Maxims, rules of thumb and other observations on human cognition and sociocultural affectations

This will be added to on an irregular basis...
  • What is said to humans directly is received with skepticism and considered with dubiousness while that which is heard in passing, especially that which most conforms to their mentality or prejudices, is readily believed.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive latency between exposure to new information or experiences and the ability to think dispassionately and intellectually about it.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive spectrum starting with the moment of exposure to new information or experiences and ending with some point at which the thing is effectively "in the past" for them.
  • This cognitive spectrum is linked to the emotional process often referred to as shock, anger, denial and acceptance.
  • The more and faster information or experiences are presented to people and the closer the quarters and the lesser the distance between people, the more their early reactions in the passionate emotional stage are reflected back to them in the manner of responses to those reactions from others in light of those responses.
  • The more outrages which are suffered without sufficient time to allow emotional bleed-off, the farther the bar for subsequent reaction and outrage are pushed, and the more further events must progress before reaction and outrage.
  • It is possible for serious detriments to eventually sit below this threshold for long enough for their damaging effects to build and multiply until their entire society undergoes some reactive convulsion.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Disqus Borked Again

Over at SayAnything Rob Port switched to Disqus for his commenting system and for what reason I cannot fathom unless I go low rent and assume superficial blog number building as the primary reason and I like to think better of Rob than that, but...

Anyhow, yet again for the millionth time this year, Disqus is giving out 503 errors, not taking comments, and just sitting there doing nothing.

Let this be a lesson to you would-be professional bloggers. The move towards coalescent social networking and blogging is not necessarily where the future is at and if your comments don't work, then no one will stick around your site because they cannot take part and taking part is what they go there for when it comes to professional blogging. That interaction IS their social networking. Bringing in Facebook and MySpace and all that crap in an attempt to coopt those and get a piece of their impressions for a few more cents and doing it with an outfit like Disqus which clearly has not gotten their shit together is not a good way to keep your traffic.

Me, I'm not a pro here. I just have this place to sound off in my own way whenever it suits me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

World of Shit


I am taking a breather between jobs. I got so burned out I didn't notice the company I was working with burning down around my ears. Laid off, I compiled a small stockpile of money, hit unemployment (which I've paid far more into over the last few decades than I ever took out) which is slowing the cash burn, and am retooling with college courses and self-study as well as writing and spending time with my family.

The job market is horrific but nothing I haven't seen before in any of a dozen of careers so no big deal to me really. I can do lots of different things and am not sweating it.

My wife wants to start a new business and we might have that on in another couple months.

There was a great investment opportunity laid at our feet recently and we figure that should we land a couple million in business, we can live off the interest at 3-8% per year so that's our target. After that, we intend to keep building the investment pile to afford others on our payroll who'd be paid off the interest. One million per person, seems pretty easy. Might not, might just crash and burn, but I haven't got anything better to do.

See you later.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Been Busy

Just in case anyone wondered, I have had a lot going on.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Achieves Shovel Ready Status

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In case you missed the news, which you can find all over Google and the televisions and radios, Ted Kennedy, the drunken court jester of those dubious American royals from the Tax You To Death State of Massachusetts, has shuffled off the mortal coil.

Already, Democrats are predictably trying to deify him, but the Teleprompter Messiah in the White House is already deity of the moment for the religion known as liberalism and though they are pantheistic idolaters, the ego of The One is an obstacle.

So Ted Kennedy will be Saint Ted until further notice.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Film Adaptation Of 'The Brothers Karamazov' Ends Where Most People Stop Reading Book | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Film Adaptation Of 'The Brothers Karamazov' Ends Where Most People Stop Reading Book | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Congresscare: How Good We Will NEVER Have It If Their “Reform” Goes Through

A Reprint of My Recent Post at the Say Anything Reader Blogs

Congress’ own healthcare benefits: Membership has its privileges

Too much, too fast, too expensive. Those are some of the objections lawmakers have voiced against the healthcare overhaul Democrats are attempting on Capitol Hill.

Yes, just SOME. Many more are also laid out and more to come.

But many Americans think Congress is out of touch. How, they wonder, can lawmakers empathize with the underinsured or those lacking insurance when they receive a benefits package—heavily subsidized by taxpayers—that most of us can only envy?

THINK congress is out of touch? We KNOW it.

Empathize? Since when do they care about a population they steal money from at will with glee and joy? I don’t think a congress that votes itself perpetual pay and pay increases at will is going to give a rat’s butt.

Among the advantages: a choice of 10 healthcare plans that provide access to a national network of doctors, as well as several HMOs that serve each member’s home state. By contrast, 85% of private companies offering health coverage provide their employees one type of plan—take it or leave it.

Lawmakers also get special treatment at Washington’s federal medical facilities and, for a few hundred dollars a month, access to their own pharmacy and doctors, nurses and medical technicians standing by in an office conveniently located between the House and Senate chambers.

In all, taxpayers spent about $15 billion last year to insure 8.5 million federal workers and their dependents, including postal service employees, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

If the average company tried to replicate this, not only would there be no profits, and not only abysmal debt, but the company would economically turn inside out and cease to exist. Only government which can use its police powers to expropriate our money at will and lay on debt that we and unborn generations are indentured to can do this.

Favorite Quote:

“For the average worker, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan would probably look quite attractive,” said Pete Sepp, a spokesman for the National Taxpayers Union, a pinch-penny advocacy group.


Elitist scumbags who have theirs, and will tell us, “sorry, but we don’t think your mother’s cancer treatment would serve the public interest very well and we cannot approve of it.”

Remember, the libtard troll roaches who infest this blog (Say Anything’s Rob Port in a naive stab at egalitarianism or something tolerates a plethora of trolls who can make the place very annoying and depressing some days), every last one of them, are for exactly this inequity. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, don’t it?

ADDENDUM: If the congress which has all these perks were to try to vote business to give us the common folks just a tenth of them, our economy would collapse overnight and civil war would result. What do they do instead? Throw us into the hands of the arrogant population control is good and humans are evil crowd who would decide whose life is worth saving and whose is worth letting go. Out of touch is an understatement.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Symbol of Our Generation... Under National Health Care

From here, noted then here.

Elegant, simple, truthful.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What constitutes proof of existence?


Obamas own paternal Grandmother stated unequivocally that she was present at his birth in Mombasa Kenya in the summer of 1961. No other living human has claimed to be present at his birth.

This one point is continuously studiously ignored.

While the terms of the stand alone complex that caused this election to go this way generally lend themselves to total unknowns taking the fore due to having the least amount of likelihood to generate cognitive dissonance and disrupt the phenomenon, there’s something else.

Obama has precious little record of anything prior to 2007. There are the usual papers and paperwork, the usual legal records and filings, but they’re just paper. Artifacts that signify nothing. Does the pipe I own and smoke mean I was here? Does the chair under your butt have some special power proving you existed? No. They’re no more meaningful than the cars rusting in your nearby auto yard or the remnant calcium compounds where the bones of a caveman have finally gone. Something happened but it’s all a matter of your interpretation.

I have a birth certificate from the US Navy that the US Govt. itself will not accept as proof of my citizenship for a security clearance… but will take any given state’s from an era when $100 was enough to convince an overworked clerk to falsify any number of documents. What’s the likelihood of getting a false document from a major military hospital staffer who carries a rank? Strange that don’t you think?

He’s supposed to be a lawyer and their entire claim to fame is oratory before other people, their ability to spin a convincing tale that gets a jury to give them what they want which is to justify their billed hours. I live in a court town and you cannot throw a rock and not generate a lawsuit. I know no lawyer so incompetent at speaking without a prepared speech, and one prepared by someone else I might add, as Obama.

That doesn’t track.

He’s probably among the whitest black men ever to grace Washington, D.C. but he’s still black and in a nation obsessed with skin color he practically rode a Segway into office without a peep about it. African-Americans seemed to pay no attention whatsoever as if this was every day and nothing out of the ordinary. Whites and the rest paid no attention either.

What gives our lives meaning and says we were here is what is formed in others when we reflect off of each other by our presence, our actions, what we communicate and show.

There’s next to no sign that Obama existed before just a few years ago and while some people slouch through their lives leaving no ripple in them, utterly irrelevant to their own lives, so much so they could die and they wouldn’t even notice their own passing, he’s achieved a rare thing certainly. One so rare as it has never happened before. He’s managed to leave so little a mark on his own existence as to not exist and yet managed to get his hands on the executive control of the most powerful nation ever to exist as if he’s just the latest in a long line of clerks hitting aisle 7 at Safeway.

I’ve also noticed that other people don’t seem to think he exists either. Or that his existence if he has one has any significance. Haven’t you noticed the distinct lack of leadership from the White House? Almost as if he’s just some shmoe hired to play housekeeper and face on the TV and the policy is made elsewhere? The Democrats aren’t lining up behind him at all. They’re lining up behind a big blank space with Obama’s face, but not lining up behind him. There’s a difference between getting with someone and merely standing behind the concept of them, like a cardboard cutout.

If that doesn’t strike you as a bit odd, then maybe you’re just the sort the story was written for. We’ll see how well the editing takes, but this is not the way it went.

That which we would do

we do not do if it is what we said we should do but rather that which we would do which we do not say we would do.

That which we say we should do we say we would do but do not do what we say we should do but instead do what we would do.

If what we would do is not what we should do then...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Roundup of Minor Notices

Hillary Clinton on North Korea:

Clinton said that "what we've seen is this constant demand for attention." She added that "maybe it's the mother in me, the experience I've had with small childeren and teen-agers and people who are demanding attention: Don't give it to them."

Of course. Don’t give them attention and they’ll just go away. That worked sooooo well in Columbine didn’t it?

Iraqis Show Who's Boss

Fadhil told The Associated Press about two occasions in which Iraqi troops turned down U.S. requests to move around the capital until they had Iraqi escorts, and one instance to conduct a raid, which the Iraqis carried out themselves.

"They are now more passive than before," he said of U.S. troops. "I also feel that the Americans soldiers are frustrated because they used to have many patrols, but now they cannot. Now, the American soldiers are in prison-like bases as if they are under house-arrest."

According to the libtards, wasn’t Bush supposed to have conquered Iraq for oil and Halliburton contracts or some such and put us completely in charge of a puppet government? Some puppets, telling us what we can and can’t do in… oh yeah, their country which we handed right back to them in the aftermath of the removal of Saddam Hussein.

Curiously, BET co-founder makes a Republican pick...

A billionaire co-founder of the Black Entertainment Television network who is also a key Democratic donor has endorsed Republican Bob McDonnell for Virginia governor.

Sheila Johnson joined McDonnell at a Monday appearance in Richmond. She says she thinks the Republican can turn around the state's sluggish economy and prefers him over his Democratic opponent, R. Creigh Deeds.

A woman yet… Hmmmm…

Methinks that a black woman going with the Republicans will be met with a mixture of silence and laughable condemnation largely centering on absurd notions of authenticity.

April 1st Arrives Many Months Early

The meat a little more than half way through the article is in this single bit:

In an interview for an upcoming SCMagazine article, Jonathan Lamy, chief spokesperson for the RIAA comments, "DRM is dead, isn’t it?"

Wow. That truly equates to the RIAA officially declaring DRM dead.


Keep your powder dry people. The *AA are not gone and we are not safe.

Kelly Hildebrandt Marries Kelly Hildebrandt

Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, 20, and Kelly Carl Hildebrandt, 24

The amazing thing for me is that he’s walking loose and not doing time in prison for assaulting his parents for naming him Kelly. Maybe they were fans of “A Boy Named Sue”, but really… Kelly?

Spot the Lie Time

I’ll even help you:

Conservative Leaders Deplore Proposed Health-Care Reform Takeover

Easy as that.

You’re welcome.

World Continues to Call Lawful Honduran Removal of Unlawful President a Coup

Sensationalism up front:

Honduras' de facto leader came under increased pressure on Monday to hand power back to the ousted president with Europe halting economic aid and top Latin American officials warning of bloodshed if he does not back down.

Kernel of truth wrapped in deception bit of fact at the rear:

He had upset his political rivals by trying to lift presidential term limits and the army toppled him after the Supreme ordered his arrest.

Would it upset Obama’s political rivals if he tried to lift presidential term limits illegally? The correct answer is that it is beside the fact. The point is that the former president of Honduras tried to lift presidential term limits illegally, which would constitute a coup by the sitting president as he’d hold the office illegally instead of legally. Recognizing this, the Supreme Court of Honduras gave Zelaya the boot.

That Zelaya was himself attempting a coup and that forcing his return to power is to take part in that coup, seems to be studiously ignored by the media and the world.

Belated Notice of an Excellent Article

John Hawkins : 5 Character Flaws That Are Destroying America's Future -


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Steps of Human Cognition With Respect to Emotion

These I have corralled into four steps, each of which impart their own separate yet interconnected experience.

Passionate Emotionality
This is the first step of human cognition where something sufficiently provocative to be noticed consciously and not absorbed unconsciously is dealt with. At this stage, emotionality provides the drive and thus I call it passionate in that it has an emotionally based force to it and not a simple rules matching, following, and deducing sort of motivation.

In this step, human experience is framed in and largely formed from jumps of assumption, leaps of faith, instinctive reactions, rapid escalations of feedback reaction, and the like.

This is the step known for women stomping out after a man says the wrong thing, men throwing a punch in a bar, children screaming that they never get their way, and so on.

Dispassionate Emotionality
This is the second step where the human mind tries to get an ordered logical grasp on what for it is still an emotionally based scene. The drive of emotion which is poorly understood and functions on its own without intellectual understanding more often than not now fades and the vacuum demands to be filled, and the mind fills it with tab A slot B reasoning, but applying it to emotion, trying to both use emotion to solve or understand a problem and at the same time refine the understanding of emotion itself.

This stage is the stage of cagey shrewd behavior in social situations, the part that thinks it over as to whether to take someone home from the singles bar, and the part that covers what to tell your boss during a review.

Passionate Intellectuality
Next up comes the return of emotional drive as in the last stage the emotion was given an overly large sense of itself by the overt focus from the start, the seeming aegis of logic and order in the second step, and commits itself to being the drive behind actual logical though. It's as if the emotion somehow thinks it can conquer that simple logic stuff and avoids its own emotional aspects of leaps of faith and intuition, or that the human begins to tire of fruitless leaps and instead in an emotional fit decides to try actual facts on the ground as it sees them.

This is the stage of long talks with oneself, the stage of trying to make a doghouse without planning, the stage of diving into your math homework.

Dispassionate Intellectuality
Finally the emotion burns out and a sort of resolve to not be resolved is reached and the brain's eternal attempt at finding reason and meaning has to play by itself without emotional drive or interest, and so goes on repeating times tables and thinking of how many screws will be required to affix a plaque to a wall.

This last step starts out with a push out the door goodbye from emotion and goes on with analytical thinking of various subjects step by step without much passing interest from emotion, more or less, until emotion suddenly feels a need to intervene, usually because something piqued its interest. In the meantime the brain doodles along 5+5=10/2=5*3=15+5=20...

This is also the part that creates works like Kant's while it is the preceding stage which keeps shoving this one along to get it done.

All this will be dressed up and refined as I go along but it is what I've noticed so far. As I've said elsewhere, there are multiply re-entrant lines of logic, and crossovers of logic between that of emotion and that of pure intellect and while they sometimes conspire without discrepancy they more often act as sneering contentious rivals. Nevertheless, they compliment each other and somehow human cognition functions despite emotion's rowdiness and intellect's seeming unconsciousness. One is all smell the flowers, the other doesn't see the cell structures for the flowers, and between them...

Double Digit Unemployment Is Here!

Unemployment tops 10% in 15 states, D.C. -

WASHINGTON — Unemployment topped 10% in 15 states and the District of Columbia last month, according to federal data released Friday. The rate in Michigan surpassed 15%, the first time any state hit that mark since 1984.

Home to the nation's struggling automakers, Michigan has been clobbered by lost factory jobs. Its jobless rate of 15.2% in June was the highest in the country, but the record-high for the state was 16.9% in November 1982.

Still, the Labor Department said it's the first time in 25 years that any state has suffered an unemployment rate of at least 15%. In 1984, it was West Virginia.

The national unemployment rate is 9.5%, a 26-year high, and is expected to hit 10% by year-end. In May, the jobless rate topped 10% in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

I strongly suggest clicking that link to see the chart. It is not pretty. I bolded the most relevant line above.

Charles Krauthammer Reminds Us of the Moon and a Future We Abandoned

Charles Krauthammer : The Moon We Forgot -

After countless millennia of gazing and dreaming, we finally got off the ground at Kitty Hawk in 1903. Within 66 years, a nanosecond in human history, we'd landed on the moon. Then five more landings, 10 more moonwalkers, and, in the decades since, nothing.

To be more precise: almost 40 years spent in low Earth orbit studying, well, zero-G nausea and sundry cosmic mysteries. We've done it with the most beautiful, intricate, complicated -- and ultimately, hopelessly impractical -- machine ever built by man: the space shuttle. We turned this magnificent bird into a truck for hauling goods and people to a tinkertoy we call the International Space Station, itself created in a fit of post-Cold War internationalist absentmindedness as a place where people of differing nationality can sing "Kumbaya" while weightless.

Krauthammer’s usual style of massively understated and nearly emotionless devastation of his target of rebuke comes through again.

We turned away from the future we watched on Star Trek and turned inward to letting the political class run this nation and world into the ground by comparison. In the name of solving poverty we made it worse. In the name of solving racism we made it worse. In the name of saving the environment we made it worse. We are now in the USA under the boot heels of people whose idea of how to save the planet is not to get humanity off of it into space where we can make environments from scratch that we are compatible with but instead to cull the herd as it were and cut the numbers of humans down to whatever in their arrogance is viewed as “sustainable”.

Remember when you were told you’d one day cruise space on some sort of liner to the moon? To Mars?

We’re moving father and farther from your great grandkids ever doing that never mind you.


Voice of America Reminds Us of Apollo 11
VOA News - US Remembers 40-Year Anniversary of Moon Landing

PC World Misses the Point and Engages in Leg Tingling over the Internet
Apollo's 40th Anniversary Shows True Wonder of the Internet

It's one of the few times I can truly say that what I'm watching online is absolutely incredible. It's the difference between fluff and real emotion. This is a weekend where watching the unfolding recreations and simulcast coverage is not to be missed. Even as I'm writing this right now on my modern desktop PC, which has far more computing power in its single AMD Athlon chip than was available to mission controllers for Apollo 11 back in 1969 on their complex mission computers, I'm listening in the background to the audio tracks of the mission being replayed in real time. Absolutely amazing.

By now he should be writing that article on the moon from his room at the Sea of Tranquility Hilton.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Apple Begs Microsoft to Stop Making Fun of Them (It’s Apple’s Shtick)

UPDATE: Apple Asks Microsoft To Stop Running Ad Campaign>MSFT

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--Apple Inc. (AAPL) recently asked Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) to stop running television commercials that suggest its Macintosh computers are expensive, the latest indication that the rivalry between the companies is heating up.

I agree. They should flat out SAY IT, not suggest it. It’s true.

The interaction, which happened about two weeks ago, has emboldened Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft to continue its "Laptop Hunter" campaign, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said on Wednesday at the software giant's partner conference.

Wow, it only took that to embolden them. They should have had an “interaction” years ago.

"We're just going to keep running them and running them and running them," Turner said at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2009.

Funniest line in the entire article. They should keep on running anything that makes Apple cry and whine like the elitist snobby self centered bastards they are.

The television spots feature shoppers looking for laptop computers and dismissing Macintosh models because they are too pricey. Apple complained because the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has lowered prices on some of its machines, Turner said.

Let us know when you lower the price of all machines, MacOS licenses, and attendant bundled software to the same range as the PC world. You won’t because you’re control freaks over at Apple and have never grasped that Microsoft’s win was IBM’s release of the platform into the wild, no matter what led to that.

News of the exchange comes amid growing rivalry between the two companies. Apple has been tweaking Microsoft for several months in a television and Internet campaign that portrays computers running its Windows operating system as out-of-date and its users as fuddy duddies.

Apple has smugly implied and let their user base do the direct claiming of the idea that Windows is too complex for the average person. The adoption rate of Windows Vista despite all the complaints, as well as Linux, clearly show the average person can handle more complexity than Apple believes.

If anything it is more evidence of Apple’s patronizing attitude towards others. I am not surprised however as they are the odds on favorite platform of elitist snob liberals everywhere who evidently don’t mind being dictated to and told what they can run on their machines from a central authority as long as they can believe otherwise no matter how false that belief is.

Apple declined to comment on the recent exchange.

Nothing to say people? Come on Apple. You used to know what open approachable platforms were. You fielded the Apple ][ platform, the single most open platform ever in the history of personal computing as far as hardware goes. Were Linux to have happened back then, Apple ][ might still be the way of things.

Steve Jobs is the single biggest reason for the decline of the Apple brand from a bright and wonderful and inviting brand to a brand known far and wide as the favorite of liberal leftists, elitist snobs, and the self-satisfied and smug. I’ve been saying it since the late eighties but the Mac crowd won the day and us hackers were told to get lost.

Well, we did and now we rule the PC world with a dominant Microsoft that gives us all the development info anyone could want, and a Linux world of disparate distros enough to satisfy anyone and guess who is the ruler of the business desktop and all that income from it?

It’s not Apple.


Microsoft: Apple wanted 'Laptop Hunters' ads pulled

Soon to come, some thoughts on self, other, one, etc.

I don't follow one school as might be clear by now. I believe that Jung, Freud and others all have made important points. For instance I believe logically that if you conceive that there is you, then there must be not you. If there is something that defines you, something else must not define you. There is you and then there is not you. There is self and there is other.

I also believe in archetypes, but no so simplistically as Jung did, rather I think that archetypes are implied through experience and reaction to experience in the multiply re-entrant logical paths of experience and cognition that we have, and that the archetypes are not only those inherent to our existence as two legged animals but also those we create in society and culture.

So I'll be writing about those as time goes by. I will not flatter myself as Kant would have put it, to think I am mounting a critique of pure existence, but I do hope to put down some ideas of value that cut to the central logical matters of existence and implication.

That by the way is another theme I note in the world: implication and assumption. I'll write of that as well.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

European Parliament Elects Former Polish Prime Minister as President – Insert Polish Jokes Here

Milestone for Eastern Europe: European Parliament Elects Former Polish Prime Minister as President - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News – International

Predictably, he’s all politician and says this gem:

“The biggest crisis1 that we must overcome2 is the crisis3 of the lack of trust4 from our citizens5,” he said. “Our citizens often do not understand us6 -- we must do everything to change this7.”


  1. Right off the bat we start off with the instinctive appeal point of all politicians, the appeal to fear. Everything is a crisis, so act now!
  2. “we” who? Who has to overcome? What are we overcoming? He has yet to state it yet, but he is setting us up for it…
  3. Yes, we’re being told twice that this is a crisis, once through inference and once directly. We must be stupid or he must be a politician.
  4. We the people not trusting you the politician is a crisis? To you politicians maybe.
  5. At least he got the word right and he even used the collective ownership implication through the word “our”. The force is strong with this one.
  6. And so we veer right off the road into the nether regions of stupid. We are being told through implication that the alleged crisis, this lack of trust in politicians by the citizenry, is a matter of us not understanding them. On the contrary, we don’t trust you because we understand you perfectly well.
  7. “We” who? You politicians? Us citizens?

Truly the EU has chosen a solid politician for this largely ceremonial and mostly irrelevant position at the head of the largely ceremonial and mostly irrelevant European Union. Unfortunately, that might be all he is.

Well to you. He’s the spitting image of my grandfather. So this is just sad for me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Head desk head desk head desk…

Editorial: Out of Africa | Editorials | Jerusalem Post

In the American ideal, leaders who cling to power through deceit and the silencing of dissent are on the wrong side of history, to paraphrase a line from President Barack Obama's inaugural address.

The way that Barack Obama, congressional Democrats and leftist blogroach astroturfers have been attempting to do?

Glad we’ve got another example of Obama’s naked hypocrisy and lying down pat there. Sadly, a newspaper from an entirely different continent had to point it out. The news here is still busy giving Obama literary blowjobs.

This was essentially the message Obama brought with him as he and his family spent a day over the weekend in Ghana.

Whoops, spoke too soon. How does that knob taste there?

The president is of Kenyan descent on his father's side; the First Lady is the great-great-granddaughter of a slave.

And I’m descended from Polish Jews who were forcibly converted to Christianity, American Indians who were forcibly ejected from their lands, and a lot of other people who were pushed out of one place or another themselves. Does this have anything to do with anything? No. What matters is what I the living do now.

Ghana was selected for the visit because it is one of the few stable democracies on the continent.

Botswana still gets all its American love from HBO but none from the prez.

Over the years, Jews also contributed to some of the key legal victories achieved by the civil rights movement. For instance, Jack Greenberg assisted Thurgood Marshall in the watershed US Supreme Court case of Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, and succeeded him as counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

When the black power movement achieved ascendancy in the 1960s-1970s, and violent Jew-hatred became a regular occurrence in urban America, what divided Jews and blacks became stronger than that which united them. The two communities were further driven apart because Jews mostly opposed racial preferences in employment (affirmative action) - even to compensate for institutionalized discrimination.

Ah, the obligatory Jewish angle. Why oh why do we need to make these references? I note that Orthodox and Conservatives don’t seem to have this obsession with finding a Jewish angle which makes me hopeful that this can go away some day but all humanity has a superficial “let’s find a local angle” tendency. However, that doesn’t make it right and the mark of conscience is to through action reflect a cognition of that.

Once discrimination in the institution became illegal there was no institutionalized discrimination, only subversive discrimination, and it is entirely proper and ethical that those who make an accusation prove guilt and not that the accused prove innocence. To give racial preferences as this article puts it is to presume guilt of all whites a priori.

Yeah, that’s moral, huh?

Why does that last part in the quote up there sound so guilty. As in, “we’re sorry and embarrassed that so many Jews were so selfish as to not embrace racial preferences”. Why can’t some get this through their heads? Those black people, they are your fellow humans. So if you’re going to hold yourself to moral standards, then why not them? If Jews can bust ass and earn a position WHY NOT BLACKS? Are they incapable?

Don’t answer that. Think for a minute about the message sent by treating blacks as if they could not possibly meet the same standards and instead giving them success they never earned. You would never wish that of fellow Jews so why the long face in that phrasing?

TO A welcome and remarkable extent, tensions between African Americans and Jews have receded in the 21st century. It seemed only natural that Obama should receive 78 percent of the Jewish vote, and that two of the president's closets aides would be Jewish.

If you’re going to vote based on race or religion or other quantity that was not related to earning the spot based on qualities bearing on that position, then would you not want the best example? I understand the JPost’s “happy to see a Jewish face” simplicity in the thinking but come on… Rahm Emmanuel? What the fuck… We couldn’t be maybe wishing for a Jew who had more ethics and morals than to work for this, the single most corrupt administration in American history which has managed to do what was once thought a terrible but near impossibility, that is run up a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR PLUS BUDGET DEFICIT? In only seven months, an extreme and extremely dubious record has been set. Guess who is now linked? Blacks and Jews. Good choice of people to have represent. Obama and Emmanuel.

The US civil rights movement and our Zionist enterprise, 6,000 miles away, share a passion for the Promised Land.

So now you’re conflating the chasing of a home of our own where Jews can defend and make safe themselves with a system that keeps blacks as pets on a political plantation.

Maybe you dimbulbs at the JPost editorial board should read something other than the press releases of the NAACP.

Editorial fail.

Postscript: I will herein reprint from Wikipedia’s entry on tzedakah, as most to least proper in Maimonides’ view.

    1. Giving a person independence so that s/he will not have to depend on tzedakah. Maimonides enumerates four forms of this, from the greatest to the weakest:

      1. Giving a poor person work.
      2. Making a partnership with him or her (this is lower than work, as the recipient might feel he doesn't put enough into the partnership).
      3. Giving an interest-free loan to a person in need.
      4. Giving a grant to a person in need.
    2. Giving tzedakah anonymously to an unknown recipient via a person (or public fund) which is trustworthy, wise, and can perform acts of tzedakah with your money in a most impeccable fashion.
    3. Giving tzedakah anonymously to a known recipient.
    4. Giving tzedakah publicly to an unknown recipient.
    5. Giving tzedakah before being asked.
    6. Giving adequately after being asked.
    7. Giving willingly, but inadequately.
    8. Giving "in sadness" - it is thought that Maimonides was referring to giving because of the sad feelings one might have in seeing people in need (as opposed to giving because it is a religious obligation).

Where in that do you read that running up the largest budget deficit in American history, driving the American unemployment numbers ever closer to those of the Great Depression, and taking the arrogant attitude that they have the right to do so because they won is a good idea?


Bet your ass that Jews like Rahm Emmanuel think that’s fair. Who would you rather hold up as an excellent example of Jewry? Emmanuel or Maimonides?

The same question needs to be put to American blacks. Is Obama really the best you could get or did you settle? And by the way, how do you feel about this sell-out cretin being voted for so overwhelmingly by Jews?

I will herein requote what Conservative Black Woman did on her blog, stated by Digital Publius:

Then you have the Original Democrats, these are folks that know the origin of the Democratic party. They know that it was the Democrats who started the Klu Klux Klan, with the express purpose of terrorizing black voters and to keep them from voting for the party that freed them. The O.D.s are the ones that still remember it was the Democrats during the civil rights movement that turned on the fire hoses and loosed the dogs on the civil rights activists in the 50s and 60s. It was the Democrats that raised the Confederate battle flag over all the municipal buildings in the south.

The O.D.s know that the party simply changed tactics when they lost the civil rights struggle, instead of beating and lynching people, they began to implement programs that stemmed the tide of independent minority progress both socially and economically, while appearing to be the party of the black man. Since we began to vote en masse for the democrats can we as the black community honestly say we are better off?

With 70 percent of our children now being born out of wedlock and the highest teen pregnancy rate in the country? With our young men disproportionately represented in the nations jails and prisons and killing themselves in violent criminal activity in staggering numbers? This was not the case during my parents time nor was it the case when I was a kid in the 70’s when the liberal programs were just getting started, we are only now really seeing the bitter harvests that those programs are yielding.

Black Americans are NOT children, looking up to the messiah chosen for them by white people and we should want to have little to do with it. I did nonetheless vote specifically because of one thing: the alarm wakes us with a start and not by petting us on the head gently. I didn’t do that as a Jew or a white man or anything like that. I did that on my own as an individual. The JPost is ill-advised to try to tie Obama to Jews in the public mind. Wait another few years and that will become crystal clear.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tyrannosaurus Debt

Courtesy of Rodney Graves @ Say Anything...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Technorati Sucks


Well after researching this issue all over the Internet, and sending support tickets, all I get from Technorati is total silence and my opinion of them is that as an aggregator and traffic driver, their methodology and support absolutely blow.

The quote below is all I ever get and the support forums? There's not even a single link or button to make my own post there about this problem and every single post thread there is marked solved/closed/whatever and are dated months old.

I get the feeling that Technorati has no interest in doing what they do correctly. Given unequal application of their system, it gives the appearance of at the very least stupidity and laziness if not selective listing choices.

This is exactly why I never bothered with Technorati before.

We have identified a problem with the URL submitted for claiming:

This may be for a number of reasons. Please review possible reasons below.


Please check and make sure the URL you are trying to claim is the front page of your blog as a browser would link to it. If the URL submitted was different, please try updating the URL and submitting the claim again.

If you\'ve verified the claim URL is correct and your blog is reachable by browser, it may be that the URL has been flagged by Technorati as matching a pattern for spam blogs, or the blog software being used is not recognized by Technorati\'s web crawler. In this case we ask you contact technorati support and supply the following info:
* Please include the following error code: 402
* URL you are claiming
* The name of your blog
* Your contact info
* What blog software you are using (if known, e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Movable Type, etc.)
* A short description of your blog and the type of content you like to write about.
* Does your blog have a RSS feed? Please see if you can supply us with an example URL of your feed.

That text snippet at the top? Their vaunted scripts can't fucking detect it no matter how it is posted here, and if they do, they can't use it. I could write better code to search text in Applesoft Basic over twenty-five years ago. I could write better in Python within a week of starting to learn it. I could do better work with regex a week after using Linux the first time.

The word?


Thanks for nothing Technorati.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drool… Network Techie Heaven…

Eight Monitor Display _ Quad Gemini 24TW

Now all I need is this, a good superhardened tough laptop, docking station, and I’m ready to go… and a lot of money.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stupid Network Tricks: GMail via Tor

While the accessing of the GMail web interface via Tor in Firefox with Torbutton installed seems simple enough, you might prefer to use an email application with GMail, in which case it might seem a bit harder.

Here’s how.

Install Stunnel which you get here. Once you have, find in Start | All Programs | stunnel | Edit stunnel.conf which on selection opens Notepad with the stunnel.conf file ready.

Insert these lines:

[SMTP Gmail]
accept =
connect =

[POP3 Gmail]
accept =
connect =

and then File | Save and you’re done there. DO NOT run Stunnel from the Start Menu or it is going out straight from your IP.

Instead, using SocksCap which you already downloaded and installed earlier, you start that and go to File | New… and here’s the values:

Profile Name: Stunnel by Tor (or whatever you prefer)

Command Line: "C:\Program Files\stunnel\stunnel.exe"

Working Directory: "C:\Program Files\stunnel\"

and click OK.

From within SocksCap you now run Stunnel AFTER starting Tor from the Vidalia Control Panel. I suggest letting it run a few minutes to build a few circuits before starting Stunnel.

Now simply aim your email application at Stunnel. Where you enter your POP3 server, user and the same IP address for your SMTP server. Enter your GMail account user and pass information and save everything.

What this does is to cause your email application to send standard POP3 and SMTP traffic at Stunnel which receives it and relays it to GMail’s servers which only use SSL but many email applications don’t, and does it via SocksCap's redirection towards Tor.

This saves you from trying to get SSL functioning on the email application, which while it might work almost certainly won’t be SOCKS aware and thus will be unable to be directed at Tor. IF your email application IS SSL aware, then theoretically you could start it within SocksCap and cut out Stunnel. Of course, many aren’t and for those who don’t want to dick around with the SSL stuff and just insert the easiest values to use, then this method works.

Also, it helps familiarize yourself with using Stunnel to use SSL with non-SSL-aware applications AND do it with Tor.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stupid Network Tricks: Freenet over Tor





Yes, you can.

First, you will need SocksCap. You can get SocksCap by doing a search for it on Google. Permeo’s site is down and they may be moribund but you can get it online still.

Second, I assume you’ve already got Tor. The easiest place to get it is right here.

Okay, once Tor/Vidalia/Privoxy are running, and Tor has connections built (wait about ten minutes after starting it to make sure it has solid connections) you want to get Freenet operating over it. You get Freenet here of course.

Okay, with all three installed, making sure Tor is up and connected solidly, start SocksCap and go to File | Settings… and set up the proxy with the SOCKS server at and port 9050 which is where Tor/Privoxy are listening by default. Select SOCKS Version 5 and click on Resolve all names remotely. There’s no username and password so selecting that is not needed.

Now in SocksCap select File | New… and for the Profile Name, select whatever you wish but Freenet would be an obvious good choice. For the Command Line, use this:

"C:\Program Files\Freenet\bin\wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe" -t "C:\Program Files\Freenet\wrapper.conf"

all on one line and use:

"C:\Program Files\Freenet\"

for the Working Directory and that INCLUDES the quotation marks as Windows’ DOS doesn’t understand spaces and long filenames and so needs quotes for them to work.

Where did I get them? I got them from the service that Freenet installs. The executable entry for the Freenet service gives that Command Line with the minor variation that it invokes the command switch –s but that switch does not exist. If you execute that wrapper-windows-x86-32.exe file in DOS, it tells you the –t switch is the service creator. DON’T try to run it as a console app by using –c as it will instead try to spawn it unsuccessfully over and over.

Once you click OK you merely have to select it and click the Run button and now Freenet will be operating via SocksCap’s magic across the Tor network.

Why do this? Obfuscation and misdirection have their uses in maintaining privacy.

Important Addendum: Go to Control Panel | Services and find the Freenet service. Open it up and change from Automatic to Disabled. If you don't do this, it will start up on system start and Freenet connections will be coming direct from your IP instead of over the Tor network.

Stupid Network Tricks: Smoothwall, SSH and the Smoothwall Proxy

So maybe you’re behind a firewall at work that stops your web browsing freedom and yet has not locked down your machines so much that you cannot change proxy settings. Or maybe you can’t on Windows/MSIE but you can use Firefox on a thumb drive. If you can set a browser to use a proxy, maybe you can’t get to it on the public Internet. Maybe you wouldn’t want to because of a lack of user control.

Here’s how to do it.

First, you need to be using Smoothwall. I prefer the current version 3.

Smoothwall has the capability of being interacted with via SSH. Even better, it defaults to a port other than 22 so it may not be blocked where you are at the time you want to reach it.

You need to remember to allow open access to the port it uses so at the web based admin screens you want Networking | External Access and there you create a rule for TCP protocol, the SSH port you’re using, and source can be all unless you’re only connecting from very specific networks. Make sure to enable the rule and save it.

Now then, when you ssh to your external IP address, which may be dynamic and I highly recommend to get a dynamic DNS entry as Smoothwall has a client that can keep it update when your ISP changes your IP, you need to be able to redirect traffic through Putty.

Yes, Putty is the easiest to use. Connection | SSH | Tunnels is the place in the Putty session set-up. There you need not check either of the top boxes. Just enter your tunnels.

Now then Smoothwall has a web proxy that when on and not in transparent mode answers on port 800 by default. So you create a tunnel by entering 800 in the Source port field or whatever number you want your local machine to listen on for proxy incoming, and then enter the IP address of the LAN SIDE Ethernet port of the Smoothwall and NOT the public IP or anything like that and you make it with a colon and 800 as in in that field.

When you get the SSH session going, you are going to be doing SSH from wherever you are to the WAN side Ethernet port, and the SSH server will be taking in your tunnel from Putty and aiming your proxy traffic at port 800 on the Ethernet interface and as far as Smoothwall is concerned, it is as if it came from your home LAN.

You will now appear to be communicating from home even while at work or a friend’s house. The IP seen will be that of your home connection, so keep your nose clean and play nice, but have fun.

Stupid Network Tricks: SSH on Windows

Go here to find out about installing SSH on Windows in the first place.

Now go here to find my reply on getting “strictmodes yes” in ssh’s conf to work on Windows or read my copy below. After all, I did write it.

I found that in order for StrictModes yes to work on Windows XP Home edition, there is a simpler way of making the permissions correct than rebooting to safe mode.

First, the account you're doing the set-up from must be an admin acct if it isn't the one you're setting up for, and second, the acct you're setting up for must be an admin. For instance, let's call the acct we're setting up for "spike".

As you said, spaces are not well handled by this code. I found putting the home directory just off of c:\ was the best thing. I also decided to go with the .ssh notation so frequently used and so:


Which is where the authorized_keys file must go. BUT, and here is the EXTREMELY HUGE ROSEANNE BARR SIZED BUT, you MUST NOT do it willy-nilly. I tried Windows Explorer AND at the command prompt. Both times it failed. Rebooting to safe mode was no help despite hours of messing with the permissions. What I found worked was much much simpler.

Once password based authentication is working for that acct, you log in to the server as that acct. Once at the prompt in Putty, you change directory to c:\ and then mkdir spike and cd spike and then mkdir .ssh. Now you've made those folders SOLELY as the userid in question and NOT as the system acct or the admin acct you may have been logged into Windows with.

Next trick, you take advantage of inheritance and change your directory in the Putty session window to wherever you made the authorized_keys file. Then copy authorized_keys c:\spike\.ssh\ and it copies to it. Now, thanks to inheritance that defaults on file and folder permissions under XP Home on NTFS, the folders AND the authorized_keys file will have the appropriate permissions.

DO NOT BY ANY MEANS modify those folders or that file from anywhere but within Putty, logged in as the userid in question. ANY other userid modification can cause it to change permissions and break StrictModes yes. At least, that's the way it has been behaving so far.
To test, I run Putty against the OpenSSH service running on the same machine by pointing at localhost.
Of course, having NTFS as the filesystem is also a must for this to work at all.

Also, to make it look in the home directory, edit the registry to make home c:\ and then use:
AuthorizedKeysFile /home/%u/.ssh/authorized_keys
Which in the example I gave would cause it to look in c:\spike\.ssh\authorized_keys. StrictModes yes should now work.

I also added this follow-on.

I forgot that you should also try using CACLS.EXE from c:\ and then you should get something like the following using my "spike" userid example.

C:\>cacls spike
C:\spike BUILTIN\Administrators:F
BUILTIN\Users:(OI)(CI)(IO)(special access:)
BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)
BUILTIN\Users:(CI)(special access:)

This is the state of permissions on my home directory with my current setup and StrictModes yes is working fine with it.

Not that most people see a need to get SSH to a Windows machine running such that they can do at a command prompt everything they could do at a DOS prompt, but you never know.

This way, you can set your config on that machine to require a key and not allow passwords.

If you want, farther down is this:

So you want to use SFTP with Ipswich WS_FTP Pro... (well, you might...)
(This is for version 9.01 btw...)
First, go into WS_FTP Pro.
Client Keys
Then, Export and name your key how you like and then go into WordPad and look at the .pub file you exported.
This is how the Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro key will look when exported and viewed in WordPad:
Comment: "Created by Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro"
(key gibberish)
(more key gibberish)
(yet more key gibberish)
(even more key gibberish)==
This is the correct format for a Unix box running OpenSSH. It isn't correct for OSSHfW.
Note the "==" at the end of the key. That is EXTREMELY important to have. Actually, you only really need the one “=” near as I can tell but why take chances I figure.
This is how it should look in the authorized_keys file for OpenSSH for Windows:

ssh-rsa (all the key gibberish in one line)== wsftp

You need the entire thing on ONE line, ONE return at the end, ONE key per line. The space and then the wsftp is my choice to identify the line as being my remote WS_FTP key. You could call it “susan” if you wanted.
So go to the copy of authorized_keys you left where you built it before copying within the SSH session and then edit it, putting in the key in the above format. When done, you should have something like this:

ssh-rsa (all the first key gibberish in one line)== spike
ssh-rsa (all the sftp key gibberish in one line)== wsftp

Once the editing is done, SSH in as before and go to the directory where your proper authorized_keys file is sitting and issue the command “rename authorized_keys authorized_keys.bak”, without using the quotes of course. Go to the directory where the edited authorized_keys is and copy it to the directory you were just in and then get out of the SSH session and go to Services in Windows and restart the OSSHfW service. Now restarted, it should have that key in its config.
Now you can go to WS_FTP and set up the site. This is what you need in addition to the address of the site and account information.

Site Options
Server Type SFTP/SSH
Remote Port (the one you run OSSHfW on)
SSH Keypair (the key you created)

Try it out now and you should be able to SFTP using the key login. I generated the keys at work, e-mailed the public key to myself and when I got it at home, edited it and added it to my file and restarted the service. Next day it worked like a dream.

I use it to transfer files downloaded at work to my home machine and it works fine. The most important thing to remember is that the key generated by with the Export function to the .pub file must be correctly edited. “ssh-rsa”(space)”key gibberish here”==(space)”your identifier here” is the format and it goes ALL ON ONE LINE, each key on a separate line.

Well, there you go. Next up, Tor, Stunnel, SocksCap, and Freenet among other stuff.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama the Standalone Complex President

This is from a post I made at

If you want more information on the standalone complex basics…

It took me a bit, but I realized why Obama’s effortless glide to power was so familiar.


For starters, the expectation of Obama is phenomenal as he is attacking several inherited crisis, and not only that he seems to be living up to the hype.

Not even close. Your wishful thinking is getting in the way of your intellectual grasp of current events, and recent history not to mention human psychology and social dynamics.

The "expectation of Obama" is what can be considered a second-order standalone complex.

In a first-order standalone complex, one or more events presented to the public capture the public's imagination or weigh on their subconscious in such a way as to cause certain like minded enough individuals to attempt to follow or copycat a nonexistent original inferred by those events or ideas presented, or even specifically mentioned.

In a second-order standalone complex, the mechanism devolves to inference made from the first-order. In this case, we spent EIGHT YEARS with near saturation media coverage of Bush in a way that was radically at odds with reality. Instead of Bush as he actually was, they presented the news with positioning, slanting, and basically told the public what to think about him.

They turned George Bush the man and president into George Bush the social concept. The social concept of him they presented was nearly that of the Christian anti-christ. He was presented as larger than life in everything he did and all of it was negative. He was presented as the supreme bungler, the master liar, the ultimate puppet of Cheney, the lord of the Sith of presidents, the least competent president ever, and all that. Whenever the MSM did not infer it, they turned to the usual left-wing adversaries to give them tv and newsprint time to say it directly.

On top of this they filled the blogosphere (and how I hate that name) with their mass movement. They attempted to foment social insurrection and in testament to the public's understanding that their natures and desires are closer to conservatism than socialism, resisted such that it failed to become an overt phenomenon and became a subversive one instead.

The left's attempt at crafted populist revolt instead led to the formation of the first-order complex by creating the image of Bush that never was. However, as humans go, they tend towards dualistic thinking and the more extreme an archetype becomes the more an opposite implied archetype becomes certain.

Messiah, not messiah, Christ, anti-christ, Bush, Not Bush.

Until Bush was not up for re-election acting on the impulse to follow the standalone complex was resisted because it was not academic. Voting him out at the second election had to be balanced against those he was running against and the public was only four years into it so their resistance was high.

Bush being reelected freed the standalone complex. Bush was no longer available so whoever was going to win was going to be Not Bush. Humans as I said think in binary terms and they are associative. Bush -> Republican. Not Bush -> Democrat.

A secondary first-order standalone complex happened among the Democrats with Obama who was the unknown quantity and Hillary who was the known one. There's Hillary and Not Hillary. Obama was carefully presented as being on every side of every issue, thus giving no fixed points to rankle and annoy the Democrat primary voters. Hillary had an existing history. She was not easily faked. Obama was whatever people wanted to believe he was since they knew nothing else.

Thus we saw Obama picked by Democrats to be Not Hillary and later to be Not Bush. We elected an implied archetype, one that was implied in our own minds by the inferred one created around Bush through omnipresent meme transmission.

That is the central problem for Obama. Even if he suddenly got religion as it were and went conservative, he still is not going to be able to live up to the ideas people have of him. Obama the President and human is not Barack Obama the phenomenon. He cannot be what he does not know to be and he is so many things to so many people.

Just as with anyone who'd claim to be the messiah, the mantle and all the sociocultural baggage that goes with it always colors the perception of whoever wears the mantle. Obama is wearing a mantle primarily defined around not being Bush, and secondarily as the answer to everyone's angst over all the things they were induced to feel and think. After all, humans are just plain mortal beings. They know nothing beyond what their senses tell them. Whether they want to or not, they tend to believe what is heard in passing and overwhelmingly.

That overwhelming leftist slant of the media is the undoing as no one taking on the mantle they created can ever live up to it. They've overplayed this badly and created no exit strategy for it because they did it by accident. If this had been crafted in some Machiavellian plot, a wise architect would have left some approachable and relateable human foibles in the construction so that people would have a pause in their pursuit of belief that the Not Bush was everything Bush wasn't and nothing that Bush was.

Finally, they badly screwed up in making this personal. The archetype was Bush versus Not Bush. Not Republican versus Democrat. The public learns what is put to them inevitably. Such as personalization in politics. As Obama makes more and more mistakes which he must as I said, the disappointment in Obama for the position of Not Bush will grow. The assignment of Not Bush to Obama in the minds of the public will decline. As Bush recedes due to lack of appearance on the scene fresh in their view, the Not Bush construct will fade as well. Obama will be left as the guy in charge and have no mythical ideas about him to shield him from the cold hard reality that he is not competent much less morally worthy of the job of President of the USA.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More to come as soon as I can...

Just been very busy with other interests of late. Replaced a car, started biking and lost 20 pounds, busted my knee, started designing some stuff, working on PC tune-ups, trying to get some Hebrew practice in...

I suggest if you want something to look at right now. I've been over there a bit, more than anywhere else, just because politics has bit me for the moment as well.

Anyhow, will get back to posting as soon as I can write something up.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Bernie Sanders backs Dean for HHS post

Unfortunately for either of them, their political histories show them to be batshit insane. I’m reasonably sure any post that oversees mental health in the mix requires or at least by common sense should have sane people in charge. Or at least not batshit insane. - Sanders backs Dean for HHS post

Hat Tip to Sister Toldjah

Congressional Budget Office Says Stimulus Bill is Horseshit

Washington Times - CBO: Obama stimulus harmful over long haul

Best stuff right up front…

President Obama's economic recovery package will actually hurt the economy more in the long run than if he were to do nothing, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

CBO, the official scorekeepers for legislation, said the House and Senate bills will help in the short term but result in so much government debt that within a few years they would crowd out private investment, actually leading to a lower Gross Domestic Product over the next 10 years than if the government had done nothing.

CBO estimates that by 2019 the Senate legislation would reduce GDP by 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent on net. [The House bill] would have similar long-run effects, CBO said in a letter to Sen. Judd Gregg, New Hampshire Republican, who was tapped by Mr. Obama on Tuesday to be Commerce Secretary.

The congress’ own budget office is calling out Obama and the Democrat controlled congress on this and STILL we’re being treated to a mix of fear-mongering and arrogance as Obama takes the points of view simultaneously that we have to do something, and that we should do whatever he says because he won.

Clearly, the man has a child’s view of government if he thinks that it is a matter of winner take all.

Hat Tip to Right Klik...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Template Construction In Progress

On Irregular and Indefinite Basis

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Your Obamism of the Day!

I screwed up in not recognizing the perception that even though this is an honest mistake, I believe, on Tom's part, that, you know, ordinary people are out there paying taxes every day and whether it's an intentional mistake or not, it was sending the wrong signal.

President Barack Obama On Tom Daschle Controversy: 'I Messed Up' -

In his estimation, his mistake was not recognizing the perception that what, attempting to stand behind his nomination of an acknowledge tax evader was wrong? That is, not seeing that people would see it as wrong, rather than it was wrong, period?

And what the hell is an intentional mistake anyhow?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sex Offender Laws Not Working? ABC News: Misguided Measures

ABC News: Misguided Measures

Yet again, the shoot from the hip quick draw solutions to everything are not exclusive to the left as we see with these sex offender restriction laws, a pet of the right and often under attempted co-opt by the liberal left as well.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sheriff Don Zeller said new residency restrictions are forcing offenders into rural parts of the county where they are far harder to keep track of -- or worse, forcing them underground, where they can be lost track of completely.

"We're finding that it's almost impossible to keep track of individuals we have registered in the county,'' Zeller told ABC News' Law & Justice Unit. "Five years ago, we knew where about 95 percent of those individuals were. Now we're lucky if we know where 50, 55 percent of them are.''

Hmmm… Why?

"What it's done is driven people to -- rather than come in and register and comply with the law -- there's no way they can find housing, so it forces them to be on the run or lie about where they are at,'' Zeller said. "So that's not creating a safe environment for the public at all.''

Mind you, this is an actual serving gun carrying power of arrest and don’t you forget it sheriff.

What do we do? Grant exclusions for homeless shelters as long as they have a segregated wing under police guard?

As a compassionate conservative, I have to go with two ideas.

One, we need to stop writing off people. Every last person we return to society’s fold is better than the alternative. Risk? Sure, but…

"There is no research to suggest there there really is a relationship between where sex offenders live and whether or not they'll repeat their crimes, and there also isn't any evidence to demonstrate that these laws are really effective in preventing sexual crimes,'' she said.

In fact, only 7 percent of sex crimes against kids are committed by strangers, according to Justice Department statistics.

Studies show that -- contrary to popular belief -- sex offenders have a lower recidivism rate than other types of criminals, re-offending in about 14 percent of cases.

"So, ironically, what happens with residency restrictions is that we end up creating exactly the types of risk factors that we know lead to higher recidivism rather than lower recidivism," Levenson said. "In other words, we know that stability, social support and employment are really important factors to help criminals maintain a productive life and not resume a life of crime, so disrupting the stability of criminal offenders is not likely to be in the best interest of public safety."

I’d say that given that people can change on their own throughout their lives based on learned first-hand experience, that there’s a damn good chance that many of these people can be reasonably rehabilitated and that if we don’t we truly damn our own children by creating a world without forgiveness and without hope for the less than perfect. What happens when they consider their own sex drives as teens and wonder what will happen to them if they get caught being sexually dangerous like sending nude pics of themselves via camera phone. Well, they get called sex offenders.

I remember when showing off your backside to someone as a teen was calling mooning. Flashing your junk at the schoolyard during a tauntfest was not unusual. I remember one guy taking it out to stroke it for the girls to watch giggling in the dimmed schoolroom during a sex ed film in sixth grade. The teachers back then were all sixties hippy on that idea of leaving them alone while the sex ed film played.

Now, you’re going to be registered as a deviant. Guess what. It’s the result of an unholy union between the far right morality police and the far left feminists and “for the children” social control opportunists. I used to warn people twenty plus years ago that this was going to happen, but noooo… No one ever listens.

Both of these kinds of people, far left and far right, have the same mentality. Sex is inherently dirty, inherently wrong, inherently only necessary for procreation. Except on the left, there’s some who want to delegitimize even intercourse within marriage and replace with cloning techniques. Ewww… It’s my dick in a test tube, to bust on the SNL skit.

So before we get even farther afield with feel-good does-nothing legislation so we can all feel like we’re getting a reach around while we butt bang each other legally, let’s consider rehab.

The other thing we need to consider is the nature of our ideas on sex. Before it gets too much later. We’re already trying to make gay couples equivalent to heterosexual unions when only the latter furthers human progression starting with reproduction of new humans in the first place. Without any consideration of the nature of the gay sex world at all. No consideration of physical and sexual abuse of partners in that world. No consideration of the insane amount of promiscuity. It would be like claiming that one night hook-ups at Plato’s Retreat were as valid societally as marriage and how would that help those people any more than it could help gays?

“Yeah, no problem, you keep on with that sleeping around and whatnot… Good luck… No, no problem. What’s that? He beat the fuck out of you and then duct taped you to the kitchen table and shoved a zucchini up your ass? I’m sure it was meant in fun. Just crazy gay sex games. Who am I to judge?”

I guaranfuckingtee you the same liberal infected system that refuses to bother doing anything about black on black crime using the excuse that it would be racist to try because white people are fundamentally incapable of understanding “black culture” whatever the fuck that is supposed to be will be equally uninterested in taking gay on gay crime any more seriously.

If we proceed in that direction, the result can be seen coming a mile away. Next the much higher numbers of homosexual pedophilic hook-ups will be demanding approval. It’s no secret that males are more sexually aggressive than females. The encouragement of gay teens to explore their sexuality is already approved in many schools under the heading of non-judgmentalism. The other side of the coin, adult men who boink teen butt, will have to be taken up. Can’t approve of teens having sex with gay mentors if you don’t approve the mentors.

Then what? Straight men and teen girls? Lesbian women and young girls? Straight women and young boys?

When does it fucking end?

We have to as a society start doing some very hard thinking. Sure, in a perfect world where humans achieved maximum possible wisdom promptly after birth and only got more stable and centered as they aged, many things like intergenerational sex and pot smoking and many more things would be totally fine. People could handle it.

But they cannot right now. We are not that people. We are humans. Barely able to fall in love without losing our minds. Often incapable of loving without hating. Largely given to righteous anger when our love is disappointed and not returned. We’re not a stable species. We start out unstable and inexperienced, and if those who went before who receive us into society teach and raise us well, we hope to get better as we get older.

Today’s society is breaking down on that point. We’re in a state of wishful thinking. Crazed wishful thinking. We want desperately to believe that we’re ready for anything just because we’re capable of maybe handling a given thing.

Reality is that it just ain’t so but we’re not listening to the warning coming from our consciences and the result is that we’re encouraging a vastly worse future by encouraging the mainstreaming of presently fringe behavior and then swatting a fly with a nuke responses when anything doesn’t work quite perfectly.

Bad bad idea.

We need to start paring down the so-called sex offenders by actual offense, tailoring the rehab program to their offense, with a strong course of empathy encouragement, and helping to reunite them with society so they can learn how precious is the society they have a chance to return to by that society’s gracious forgiveness and mercy. We need to start seeing that there are different levels of offense and many alleged offenses are only sexual offenses in that they involved sex tangentially. We need to see where society might have encouraged and given the impression of tolerance for the behavior and learn from that where we need to correct our society.

We need to stop making the problem worse. When 1% of American adults are in jail, something is wrong, and its that no matter how hardcore nasty we get against crime, we meanwhile increasing the criminal base by our own stupidity and negligence. We need to heal our society. We need to take tough medicine. We need to fix ourselves.

More Internet porn, less rape?

Looks possible, but then I’ve been saying for years that it is a no-brainer that people who commit sex crimes use porn, but there’s no linkage between porn use and rape. How many rapists are there? How many people masturbate to porn? Compare the numbers. No contest. If porn induced rape, the world would be like the nightmare sequences from Event Horizon as conceived by Ron Jeremy.

Man, if looking at girly mags was a prescription for rape, every guy in my high school would have been in prison.

However, there’s a caveat I’d like to remind you of… Self-control, balance, and a good head on your shoulders are as important with sex as with anything else. Going based on maturity, I’d say a lot of adults aren’t ready for sex, never mind kids. Yet, we give the high speed Internet access to them, and the poison cherry on the sundae, a webcam.


Put their computer in the family room. DO NOT LET THEM HAVE A WEB CAM. If you want one for sending silly faces to grandma, keep it on the PC in your bedroom and keep it under lock and key or your bedroom or both.

If you’ve ever felt enticed by the idea of showing off for an appreciative stranger, EVER, consider what happens when an immature inexperienced teen gets that idea at a time when they are at their exhibitionistic extrovert peak so to speak.


Parents, take control. Teach your kids well. Encourage responsibility. Instill empathy. Relate back to the golden rule constantly. Make them tend to think before they act.

It will make your time a lot easier and less messy, generally.

Islamic Supremacism in Action

The first part of their war is to move to act. The second part is for us to fail to act. Note the conspiracy freakery in the comments.

Anyone with a basic sixth grade understanding of structural mechanics and construction knows very damn well that a steel reinforced concrete building definitely should collapse under the stresses seen here. Massive kinetic impact shattering concrete, dramatically weakening compressive strength, great heat weakening steel and lessening torsion and tensile strength, tremendous weight above under dynamic wind loads and gravitational pull, down it comes. That is exactly what should happen.

Yet, there are architects and engineers who are unworthy of their degrees insisting that steel and concrete don’t react that way. The sure as fuck do and it is precisely for those reasons that steel and concrete composition and methods of manufacture are carefully watched and researched for every usage and environmental condition from humidity to temperature, to chemistry and dynamic versus static loads. Every piece of a building is figured into the intended final configuration, as well as every step of construction in between. A final configuration that would be stable during use might not be possible to erect due to instability in the middle of the construction process. Many possible combinations of steel and concrete are not used precisely because every step of the way from start to finish must be safe and stable within the abilities of human technology and preparation to deal with.

Maybe these dickhead truthers should try standing in front of a forge working steel and in pouring and forming concrete before they open their idiot mouths and aid and abet sworn enemies of all non-Muslims in general and the western world in particular.

News flash morons: if you betray your nation and people now to stand with the enemies of humanity, they will have no reason to be merciful and trust you since you already sold out your own people. Islamic Supremacism in no different than Nazism.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did Suitepotato vote for Obama?

Yes, damn fucking right I did.



Because this nation needs its face shoved into its own shit, and rapped on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of the consequences of its actions, and told in no uncertain terms NO by its own awakening conscience.

Granted that’s a lot to expect from a people who think reality television is reality or television, but it nevertheless necessary.

First off, the racialist atmosphere of this nation was finally decaying, but still thanks to the idiot left still perniciously and tenaciously clinging around the edges, poisoning the subconscious of America’s black youths with the worst sort of mental contagion: victimhood. It’s always some white peoples’ fault. Taking total and complete responsibility for yourself at any given moment in all the ways that matter is the greatest individualism, the greatest personal freedom, and the greatest pleasure, and this all great men know. It is an unpardonable offense that American liberalism has sold defeatism to African-Americans with the help of stooges like Jesse Jackson. Whenever blacks have tried to say “yes we can” white liberals were there to insist “no you can’t” right up until their chosen scion Obama. WHY NO ONE BUT OBAMA? Who decides that? Turns out, white liberals do and black people have been letting them do it for years.

Obama was not like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any of the other talking heads the liberal white establishment put out on a rhinestone leash before. He’s light skinned. He smiles more than anyone not in television should. He’s a snappy dresser. He has practically NO history. It’s like he popped out of the fabric of reality custom made.

He was given the most affirmative action anyone could. He was allowed to run not against his competitor but the outgoing and not up for re-election president’s image as concocted by the antagonistic and openly hostile press. That Holocaust denial bishop could have been put forth by the Democrats and gotten elected against George Bush’s media made image. As these allegedly irreligious louts would have it, GWB was Satanbilly. Yuck, yuck, yer damned.

Granted, that’s basically how the media always operates, but don’t you think the press criticism of Obama’s elements was more muted than it ever has been before in any presidential campaign for a Democrat? Compared to Obama, Clinton was bent over and ass raped.

The only thing it could be would be the liberal knee-jerk tendency to softball everything for black people in their continuing condescension, that blacks cannot take a pounding politically like whites, and have to be helped, belying their claims to believing in equality. Obviously they don’t.

Obama was the perfect thing to illustrate liberalism’s racial failings. The condescension, the pandering, the race baiting, the hate mongering, the encouragement of despair and hopelessness, their dogged refusal to back black parents and families and instead back every one of the worst role models they possibly could and then cut every excuse under the sun for them, when they’d never, I guarantee you never ever allow their prissy little white world to be done over the same way. You don’t see them championing bad white role models, do you?

Other than the more subjective ones like reality television contestants and Jerry Springer guests, I mean.

If this socialistic egomaniac could hit the White House, roundly figured to be the single most powerful position in the USA, and have every advantage from a fawning press ready to bow down and blow him at every juncture no matter what, and a celebrity world and entertainment media that acted like they were in heat for the man, and his entire party ready to commit seppuku for him on a whim, he could be the ultimate proof of liberalism not working. There you go, the most suave debonair and intellectually gifted black man to sit in Washington has been handed all the power on a silver platter and championed liberalism to the hilt with all the fervor of a community activist… and failed at it.

He will fail. Not because he’s black although that is very important to black people that he fail and be black. Not because he’s supported by a sycophantic media and political world although it is very important to every normal sane person to see that world take it up the backside, but because he’s wrong. His politics are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If the new messiah can’t make liberalism work after it’s been tried by two southern crackers, then what is the fucking problem? Maybe we were wrong in this country that if only a disadvantaged class member got the power, they could make it work where white people who just couldn’t understand the nuances of underprivileged life failed. Maybe liberalism is wrong.

Now then, why is his failure important to black people? Because I will tell you what I would tell my own son, what I have told my wife, what my father told me, with all the love that I have in my heart. Failure and acceptance of that, is as important as success. You cannot fix what you do not know is wrong and what you refuse to accept even could be wrong. Black people in the USA have been sold a bill of fucking goods that everything that goes wrong for them from cradle to grave is some white person’s fault. It’s white people causing everything to go wrong.

Well, if nothing is black peoples’ fault, then they have NO POWER TO FIX IT. Is the problem with your car in your car or is some strange radiation making it not work? It’s your spark plugs? Replace them. End of story. Power in your hands, you fix it, you’re on your way. Power in someone else’s hands, you wait for someone else to fix it, and you let me know when Elvis returns from the grave.

That is why failure is as important as success. It is a bloody nose that lets you know your limitations, that lets you know something is not working right, that lets you know to make a change. If you don’t think you failed, and that someone else failed you, you can sit there and spin waiting for someone else to make a change. Or you can say you failed somewhere, and you can change whatever you figure that was.

I have made many mistakes in my life, but they were mine, and I never hurt so bad as when I could not see where I was wrong, and thus waited for a fix from outside that was never coming.

I’m not saying there’s no such thing as racism, but look around you. Does this look like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream? Does constant, obsessive racial consciousness sound like the color blind society he was working towards? Don’t look at what he was working for, look at who took power in his absence and what they did. Do the sell-outs handing crumbs to the masses while they dine on table scraps at the feet of white liberals look like MLK? DO THEY?

Failure on this level is badly needed to help break once and for all the liberal white racialist machine. Break its connection to black Americans. Break its workings. Break the illusion and show the reality to people. The truth that poor rip-off for the Matrix really wants hidden: the ultimate power is when you decide you are in control, not someone else and definitely not nebulous ill-defined someone elses.

Fail once in a while I was once told. Black Americans being humans fail all the time, but white liberals have been selling a paint job to cover it called white racism. A fun house mirror distortion hiding the real white racism that has been in the majority for fifty years, that of liberals. As I said, it was slowly going away but hanging on like crud. This fall by Obama, and he will definitely fall unless he changes course, will be the final nail in the coffin of the white liberal racialist system.

I hate to reference it, but remember the movie Willow where the old wizard played by Billy Barty asks Willow which finger the magic is in and he fails to answer correctly but later when asked says he was going to answer his own finger? Why do you think that is? Because the magic is in your finger. Your magic is in you. That’s why failure, and accepting it, is a tremendously important part of human advancement.

You heard it from me first…

I call it “Demobamanopoly”.

Democrat-Obama Monopoly: the state of the country for the next two years until the mid-term elections allow the country to vent their disgust with the Demobamanopoly’s fisting of the nation.

The Cost of the Doom and Gloom Selling Politics

Letter offers clues to death of 5 kids, 2 adults - Yahoo! News

Let me fix this up…

Father kills his five kids and wife in despair over couples' losing jobs

Officers discovered the horrific scene after rushing to a home in Wilmington, prompted by the father's distraught letter faxed to a TV station describing a "tragic story" and a call to authorities.

Isn’t it nice that we’ve managed by 2008 to make going nuts and offing yourself and your family not so distracting that people forget to fax the local television media?

Police believe Ervin Lupoe, 40, killed his five children and his wife before turning the gun on himself. Both adults were recently fired from their hospital jobs.

But wait, there’s more!

"Why leave our children in someone else's hands?" Lupoe wrote in his letter faxed to KABC-TV. The station posted the letter on its Web site with some parts redacted.

What? Have people taken to believing that losing their jobs in this economy is a death sentence for their family? Evidently so.

So much for the new Demigod-In-Chief Bareback O’Rama and his heavenly presence on Earth making everything so much duckier.

It was the fifth mass death of a Southern California family by murder or suicide in a year. Police urged those facing tough economic times to get help rather than resort to violence.

"Today our worst fear was realized," said Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner. "It's just not a solution. There's just so many ways you find alternatives to doing something so horrific and drastic as this."




For fuck’s sake people… Wake up and smell reality. Things are only as bad as we make them. We’re buying into this disaster crap to make ourselves feel like noble victims. A thing is only as valuable as what people will pay for it. If you stop spending money, stop engaging in economic transactions, you WILL make a disaster happen and sure as fuck, we’re doing it right now and the consequence is this kind of horror.

Spread the word: we are not down and out, we are not defeated, we are still standing, we will remain, and we will not be dissuaded by false hope, but by real belief we choose ourselves will remake this world as we want it.

A future of flying cars and space colonies and prosperity for everyone, or sulking in our tears waiting for government to save us?