elmo" as in Tickle-Me Elmo?

Good. Glad you're coming along with me on that.

Here's the link to the overly dramatic take:

Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo | the Daily Mail

Here's the callously insensitive one-line:

It's not a problem, it's a solution.

Here's the expounding:

Modern life, especially here in the western nations, tends to get a bit depersonalized and de-intellectualized. Efficiency demands that things be already worked out and require not a lot of thought. You're not encouraged to feel very emotional over a trip to the store for lettuce.

So we don't think. We don't feel. Not nearly as much and as healthily as we should. There's not a lot of catharsis and the detritus of more moments than we can remember piles up like old sneakers by the door we've replaced and never gotten around to throwing out.

We like feeling. We love to laugh, we even like to cry every so often. We need to. Emotion and logic are not remotely separate things to humans in our internal workings. People seemingly without emotion like robots still have emotions, just muted and distant. Still there though. Unavoidable. We're not computers, we're feelers. All we know or think we know is based on the sum total of states of our minds which are nothing if not ephemeral.

So charismatic movements can get people aboard because we like to feel and need to feel. Depends on the movement. Sometimes its a movement that makes us feel better about ourselves based on self-deception. Oh look at what a great person I am because I am in favor of electing people who will take money in taxes away from other people and give them to still other people. No, that's not charity as I've said before but it lets you go on feeling a little less powerless because otherwise you felt like anything you did directly out of your own pocket was a pointless gesture.

Self-deception is a psychological defense mechanism, perfectly natural, and it is a very big weakness that charismatic associations tend to count on in appealing to you. Sometimes it is ultimately not too bad a thing, like with most religious organizations. There's not a rabbi, priest, etc. who has not uttered bullshit that served the organization and not G-d. It's unavoidable because they're position holders in an organization of humans and such things come with their own affectations and aspect. One of them is to defend and serve themselves. Doesn't mean you can't have a rabbi or priest with a good heart or that most of them aren't good. To the contrary, on the  whole, they're excellent people as individuals, but as parts of a greater whole they cannot help but be saddled with the inherent limitations of the organization.

I don't care how many committees the Conservative movement has, you'll never adjust and fine tune it enough to make egalitarianism something other than a thing that individuals need to strive to practice amongst each other rather than an inherent mode. Sorry, but many have tried and all have failed and success was just never possible. G-d has a peculiar sense of humor in designing the universe to make certain things just plain logically impossible, even for Him. Something to do with free will I imagine. Maybe He needs people to have to think about the things they do, especially the good things as it's been quite correctly said that those things compelled have no value. Machines don't know chesed. Humans passing through a maze of rules don't express chesed. The human heart practices chesed.

Anyhow, emo, goth, etc. are a more or less non-hierarchical organization, very organic, but still an organization or association. You could say they were more or less a stand alone complex. A copycat phenomenon without an original. No founding angsty whiny teenager. Just a lot of like minded people.

Partly its because you know that even being human is to be part of an organization or association with its own affectations and aspects beyond your individual control. You have commonality with all the other monkeys running about. Yup. You too could be a Nazi, or a vegan, or Hare Krishna, or a gas stove repairman. Pretty much anything anyone else has the mental and emotional permutational capacity to be, so do you.

However as I mentioned before, only a little thing like a wrong turn can cause millions to die and as I keep reminding you life is what happens while you're making other plans.

Go back to the beginning where I mentioned that modern life and its efficiencies tend to lessen chances for feeling and thinking, letting your brain essentially get fat and lazy. Combine it with the other emotional effect of modernity which is to increase confusion, frustration, resentment, and generally anything else negative.

Now you present a young person with that world and give them exposure to emo and presto! A solution. While you were busy wondering what their GPA would be preparatory to sending them to college so you and the spouse could get it on more without them blundering past the bedroom door, they were looking for an outlet to gush those feelings all over and since society encourages negativity, they gush negative emotions.

Then again, people have a certain streak of positivity and need for it.

Emo gives some catharsis but not a relief. The KKK does too. Resenting other people getting help you're not getting and you need some? Join a group that will let you focus the resentment over the lack of attention on those getting it. Kind of like a support group for first born kids whose parents just had a baby. Why do they get all the attention and time and good stuff? It's just not fair.

First born here, been there, got the t-shirt, and it sucked. Glad I didn't have a cathartic organization though. Without an alternative, you're stuck.

Go look up the vanishing mediator. I'll wait.

Now look up the terms of Hegelian dialectic, which Hegel himself didn't use (much if at all, can't remember this minute), thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

Okay, now you see where this going. You get a vanishing mediator that leaves you behind stranded in limbo on the other side of that psycho-emotional chokepoint between thesis and antithesis with a dead-end synthesis.

Look around and you'll see plenty of places that happens. Sum them up as "wrong answers" if you like. Self-deception by way of being a lie of omission to yourself to make it easier to wrap yourself around it, but it's the same thing.

Emo isn't a cult of anyone but our needs and failure to provide for them for ourselves, and each other.

Why are people so hesitant to reach a hand out to a positive after choice? Something that links to the dead end synthesis and makes the other half of it like connecting two extension cords?

Well, holding on to good feelings and trippy love the world feelings isn't easy. Our lives tend to have more opportunities to result in pain than pleasure. Even sex as fantastic as it can be tends to introduce innumerable opportunities to hurt. Especially sex.

The problem isn't that we lack a follow-on to the cathartic carrier through that emotional blockage between two opposed states. The problem is we think we need one. We think there are answers. Concrete, easy as a pocket calculator answers.

There aren't and you can stop looking for them. Give up.

So you ask what you should do having given up. You have to die. You're wrong, you're misconstructed, you're in error. Like a robot that got programmed wrong, you need rebuilding.

This is the moment of realization that makes emo people and the like commit suicide. They mistake their body for them. Their mind is wholly separate. It's not your physicality that has to die, it's your psyche itself. You just have to let go, fall into the void, and rebuild yourself from the start all over again. In an instant, reconstruct all the links that make up you, seeing all the events as you did then through new eyes with new knowledge and honesty about yourself.

If you thought something completely other at every juncture throughout your life, all the way, the end result would be someone other than you.

I'm not saying you need to choose differently every time. Just modify it a bit. Retromod yourself. Rearrange the way you saw everything moving forward, change how you felt about it and assume differently. Assume positively. Realign your parts moving forward from the beginning to now. See all the good and fortunate things from then to now.

Then keep on seeing them moving forward. Your ID will still have your name and you'll still have a pulse and people will still recognize you, but you won't be you. You'll be another you. Maybe a you that you like better.

No one make someone change, but we can change ourselves. Sometimes so much we can cancel out all the emotional moments of breakage of continuity, the ones that felt like a total white-out. And when we do, we can feel better.

I do. I may get ranty and angry at times, but I am not the man I used to be. I did it and am still doing it. It's been said that since it's your life, you can remember it any way you want.

So, why do you remember it a way that makes you unhappy and frustrated?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Memo to Paul McCartney: SHUT UP


The Lexus LS600H, which costs £84,000, was a gift from Lexus to the 65-year-old former Beatle, who helped promote the hybrid vehicle.

But instead of arriving by boat as expected, the car was flown to Britain on a Korean Air flight, creating a carbon footprint almost 100 times bigger than if it had come by sea.

Yes the emphasis is mine. Of course.

Paul McCartney 'horrified' as his eco car is flown 7,000 miles from Japan - Telegraph

Okay, how many of you expect to get a FREE LEXUS at the age of 65?

And how many of you expect it to be worth $163,349.38?

And how many of you would give a flying fuck if it came by nuclear rocket spewing Plutonium all over the rest of the world?

You're 65, the world can take a leap. You got a new Lexus that is worth more than my house. AND it's a trendoid hybrid.

Did I mention the LEXUS part?

In your honor Paul, I vow, before the end of this summer, despite having a propane gas grill, to have at least one old-fashioned charcoal barbecue and add to the carbon footprint.

I hope the foot lands right on your oversized bollocks.

Why people should drive as if millions of lives depend on it...

On June 28, it will be ninety-four (94) years since the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie.

On that day, before noon, a man named Franz Urban made a wrong turn while driving the couple's car after an unsuccessful assassination attempt earlier in the day, passed in front of a shop where one of the conspirators had dejectedly gone to for lunch after hearing of the earlier failure.

It's said he tried to reverse and the car locked up briefly.

The conspirator, Gavrilo Princip, saw the targets there, and took his opportunity.

As a result of this:

That's a death toll of what? Well over a quarter billion people at the very least.

All because Franz Urban made a wrong turn.

No, the raindrops never do think they are responsible for the flood, but we're not raindrops are we?

Should a person pay their entire life for a single mistake? We think not when it was our mistake and we look back on that moment we made a given decision and the set of events that followed on from there, and we ask G-d, why? Why do I have to pay for all my life? It's not fair. I don't have the knowledge of G-d. I can't know what my choices will do to my life in twenty years. I didn't mean all this. I didn't choose this. Why me?

So, think about that the next time you think yourself powerless. Any little thing you do, every moment you are alive, is a point of juncture between two divergent realities which themselves are divided by further junctures, some yours, some not, some which would have happened anyhow, and some which never would have without you.

You can change the whole world with one action however small.

You should also think about that the next time you are leaping to condemn people personally. No one should have to suffer forever. No one. You possess the power to short circuit chains of events such as those listed above by how you respond.

Sit still, calm yourself, and clear your mind.

You can see the future coming, can't you? You can see the world around you, feel like you're bobbing on a rapid, and for a moment, you can see upstream and downstream. You can see where things are going. You don't know all the specifics, or even many, but you feel the course. You can feel the way time is flowing. You can feel history playing out around you.

Keep that feeling. Hold on to it. See the world around you through it.

Maybe you'll see what I'm getting at, that something is coming for us. Something we're birthing. Something not right.

So I look, and I see the common themes being people believing ever more that they can't, instead of that they can, of believing the worst and not the best. I don't remember sensing this something not right before. Years ago, I sensed something better than that coming. Something has changed. A flood is coming.

And we are the raindrops.

The raindrops need to take five and clear their heads and ask, "is this really what we want?"

Zaftig! And NSFW! Strike up Queen and Fat Bottom Girls!

Freud nude sets auction record - New Zealand's source for World News on

A Lucian Freud painting has sold for $US33.64 million ($NZ44.57 million) at Christie's art auction, shattering the record for a piece by a living artist.

If you have the courage to go to the link and look, I'll warn you the woman in the painting is what they call SSBBW.

And for those of you who are younger and hipper, the word I'm looking for is "daaaaaayyyyyyuuuuuum".

(For those bored and looking to exercise creativity, you can imagine what the guy to the left of the painting looking away is thinking. "I can't believe they're actually bidding on this and my collection of Terminator 2 cards didn't sell on eBay. It's just not right...")

Maybe this will cut down on those annoying songs blaring from loudspeakers

Push on to inspect ice cream vendors' pasts -

A growing number of communities across the USA are moving to prevent sexual predators from becoming ice cream truck drivers.

While I can understand the (overly simplistic and utterly reactionary if not totally crackpot) reasoning here, it does have a problem:

Such laws can go too far, said Jennifer Ring, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of the Dakotas.

"If you're throwing everyone in the same bucket, you're really restricting these people who have paid their debt to society to go on and be productive citizens," Ring said.

Am I the only one who thinks that we're more afraid of someone giving a kid a handjob than MURDERING them?

Am I the only one who thinks this all sounds like the old witch hunting years?

Am I the only one noticing the Christian idea of turning the other cheek and forgiving is completely absent in these initiatives and yet the most vociferously ostensibly protective of children are fire and brimstone bible thumpers?

Am I the only one seeing that we're creating an entire class of people it is okay to discriminate against, treat as sub-human, and otherwise abuse and no one will care?

Am I the only one seeing a total lack of proportion?

Am I the only one comparing now to the sexual revolution which DID involve America's teens and wondering what happened in between?

Am I the only one discomfited by the current hysteria?

Am I the only one feeling like I'm being manipulated?

War on Illegal Immigration? War on Drugs? War on Illegal Immigrants with Drugs? WTF?

Careless Detention | Some Detainees Are Drugged For Deportation (

The U.S. government has injected hundreds of foreigners it has deported with dangerous psychotropic drugs against their will to keep them sedated during the trip back to their home country, according to medical records, internal documents and interviews with people who have been drugged.

Great, now this news will hit Amsterdam and we'll be beating off would-be deportees with a stick.

Seriously though, does the idea of wrong and right not actually occur to anyone in the federal government anymore?

Meanwhile, the usual crap from the top of Hamas...

"After we defeat the Zionists we will persecute them… we will persecute them to eternity, and the sun of the freedom and independence of the Palestinians will burn all of the Zionists," he continued.

Zahar: 'We will persecute the Zionists' | Jerusalem Post

Brave talk from someone who doesn't dare to pick up a gun and challenge his enemy in the open one to one.

Meanwhile, Palestinians continue to go nowhere and their interest continue to suffer while yo-yos like this are in charge.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Hamas official condemning Holocaust denial?

Hamas minister condemns Shoah denial | Jerusalem Post

I am going to be optimistic here and say that this is a good sign from G-d. A Hamas official of all people. Granted, it's not the same as the Iranian president's head suddenly clearing, but it is a very positive thing. I am not saying Hamas is suddenly developing a conscience much less common sense, but it is a startling thing nevertheless.

Important quote near the end:

He further stated that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not a "religious" one between Muslims and Jews in Palestine or anywhere else, but rather that it was "of a purely political nature - it is between a people who have come under occupation and an oppressive occupying power.

This is one of the things that a lot of people fail to see. It needs to be repeated. The Palestinians do not see themselves as Johnny-come-latelies but as having every bit the right to live there as anyone else no matter what Jewish religious dogma says. For them it isn't about being Muslim, but being people whose parents and grandparents and so forth lived there.

This is exactly the reason people insist on rebuilding in flood plains or in New Orleans despite rational knowledge of what can happen if nature up and gets ornery.

The tendency of humans to call a given place home is a very very strong one. If we all had to move to another planet because this one was dying, and our descendants came back a hundred generations later and were told of what that dead rock had once been, they'd feel about like Zionists do when considering aliyah. They'd want to go back and make it home again.

I think that if Muslims can have Saudi Arabia, Jews should get Israel. There's a Vatican City for Catholics and let's face it, Salt Lake City is very nearly a Mormon owned enclave. Religious states exist and there is no getting around it.

Maybe if each side can become slowly infected with a little sympathy for the other, just a little at a time, and the infection of conscience spread, we can avoid disaster and nip the problem people like Iran's prez before they get out of hand.

Remember, Hitler was nothing without his inner circle. His inner circle was nothing without their goons. Their goons were nothing without the street punks. The street punks were nothing without the masses. If the leaders can't get peace achieved, then we the people at large need to at least keep those leaders from dragging us into war. We need to stop and say no, I'm not gonna hate today.

This shows that some basic recognition of wrong and right is definitely in Hamas. There's a possibility of exploiting this and making something positive here. But we need to understand what he said in that quote. The anger over that perception, and the anger over the world's ignorance of their position, is what leaves them open to extremist manipulation by Syria and Iran and their puppets.

I think one of the puppets' strings just broke.

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Inspector Clouseau" gene turns up in Japan

Kerosene-soaked man dies after lighting up in police station - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Yes, it worked out exactly as that indicates, infers, etc. He soaked himself, they arrested him, took him to the station, he asked for cigarette and a light, and despite a no-smoking policy at the station they gave it to him and woof!

Bang head on desk freely, reader.

WTF is wrong with San Francisco???

Kelly Medora, a petite preschool teacher who weighed about 118 pounds, went out with a friend in North Beach one Saturday night in 2005 for some fun.

Instead, San Francisco police officer Christopher Damonte, who weighed about 250 pounds, arrested her for jaywalking, twisted her arm behind her back and broke it with an audible crack.

S.F. settles excessive force suit for $235,000

In a city where they have gay street festivals where men can be watched licking other men's rear ends, wear leather bondage gear more revealing than a Wicked Weasel bikini, and dance with dildos openly, the cops on the street do this to a woman so light an average Chicago wind would blow her clean to Naperville?

Read the article and wonder how much longer mankind can survive itself. Go on.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Great tits cope well with warming

Once again, the link direct from the BBC News website:

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Great tits cope well with warming

Obviously it must be cultural. If we said something like "Big'uns Do Well In Warmth" they'd snicker.

(It's not about what you're thinking, unless you're thinking ornithologically.) 

Meanwhile in Canada, someone was on to a cheaper method of massive morale building than our American tax rebate checks...


RCMP said the investigation is continuing, but believe the chemical shipment is related to organized crime.

NO WAY! That's a brilliant act of deduction and police work!

3.7 tonnes of ecstasy ingredient seized at Vancouver port

Carly Fiorina is John McCain's economic adviser???

McCain's chief surrogate and economic adviser Carly Fiorina on the(...)

Carly Fiorina: McCain's Environmental Policy Is Distinct From Bush's Really | Threat Level from

Who? Read. Everyone else in the tech world can now rest easily with their conscience if despite being conservative they vote for Obama or Clinton given the alternative comes with CF attached.

Stand for the Pledge... OR ELSE

The head of the Minnesota American Civil Liberties Union said that the school's actions against the students are unconstitutional, and his office informed the district of that today in a strongly worded letter.

"The school can't do that; that's illegal," said Chuck Samuelson, the civil liberties group's executive director. "Wow."

Samuelson said that numerous U.S. Supreme Court rulings dating to the 1940s say in "well-settled constitutional law" that "students who refuse to participate in the pledge cannot be punished for refusing to participate.

Do ya think?

3 suspended for not standing for Pledge of Allegiance

Ever get the feeling that Canada is to the USA as the USA is to Texas?


There's a laundry list of things we can use to deny or revoke a license, but having a 12-year-old dancing in their establishment is not one of the things that automatically enables us to revoke their license," police Lt. Christina Smith, who oversees the strip-club permit process, tells the paper.

Strip club keeps license despite having 12-year-old dancer - On Deadline -

This went on for two weeks. Did NO ONE notice she was a mite petite? NO ONE?

Oh wait, it's Texas. They all kept their mouths shuts and zippers and wallets open.

Silly me.

90 year old croaks on the toilet, left there for two months, family goes on about business...

Kids, mom lived with 90-year-old's corpse for weeks in Wis. -- --

Lewis told the deputy that Middlesworth had died about two months earlier, but that God told her Middlesworth would come to life if she prayed hard enough.

That G-d, what a kidder.

This is probably one of G-d's biggest problems with dealing with humans. The only perspective they can deal with Him through is their own and humans are notoriously fallible. Not to mention gullible in the face of their own delusions. How often are people resurrected after croaking? Just going by statistics it looks to me like it wasn't in the cards.

Oh wait, she thought she was some kind of nun answering to some kind of bishop, neither of whom is any such thing and she has kids.

If this story wasn't from Earth, I'd have much harder time believing it.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

HeraldNet: Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens at Alderwood mall

Killer line:

She encouraged Milfs to work with Urban Outfitters to resolve the issue.

I second that. Especially if I am shopping because milfs are always good eye candy at the mall.

HeraldNet: Mom appalled at racy books in store for teens at Alderwood mall


She was surprised to find sexually charged books that she believes have no place in a clothing store for teens and young adults.

On one end of the spectrum was "Porn for Women," a photo book showing men doing housework. On the other was "Pornogami: A Guide to the Ancient Art of Paper-Folding for Adults," a guide for making anatomically correct artwork.
"When I saw it, I was shocked," Milfs said.

The books are displayed on tables in the Alderwood mall store with other socially and politically irreverent books, such as Stephen Colbert's "I Am America (And So Can You)."

How brainless can you get that with a name like Milfs, you actually draw attention to your name in public? So when someone asks for them at a restaurant, "looking for the Milfs", does she say, "I'm a Milfs?"

(Go look up the phrase MILF on Google with safe search off and you'll get this whole thing.)

Penis Pump Judge Gains Release

That's NOT my headline. I did NOT write that. Direct from the website:

Penis Pump Judge Gains Release

Okay, double entendre aside, I am certain this judge was railroaded and totally innocent. No man can get it up, have it played with, and show no facial expression betraying it. ONLY WOMEN can sit there like a corpse during sexual contact and we all know that.


TorrentSpy Won't Pay $111 Million Court Order, Lawyer Says | Threat Level from

Nevis-based Valence Media, the owner of TorrentSpy, filed for bankruptcy protection in England last week "and has no appreciable assets," attorney Ira Rothken said. "This was a Hollywood publicity stunt."

Let me perform the Herculean task of extrapolating the blindingly obvious and go out on a limb and posit that in the future:

  • Torrent technology will be extended to the trackers themselves, causing the tracking lists to be themselves distributed across the network
  • Files will no longer be stored on any one user's machine but instead be cut into parity checked pieces and the parity recover pieces and scattered across the cloud
  • Every instance of a torrent program will function as one of a one to several chain of torrent proxies
  • Every packet headed for one IP will tell you nothing because the encrypted payload is wrapped sequentially ala anonymous remailer systems based on a chain that is chosen randomly through picking nodes out of advertisements and the chain changes randomly throughout the online term
  • This will eventually be how entire web sites are served up to people so that powerful interests can no longer through abuse of the corrupt system shut them down by fiat?

This is coming morons. I mean you MPAA and RIAA people. You're just not getting it. Your self-righteousness is only contributing to an inevitable and completely natural and organic response by society. The Feds have also played their part. The people are tired of abuses of power, and tired of having no recourse. They inevitably will find a recourse, and they will find one you can't stop without crossing a dangerous line to provoking them to open revolt.

STOP NOW. There's still time for us to get back to an accommodation with each other. There's still time to head off disaster and ease back on our itchy trigger fingers. There's still time for us to calm down and reach an equilibrium.

I figure the way things are going, we got maybe twenty or thirty years left. This is not the future I was sold growing up and now that I am grown up, can say with total confidence this is not the future I want. This is bullshit. We're up each others' backsides with self-righteousness and all its doing is making us all sick.

Vietnamese now more wired than we think according to Wired

Firefox Infects Vietnamese Users With Trojan Code | Threat Level from

Does anyone proofread this crap?

Vietnamese Users it says. NOT their computers. The Vietnamese are now infectable AND via Firefox according to that headline.

Damn, first really comfortable black pajamas you can work or play in equally well with low chance of fashion faux pas because let's face it black is always cool, and now they can connect to Firefox natively.

I guess it's a good thing we lost that war.

Torrentspy hit for $111 MILLION

Gee, what a great idea. Let's hit some guys who probably never made more than a few hundred to a few thousand dollars off the site, for "facilitating" infringement of copyrighted works. And, we're doing this because they caused people wealthy enough to buy small towns outright to lose out on an extra gold toilet seat this year on some crappy movie that otherwise the facilitated individuals would have had to nearly sign for a second mortgage to afford the drinks and snacks to see it at a movie theater miles from home costing them an amount of gas that in real dollar terms if invested conservatively would in a few years allow them to buy ten more gallons?

A federal judge is hitting the shuttered TorrentSpy service with a $111 million penalty for facilitating the infringement of thousands of copyrighted works.

Torrentspy Dinged $111 Million in MPAA Lawsuit | Threat Level from

Yet another example of the punishment not remotely fitting the crime, and the punishment being done through the civil court system because the criminal court system is not yet fully corrupted to allow the MPAA to sponsor their enemies' executions and get the exclusive rights to the DVD recording thereof.


Wake up and get angry people. The big three networks' line-up between 1970 and 1980 ALONE deserves war crimes level trials, never mind movies like Starship Invasions or Yentl, or every single double-live album done by any pop group ever. Do I really need to mention Lambada and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo? My Mother the Car? The Backstreet Boys?

If we can throw drug dealers in prison DESPITE the fact that they only sell what their buyers really and truly want of their own free will, WHY NOT THE PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT US BEANS BAXTER?

I want reparations for my last thirty years of popular media exposure, I want my brain cells back, I want my psyche unfucked, and I want it now. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not watching Network anymore!*

*Thank you Peter Finch.

City of Los Angeles further slips into utter absurdity...

Los Angeles Says Piracy 'Detrimental to the Public Health, Safety' | Threat Level from

The regulation was crafted at the urging of the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America.

The county retains the right to shutter a property for up to a year for violating ordinance 13.90.010 and also gives local authorities the right to bring a civil action to "temporarily restrain, preliminarily enjoin, and/or permanently enjoin the person or persons intentionally conducting, or knowingly maintaining or permitting the public nuisance from further conducting, maintaining, or permitting such a public nuisance.

Emphasis mine as usual.

That's right. You pirate scum are now on the same level as CRACK HOUSES.

Is anyone else seeing the opening sequence of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie where all those people were lined up to be hung assembly-line style?

Nice to see the California government returning from its dangerous foray into being responsive to the public and electorate to the new tradition of being a tool of corporate interests.

FBI loses one to the Internet Archive


One for the US Constitution and the idea that end-runs, and police-state tactics are NOT an acceptable replacement for old-fashioned rules and laws respecting gumshoe investigation.

For fucks' sake you twits in federal law enforcement, THINK! You're on the way to becoming a sordid mix of Keystone Cops, SS, and Pinkerton men. Does the flag on everything around you mean NOTHING? Did you guys all sleep through history segments of grade school? Did nothing stir in you when you heard of the Boston Tea Party?

FBI Targets Internet Archive With Secret 'National Security Letter', Loses | Threat Level from

Though FBI guidelines on using NSLs warned of overusing them, two Congressionally ordered audits revealed that the FBI had issued hundreds of illegal requests for student health records, telephone records and credit reports. The reports also found that the FBI had issued hundreds of thousands of NSLs since 2001, but failed to track their use. In a letter to Congress last week, the FBI admitted it can only estimate how many NSLs it has issued.

What is it with you people? Does the American public's general disgust with federal law enforcement, the federal government and the entire concept of governance in general not unnerve you? How can you be a patriotic loyal American and NOT be disturbed by how things are going? Wake up, grow up, and live up to the responsibilities we the people handed you. Please, you're bringing disrepute on the organization.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dude... bummer...

Those arrested included a student who was about to receive a criminal justice degree and another who was to receive a master's degree in homeland security. Some defendants were scheduled to appear in state court to face charges Tuesday.

Nearly 100 arrested in drug investigation at San Diego State - Yahoo! News

Well, with a drug background they can always get the job of President of the USA, or at the very least, be the next Iron Man.

Friday, May 02, 2008

What do I want?

I want you to stop looking down and look up.

I want you to stop thinking the worst and think the best.

I want you to listen to that little voice in the light in your heart.

I want you to stop fighting it.

I want you to stop running from it.

I want you to run to it.

I want you to embrace it.

You are not evil.

You are good.

You have boundless capacity for greatness.

The smallest one of you can be the biggest difference and forever unknown but without you the world would falter.

Someone never took Adolph Hitler aside and mentored him and made a better impact on him than his abusive father.

The result was one small man in one small critical place and millions dead.

You could be the one small person in one small critical place and millions alive and happy more than ever would have been.

Practically... stop going through life asleep at the switch. Use your mind, exercise it, take it for long walks through beautiful books, conceive of silly things, make up your own mind for yourself and remember that like your bed you must sleep in it. Put in some throw pillows and a new comforter. Get a reading light for it. Pay attention. Think.

A terrible thing is coming in our sleep. Something wants us to sleep. Nothing you've ever heard of but always feared. It's that little thing in the corner of your eye when you look at yourself in the mirror. The part of you that scares you. The part farthest from the bright light in your heart. Can't you hear the darkness? Can't you hear the rush of that static hiss of the very air in a silent dead room? It's coming. The static is coming. Don't let yourself go silent inside.


Microsoft joins the wrong side of the cyberwars

Did we truly expect different?

Microsoft | Microsoft device helps police pluck evidence from cyberscene of crime | Seattle Times Newspaper

Solution: install code on a Windows machine which detects it and bans it from being installed. All that is needed is for just one to fall into the hands of the opposition, the electronic specifics of it identified, and that preliminary fingerprint to be spread in an otherwise harmless virus which when it gets installed on a machine causes that machine to look for it and refuse to allow it to be used.

On Linux, all future Linux distros could have code to refuse to work with this by default or made open source to be easily compiled and installed on most versions.

Why do I suggest this? Because a government which presently shows contempt for its own laws, and its own court orders, and holds itself immune to lawsuit or criminal prosecution for those contempts, and allows corporations like WalMart to flaunt the laws and court orders at will, and has historically shown a pattern of contempt for its own founders' will in their construction of the government's founding blueprint, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, should be opposed this way by the people at large.

Not to help criminals, but because the government has shown absolute and total contempt for its people, thus in a very real way putting the safety, stability, and peace of its people into jeopardy in direct contravention of the will of those people and the entire reason for founding that government.

Granted this is largely the fault of a gullible, greedy, self-deceiving and morally deficient populace that constantly allows itself to be used against itself until brother fights brother, but until we get a grip on ourselves, start getting sane, and start doing better with that government of we the people, the people need to re-balance the imbalance of power they themselves have created. Sure, it's a little like self-flagellation for inability to stop eating sweets after every cupcake, but the alternative is to ignore the waistline altogether.

Maybe we'll someday call a truce between our desire for security and our desire for freedom and re-establish ourselves as reasonably stable and not seeming like we're going steadily schizo, but I give you these wise words:

"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking is freedom."
Dwight Eisenhower


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Benjamin Franklin


They are on the front page of from which I source many of these stories. Strange how supposedly upright people on both sides of the political spectrum will try to teach you otherwise than Eisenhower and Franklin had it and a fringe kooky site will tell the truth you know in your heart.

My grandfather didn't fight in Europe for this country to slowly slide into the cold cynical grip of fascism. I don't mean Bush or Clinton. I mean the fascism of us ALL. I mean the fascism of not even trusting ourselves. Any of ourselves. When we stop believing in better, well, that's how we got headed down this road.

Okay, this is weird...

The recorded flash lit up an area the size of a football field. Based on shadows, police believe the light source was in the air about 30 feet above the ground near the Beth Tfiloh Community School.

Police in Md. town puzzled by middle-of-night noise, lights

That school is this one.

I don't think it is Fourth Meal aftermath, because the nearest Taco Bell is almost two and a half miles away.

For the mystical, I note that running off that street nearby is Torah Drive and off of that is Stonehenge Circle.

And the answer is: Mysterious Maryland Blasts Turn Out to Be Fireworks

Those of you hoping for a spiritual answer will have to wait a little longer.

Mimp, Chuman, whatever...

Exclusive: Half man, half chimp - should we beware the apeman's coming? - The Scotsman

Dr MacKellar said the resulting creature could raise ethical dilemmas, such as whether it would be treated as human or animal, and what rights it would have.

"If it was never able to be self-aware or self-conscious it would probably be considered an animal," he said. "However, if there was a possibility of humanzees developing a conscience, you have a far more difficult dilemma on your hands."

I'm pretty sure certain people at 30 Rock are now quaking in their boots at the possibility of their replacements being bred, working for peanuts, and no one noticing the difference.

Ketamine to the rescue, Star Trek hyposprays to follow we hope...

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust medical director Dr John Orton told the Herald that ketamine superseded morphine in many situations.

"Certain pains are fairly easily manageable with morphine-type drugs, but the excruciating acute pain of acute injury is extremely hard to get on top of with morphine," Dr Orton said.

Rescue medics discover good use for notorious drug - 02 May 2008 - Topic

What a neat discovery. Caution though, some example accidents sound kind of gruesome.

What is the worst thing you can call a woman?

This is about character, Parrish said, when reached by telephone afterward. And in a moment of intemperance, he called his wife the most despicable name a person can call a woman.

McCain fields audience question on whether he called wife an expletive | | The Des Moines Register

"Old lady"?

(insert frying pan striking cranium sound here)

Seriously, any man who doesn't at least consider using the C word once in a marriage either doesn't speak English or might as well hand his testicles over.

Remember that horror movie parody "Have a Nice Day"? - Detectives: 40 Drowning Victims May Have Been Murdered by 'Smiley Face Gang' - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

At least 40 young men who drowned may have died by far more sinister means — serial killings at the hands of a national gang that revels in murdering young men and leaving smiley-face markings at the scene, a team of retired New York City police detectives and criminal justice investigators said Monday.

I think this is a new level of bad. Sociopaths who can organize.

I mean, other than furries, middle management, and tax assessors.