Maxims, rules of thumb and other observations on human cognition and sociocultural affectations

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  • What is said to humans directly is received with skepticism and considered with dubiousness while that which is heard in passing, especially that which most conforms to their mentality or prejudices, is readily believed.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive latency between exposure to new information or experiences and the ability to think dispassionately and intellectually about it.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive spectrum starting with the moment of exposure to new information or experiences and ending with some point at which the thing is effectively "in the past" for them.
  • This cognitive spectrum is linked to the emotional process often referred to as shock, anger, denial and acceptance.
  • The more and faster information or experiences are presented to people and the closer the quarters and the lesser the distance between people, the more their early reactions in the passionate emotional stage are reflected back to them in the manner of responses to those reactions from others in light of those responses.
  • The more outrages which are suffered without sufficient time to allow emotional bleed-off, the farther the bar for subsequent reaction and outrage are pushed, and the more further events must progress before reaction and outrage.
  • It is possible for serious detriments to eventually sit below this threshold for long enough for their damaging effects to build and multiply until their entire society undergoes some reactive convulsion.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did Suitepotato vote for Obama?

Yes, damn fucking right I did.



Because this nation needs its face shoved into its own shit, and rapped on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of the consequences of its actions, and told in no uncertain terms NO by its own awakening conscience.

Granted that’s a lot to expect from a people who think reality television is reality or television, but it nevertheless necessary.

First off, the racialist atmosphere of this nation was finally decaying, but still thanks to the idiot left still perniciously and tenaciously clinging around the edges, poisoning the subconscious of America’s black youths with the worst sort of mental contagion: victimhood. It’s always some white peoples’ fault. Taking total and complete responsibility for yourself at any given moment in all the ways that matter is the greatest individualism, the greatest personal freedom, and the greatest pleasure, and this all great men know. It is an unpardonable offense that American liberalism has sold defeatism to African-Americans with the help of stooges like Jesse Jackson. Whenever blacks have tried to say “yes we can” white liberals were there to insist “no you can’t” right up until their chosen scion Obama. WHY NO ONE BUT OBAMA? Who decides that? Turns out, white liberals do and black people have been letting them do it for years.

Obama was not like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any of the other talking heads the liberal white establishment put out on a rhinestone leash before. He’s light skinned. He smiles more than anyone not in television should. He’s a snappy dresser. He has practically NO history. It’s like he popped out of the fabric of reality custom made.

He was given the most affirmative action anyone could. He was allowed to run not against his competitor but the outgoing and not up for re-election president’s image as concocted by the antagonistic and openly hostile press. That Holocaust denial bishop could have been put forth by the Democrats and gotten elected against George Bush’s media made image. As these allegedly irreligious louts would have it, GWB was Satanbilly. Yuck, yuck, yer damned.

Granted, that’s basically how the media always operates, but don’t you think the press criticism of Obama’s elements was more muted than it ever has been before in any presidential campaign for a Democrat? Compared to Obama, Clinton was bent over and ass raped.

The only thing it could be would be the liberal knee-jerk tendency to softball everything for black people in their continuing condescension, that blacks cannot take a pounding politically like whites, and have to be helped, belying their claims to believing in equality. Obviously they don’t.

Obama was the perfect thing to illustrate liberalism’s racial failings. The condescension, the pandering, the race baiting, the hate mongering, the encouragement of despair and hopelessness, their dogged refusal to back black parents and families and instead back every one of the worst role models they possibly could and then cut every excuse under the sun for them, when they’d never, I guarantee you never ever allow their prissy little white world to be done over the same way. You don’t see them championing bad white role models, do you?

Other than the more subjective ones like reality television contestants and Jerry Springer guests, I mean.

If this socialistic egomaniac could hit the White House, roundly figured to be the single most powerful position in the USA, and have every advantage from a fawning press ready to bow down and blow him at every juncture no matter what, and a celebrity world and entertainment media that acted like they were in heat for the man, and his entire party ready to commit seppuku for him on a whim, he could be the ultimate proof of liberalism not working. There you go, the most suave debonair and intellectually gifted black man to sit in Washington has been handed all the power on a silver platter and championed liberalism to the hilt with all the fervor of a community activist… and failed at it.

He will fail. Not because he’s black although that is very important to black people that he fail and be black. Not because he’s supported by a sycophantic media and political world although it is very important to every normal sane person to see that world take it up the backside, but because he’s wrong. His politics are wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If the new messiah can’t make liberalism work after it’s been tried by two southern crackers, then what is the fucking problem? Maybe we were wrong in this country that if only a disadvantaged class member got the power, they could make it work where white people who just couldn’t understand the nuances of underprivileged life failed. Maybe liberalism is wrong.

Now then, why is his failure important to black people? Because I will tell you what I would tell my own son, what I have told my wife, what my father told me, with all the love that I have in my heart. Failure and acceptance of that, is as important as success. You cannot fix what you do not know is wrong and what you refuse to accept even could be wrong. Black people in the USA have been sold a bill of fucking goods that everything that goes wrong for them from cradle to grave is some white person’s fault. It’s white people causing everything to go wrong.

Well, if nothing is black peoples’ fault, then they have NO POWER TO FIX IT. Is the problem with your car in your car or is some strange radiation making it not work? It’s your spark plugs? Replace them. End of story. Power in your hands, you fix it, you’re on your way. Power in someone else’s hands, you wait for someone else to fix it, and you let me know when Elvis returns from the grave.

That is why failure is as important as success. It is a bloody nose that lets you know your limitations, that lets you know something is not working right, that lets you know to make a change. If you don’t think you failed, and that someone else failed you, you can sit there and spin waiting for someone else to make a change. Or you can say you failed somewhere, and you can change whatever you figure that was.

I have made many mistakes in my life, but they were mine, and I never hurt so bad as when I could not see where I was wrong, and thus waited for a fix from outside that was never coming.

I’m not saying there’s no such thing as racism, but look around you. Does this look like Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream? Does constant, obsessive racial consciousness sound like the color blind society he was working towards? Don’t look at what he was working for, look at who took power in his absence and what they did. Do the sell-outs handing crumbs to the masses while they dine on table scraps at the feet of white liberals look like MLK? DO THEY?

Failure on this level is badly needed to help break once and for all the liberal white racialist machine. Break its connection to black Americans. Break its workings. Break the illusion and show the reality to people. The truth that poor rip-off for the Matrix really wants hidden: the ultimate power is when you decide you are in control, not someone else and definitely not nebulous ill-defined someone elses.

Fail once in a while I was once told. Black Americans being humans fail all the time, but white liberals have been selling a paint job to cover it called white racism. A fun house mirror distortion hiding the real white racism that has been in the majority for fifty years, that of liberals. As I said, it was slowly going away but hanging on like crud. This fall by Obama, and he will definitely fall unless he changes course, will be the final nail in the coffin of the white liberal racialist system.

I hate to reference it, but remember the movie Willow where the old wizard played by Billy Barty asks Willow which finger the magic is in and he fails to answer correctly but later when asked says he was going to answer his own finger? Why do you think that is? Because the magic is in your finger. Your magic is in you. That’s why failure, and accepting it, is a tremendously important part of human advancement.

You heard it from me first…

I call it “Demobamanopoly”.

Democrat-Obama Monopoly: the state of the country for the next two years until the mid-term elections allow the country to vent their disgust with the Demobamanopoly’s fisting of the nation.

The Cost of the Doom and Gloom Selling Politics

Letter offers clues to death of 5 kids, 2 adults - Yahoo! News

Let me fix this up…

Father kills his five kids and wife in despair over couples' losing jobs

Officers discovered the horrific scene after rushing to a home in Wilmington, prompted by the father's distraught letter faxed to a TV station describing a "tragic story" and a call to authorities.

Isn’t it nice that we’ve managed by 2008 to make going nuts and offing yourself and your family not so distracting that people forget to fax the local television media?

Police believe Ervin Lupoe, 40, killed his five children and his wife before turning the gun on himself. Both adults were recently fired from their hospital jobs.

But wait, there’s more!

"Why leave our children in someone else's hands?" Lupoe wrote in his letter faxed to KABC-TV. The station posted the letter on its Web site with some parts redacted.

What? Have people taken to believing that losing their jobs in this economy is a death sentence for their family? Evidently so.

So much for the new Demigod-In-Chief Bareback O’Rama and his heavenly presence on Earth making everything so much duckier.

It was the fifth mass death of a Southern California family by murder or suicide in a year. Police urged those facing tough economic times to get help rather than resort to violence.

"Today our worst fear was realized," said Deputy Chief Kenneth Garner. "It's just not a solution. There's just so many ways you find alternatives to doing something so horrific and drastic as this."




For fuck’s sake people… Wake up and smell reality. Things are only as bad as we make them. We’re buying into this disaster crap to make ourselves feel like noble victims. A thing is only as valuable as what people will pay for it. If you stop spending money, stop engaging in economic transactions, you WILL make a disaster happen and sure as fuck, we’re doing it right now and the consequence is this kind of horror.

Spread the word: we are not down and out, we are not defeated, we are still standing, we will remain, and we will not be dissuaded by false hope, but by real belief we choose ourselves will remake this world as we want it.

A future of flying cars and space colonies and prosperity for everyone, or sulking in our tears waiting for government to save us?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daffy Gadhafi says US should seek peace with bin Laden…

Gadhafi says US should seek peace with bin Laden | International | Jerusalem Post

Uh… no. You can’t make peace with someone who has no point. Do you want to know what Islamic Supremacists are truly into? It’s not Islam. It’s war and violence for their own sake.

Here’s another miscreant who stated his love for just that:

Like the Islamic Supremacists, he is about as interested in the movement he is associated with as the average person is to being human. It just happens to be a facet, not the defining element. The defining element is actually thirst for conflict.

Gadhafi truly doesn’t know what he is talking about. Maybe he’s going through some sort of midlife crisis of former dictator loons and seriously hopefully believes you can make peace with OBL. Maybe he’s just trying to seem reasonable and a peacemaker in the wake of Gaza. Maybe he’s plain insane. Whichever it is, he’s wrong.

OBL is of the Saudi Wahhabist strain of Islamic Supremacy, firmly in the camp of “America must die” and guilty of the slaughter of over 2,000 people on September 11, 2001. He’s not someone you can make peace with or who deserves any attempt at same. He has no standing as the head of a recognized peaceful member nation of human society. He’s a terrorist, a murderer, and an unabashed supporter of the destruction of everyone not like him and his.

All the way across, no.


Tools You Can Use

Freenet - Wikipedia

Pretty Good Privacy – Wikipedia

Bittorrent – Wikipedia

DriveCrypt Plus Pack

Enova X-Wall Products

Firewiremax Secure Disk Encryption Products

Smoothwall Firewall

SSH Wikipedia Article

Why am I recommending these and other things to secure your online experience? Why did I advocate anonymity through proxies, remailers, and encryption and firewalls? Because the default state of the world is not tolerance, it is not peace, it is not kindness, it is not understanding, it is not freedom.

The default state of the world is anarchy. The law of the jungle. Kill or be killed. If you want the above things, peace, kindness, justice, etc. then you actually have to make efforts to bring them about and maintain them against challengers who either willfully or negligently would cause them to be destroyed. To do this effectively it must be with recognition of the true nature of this aforethought or else it is as accurate as tossing darts.

Look around the world. Euroweenies are praising Islamic Supremacy and castigating Jews for daring to defend themselves against cowards who fire rockets specifically at civilians. Americans are falling all over each other in religious ecstasy at the installation of their new messiah-elect. The mainstream media barely maintains anything like a passing tee-hee and pshaw regarding their blatant politicization. Our world has given up on a bright Star Trek future of prosperity, comfort, opportunity, room, and resources for all to embrace a mad dash back to primitivism. Children are unruly and parents worse. No one has a grounding in the classics of western civilization, the political correctness slime has been spread far and wide, our whole way of life looks like it is on the edge.

Well, are you giving up in the face of that?

Not me, no way, uh uh. Period, end of discussion, not going to happen.

With the installation of the messiah-elect, I have decided to rededicate myself to the revolution. Go over to the right and read my side bar. First step, revolt against yourself. Stop giving in to doubt, anger, frustration and unintelligence. Harness your emotions with your intellect. Control yourself. Realize that you and you alone can take charge of your life and you’re up against a world of morons, moonbats, dumbshits, and psychos who thanks to sheer numbers threaten to unmake our world.

What do you want for yourself? What is best for yourself? For me that’s peace, prosperity, comfort, and plenty. I mean not to let the bastards get me down.

So arm yourselves with the proper tools: knowledge and willingness to use it. Protect your knowledge. Share it with others. Do not let them stop you from spreading the word against their doom and gloom. Every American has a duty to stand against their enemies, foreign and domestic and that enemy has a face. Go look in the mirror to see it.

Once you take yourself out of the picture, the battlefield has one less enemy opposing you and us. Go turn more people. Wake them up. Keep being the loyal opposition to stupidity. Advocate bigger, better, more, and everywhere.

We can’t reform the UN and the US government and all the rest by edicts, laws, and other toys of the political process. We have to strike the problem at the source: the sick twisted hearts of the masses lost in despair and hopelessness, willing to look to anyone who promises salvation when the power was always theirs. They can take a stand against monsters. They can see reality. We have to show it to them.

Perhaps that sounds extravagant, but it is not. It begins with simply spreading a viewpoint of the world contrary to what the forces of idiocy would have instead, and ends with never backing down. In between, how to spread? How to keep it being spread?

Usenet, web forums, blogging, blog comments, web pages, e-mails, mailing lists, just being relentlessly real, unrelentingly open, and unstoppably forward. Believe it, say it, stick to it.

The revolution against yourself cannot be lost, only never engaged in.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey Euroweenies and other leftist twats, these are your heroes: Hamas torturing Fatah members in Gaza' | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

What wonderful peaceful people to use a cease fire with Israel to murder each other.

Why didn’t they have the nerve to point this out during the anti-Jewish demonstrations? EU official: Gaza won't be reconstructed under Hamas's rule | Middle East | Jerusalem Post


Good news: Yemeni police kill 2 al-Qaida suspects in San'a raid | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

Yemeni police kill 2 al-Qaida suspects in San'a raid | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

Yemen has an active al-Qaida presence despite government efforts to destroy the network.

One more bright ray of hope, but don’t read too much into it. The al-Qaida strain of Islamic Supremacism is and has been violently opposed to the current Arab leadership secular, Pan-Arabist, and Islamic. Yemen is doing what is good for Yemen. However, it is a forward action given al-Qaida’s proven threat to everyone.

And they would know: German, Polish ambassadors blast comparisons of Gaza campaign to Holocaust | Jewish News | Jerusalem Post

The question is, why can't everyone else see it?

Separately, Polish Ambassador Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska said that any comparisons between Israel's operation in Gaza and Nazi Germany's extermination of one-third of the Jewish people were "pure anti-Semitism."

"Any comparison to what has happened to the Jewish people in the Shoah is pure anti-Semitism which cannot be justified, even if we don't like everything that happens in Gaza," Magdziak-Miszewska said.

If Germans and Poles are rushing to the defense of Jews and the streets of allegedly free Europe to their condemnation, something is seriously rotten in this world.

From a reply of mine at DovBear about Hamas

DovBear:The murder of Palestinians in Gaza - Guest post by Lurker 

My Reply

(In response to a suggestion that if they love death like their enemies love life that perhaps it should be given to them.)

Mass termination might in the future be seen in retrospect as a mercy. Whether or not it is depends upon how we proceed.
If we leave the Arabs (and Persians, Indians, Asians, etc.) to the tender mercies of Islamic Supremacism the law of the jungle devolvement I have warned of will become reality. That being the case, it effectively is reality now.

In extremis, all solutions must follow. As we grow closer to that point of no return, kill or be killed, our options for mercy become constrained by that which cannot be effective before we are destroyed by our enemies. As it draws nearer, talking is less and less an option.

And these Islamic Supremacists mean to make that day ever closer. They do not love life as you do. Not because they are not the same species but because they are the same species as you. You all know what you are inherently capable of as a race deep down. You know that were someone to find the right chord, you could be plucked to such a crescendo of raw mayhem as to be unrecognizable to yourself as you are now.

These Islamic Supremacists are attempting to drive themselves to such in themselves right now. Their philosophy is that death is preferable to letting their idea of G-d down. Their philosophy is that death in the course of achieving unrivaled unchallenged supremacy is not only okay, but a righteous thing. Your death is not only okay, but a righteous thing. Islamic Supremacists are the embodiment of that which humans wrote into the fictional Klingons of Star Trek, the ultimate expression of the samurai way, another facet of human fanaticism.

Fanatics cannot be argued with. Only contained through marginalization, physical isolation, or termination. Were they in the USA committing acts of murder and mayhem against rivals, they would be on death row or in maximum security prisons. Courts would have no pity on them, judgment by peers would be harsh and unflinching, judges would be unabashedly damning of them.

Well, these are your fellow human beings. What say you about their behavior? Is there anything in your heart as a human being that tells you that there is some other standpoint, some other point of view from which, this is okay?

The world has throughout this conflict sat in judgment of Hamas and Israel and done as much as an American jury sitting through a month long trial of a biker gang arrested for mayhem and murder, listened to the evidence and seen the acts and heard them bragging of their deeds in their own words... and found the police guilty for enforcing the law that society expected of them.

The human survival imperative expected no less of Israel than it brought to the situation and were condemned.

Perhaps the human race deserves Hamas.

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Why was Obama elected?

For a long time it struck me as utterly absurd that in a nation where we’ve been told for longer than I’ve been alive that we are inherently a racist nation we could be so quietly lofting a black man to the nation’s shoulders and propelled him to the White House with next to no talk about it.

He’s black. African-American. Whatever you want to call it. In a nation where white people supposedly control everything and the best of them are still contaminated by prejudice according to the liberal left (which ironically proves it through racist patronizing but that’s another matter). And he’s the prez. And no one is getting into any brouhaha. No noise. No anything that you’d expect if the liberal view were correct.

Well, we all know ourselves better than the liberals do to go by the voting record of this nation over the last fifty years as blacks have won major offices all the way to congress and now the presidency to say nothing of the explosion of black icons throughout the entertainment world, the media, popular culture, etc. Bill Cosby for a number of years could safely be called the nation’s dad and without danger of contradiction.

It took me a while and hindsight to see it. Looking back through the haze and fog of the war for the White House, I see no sign of Jowls McCain. It’s like he doesn’t exist. I see him allegedly on the field, people reporting him on the field, but… oh yeah, there he is… way way way over on the side as if… he charged Obama at the outset and Obama ran right past him with his attention on some other enemy…

That enemy was the perception of George W. Bush as created in the public mind by his opponents and the mainstream media who worked in what I find to be in retrospect obvious concert to make an idea of a satanically hellish opponent at the vanguard of a tsunami of shit that by comparison anyone opposing it could only be seen as a holy avenger at the very least. Demonization doesn’t begin to cover it.

Now it made perfect sense. Obama ran against a sitting president who was not even running. Obama ran against the public perception of a sitting president who was not even running. Obama ran against George W. Bush. Obama ran against Dubya.

That is how he got elected with as little disruption as if a dinosaur killing meteor hit the ocean at 32,000mph and made not a ripple and disappeared under the waves with nothing further seen.

Which of course consequently means that anyone who ran against that, and was seen as such a holy avenger against the ultimate evil portrayed, was given an artificially high standard to meet. Obama has to vanquish an image that at this point the public has almost entirely been convinced of utterly, and on top of that it doesn’t actually exist. That is, the problem portrayed by the image doesn’t exist. Can you repair a transmission that doesn’t exist? Heal a wound that doesn’t exist on a person who doesn’t exist?

Well, if no one ever believed the problem existed then claiming it was fixed is about as useful or hard.

The challenge is to convince the public that the imaginary problem is real, and then convince them that the imaginary problem is solved. A big challenge that is since humans are more prone to believing bad things than good. That point is why politicians sling mud and fight based on creating images of their opponents and not actually address issues whenever possible. The second part is much much harder. What criteria functions as the corroborating implication in your assertion that the non-existent problem is fixed or at least being worked on?

The second major problem of convincing people that the imaginary problem has been fixed or that it is being worked on is the human art of the self fulfilling prophecy. Tell them that the world is ending, and they will after a while cease opposing that and engage in nihilistic attitudes and thought, and start behaving in such a way that really quick, we’re headed for the end of the world. Remember the idea DON’T PANIC?

The MSM and the liberals started building this hurricane of horseshit and Bush as all four riders of the apocalypse really early on, say about five seconds after Bush’s first election. They encouraged fiscal irresponsibility in the mortgage lending market starting before that and kicked it ever higher in gear throughout Bush’s tenure. Bush to his and the rest of the NeoNeoCon discredit decided to co-opt liberal tax and spendism without the tax part with only a kindergarten idea of why Reagan’s years worked and were so good for America and did not deliver on the tax cuts to the upper class (who are the ones who invest in new and ongoing business allowing them to hire you and me) and business (the people who pay you and me our paychecks) that were necessary. They sold the country on an idea that everyone has a right to everything, from the government and whoever they blame for their condition in life, and no responsibility to anyone whatsoever, not even themselves.

Beset on all sides, and not understanding how GWB and his crew could foul up so colossally, the Republicans cracked up and some predictably went batshit insane and began advocating silly things and others wandered off to what they imagined was the center, and still others walked off the field. We conservatives have definitely failed to capitalize properly and responsibly on our own discontent by pointing out our own flaws and dedicating ourselves to their repair. We tried doing the liberal thing and proclaiming that we were the victims. To some extent we are, but in the end, you and you alone are responsible for your life which is what you make of it. The victimhood idea is a tool of the white supremacists and the liberals both. I will not accept it.

We also failed to prevent ourselves from swerving in a game of social chicken with the liberals. Their incessant refrains of doing something down here on Earth caused us to back away from exploring and colonizing space the way our species must inevitably do to survive. Their constant live simply so that others may simply live bullshit was internalized and we gave up on the principle of prosperity for all (as in prosperity of technological advancement and material wealth availability for all not handing success to people). We turned out premise of peace through freedom and democracy into a PR joust over Iraq rather than examining and documenting the reasons within human history and nature for these being greater things than tolerance of despotism.

That is how Obama got elected.

I get the impression that he’s a good man who means well but I also know he is on the left, beholden to the hard left, and not the biggest on sharp details. In that he has a lot in common with Bush (fuzzy details, beholden to political interests, not really likely to buck them).

He will almost certainly act to appease the hard left with some bones tossed which if casually chosen could be disastrous for the country for decades to come in the form of unconstitutionally to say nothing of immorally constructed intrusions by leftist fascism into the fabric of American life. Liberals getting entrenched in general is bad enough. There are certain places they can totally fuck this country up and without years of fights up through the courts to the US Supreme Court they won’t be removed. The fact is and this is something we conservatives should take to heart and teach and hammer home, the rule of law and constitution only works as long as we endeavor to make it so. Whatever is done in violation of our standards shall stand until the US Supreme Court says otherwise and in the interim anything can be gotten away with until the court stops it, and those things done can further entrench even more unconstitutional damage.

His own ideas are going to be sorely challenged by the public adoration for him which due to the nature of the imaginary enemy he fought against to win the White House is enormous to say nothing of that generated ongoing by the MSM. How do you not give in to the temptation to believe your own press? How do you act with humility and balance and not arrogance?

That’s for the messiah-elect to figure out in just under a day. Good luck B. I recommend lots of anti-anxiety meds.

Over at Say Anything… What will be Obama’s first 100 Minutes as President?

What will be Obama’s first 100 Minutes as President?

Check out the picture. Priceless. Tip of the hat and slight bow to Mad Magazine for it.




The U.N. sex-for-food scandal

Thank you AS.

Courtesy of Right Klik: Non-violence can't tackle terror: Dalai (Lama) -India-The Times of India

No, really? We needed to wait till the Dalai Lama told us this? Not that I knock the DL, who I like a lot, but rather the world which still has such a myopic and childish view of non-violence and its proper application. It could be used against the British in India because they had conscience and minds that were still open and subject to being changed.

NEW DELHI: The Dalai Lama, a lifelong champion of non-violence on Saturday candidly stated that terrorism cannot be tackled by applying the

principle of ahimsa because the minds of terrorists are closed.
"It is difficult to deal with terrorism through non-violence," the Tibetan spiritual leader said delivering the Madhavrao Scindia Memorial Lecture here.

Non-violence can't tackle terror: Dalai -India-The Times of India

Then the big wower…

He said that the only way to tackle terrorism is through prevention. The head of the Tibetan government-in-exile left the audience stunned when he said "I love President George W Bush." He went on to add how he and the US President instantly struck a chord in their first meeting unlike politicians who take a while to develop close ties.

Thank you DL. You are still the brave man I’ve always thought you were.

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King Abdullah contradicts Hamas

Saudi King Abdullah on Monday criticized Israel for using excessive force in Gaza and said "one drop of Palestinian blood" is more valuable than all the money in the world.

That’s funny, Hamas seems to think it is as less valuable than wood or steel shields since they use other Palestinians as human shields for their cowardly actions.

King Abdullah slams Israel for using excessive force in Gaza | Middle East | Jerusalem Post

Saudi Arabia offers Israel cyanide and Gaza $1B

Saudi Arabia to donate $1 billion to rebuild Gaza - Yahoo! News

As usual…

Israel has to understand that the choice between war and peace will not always stay open and that the Arab peace initiative that is on the table today will not stay on the table," said Abdullah during a speech.

The initiative, which was first proposed by Saudi Arabia in 2002 and relaunched in March 2007, offers Israel collective Arab recognition in exchange for Israeli withdrawal from territory it occupied in the 1967 war, the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and a just solution for the problem of Palestinian refugees.

Uh… No.

First off, the Saudis better than anyone in the world of Islam know that the far mosque was not at Jerusalem on the old Jewish temple mount. That was a claim put together for political and tourism purposes by the rulers of the area centuries ago and not seriously believed by Muslims far off in Arabia until the anti-Jewish and especially anti-Christian purposes of accepting the claim were clearly perceived.

Second, the first claim to Jerusalem goes to the Jews who have returned home after having lived there and their presence being recorded by the Romans and previous conquerors of the area and previous empires and societies of the area in their trade with them.

Third, Jerusalem being handed over to Muslims despite their own pre-20th century writings making clear they didn’t seriously believe the mount to be theirs and thus in the name of a lie to mollify the false passions of people who know it is a lie engaged in just to hurt the Jews and dispossess them is outrageous.

Nope. I say don’t do it, no way no how. Give up the holiest city to Jews in the name of a lie for a temporary false peace and you might as well surrender the rest of Israel which is the entire point of the Arab offer.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Obama Can Do: Peace with Viet Nam

A long time ago, we failed to respond to the call for support from Ho Chi Minh when Harry Truman ignored his pleas. We had a chance to steer Ho’s movement away from Communism to Republican Democracy, help free the Vietnamese people from French colonialism, and we blew it. The rest as they say is history.

Since 1995 or so, we’ve had diplomatic relations with Viet Nam but we’re not entirely normalized with that country based on misplaced American anger which rightfully should go entirely with the American people for failure to understand the nature of the war they were getting into, the government which played predictable political games with the situation, and the mainstream media which gave the public an entirely distorted view of what was going on at a time when the importance of their at least pretending to impartiality was supremely important for timely news given that the Internet did not exist yet.

If anything, Rambo movies expressed anger at that entire situation more than the Vietnamese people or even the Vietnamese Communists because we pretty much knew full well we could have been their allies and them been non Communist very quickly and we blew it.

Today as Islamic Supremacism spreads across Asia, we need to act to stop it and an economically strengthened Viet Nam is a definite good starting point as economic prosperity is one of the best bulwarks against dickery of that sort. They aren’t led in a haze of surrender by a crazy cult leader like North Korea. They aren’t China with their own set of internal difficulties with relinquishing Communism. Viet Nam if anything is very much ready to join the 21st century and get on with the future instead of living in the past.

The USA has a history with them and is clearly on a collision course with France by France’s choice. We could very easily forge stronger ties with them that would only bring greater wellbeing to their people and allow them to become much more resistant to Islamism, which if it spreads to Viet Nam, will only be resisted otherwise by the Communist Party’s survival imperative and that means through bloodshed of the sort Islamist martyrs love and encourage.

Make the people of the world have no interest in the Islamist message and it will stop in its tracks. Fail, and their chicanery will only escalate.

You wanted kinder gentler Republicans… got one. New courtesy of Chattering Teeth.

LANSING, Michigan — Jamal "Jay" Ghoneim, owner of Smoker's Kastle in Burton, said his customers come into his tobacco store and lounge for one reason.

"Everyone knows everyone. It's like 'Cheers.' No one's offending," he said.

The social atmosphere of Smoker's Kastle may change however, if a bill soon to be introduced in the state House of Representatives makes it to Gov. Jennifer Granholm's desk: It would ban smoking in all public places without exception.

Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, is making the smoke ban bill his first piece of legislation, along with a bill that would repeal the Michigan Business Tax surcharge. The smoke-free bill is expected to be introduced to the House on Thursday.

Note the R. As in REPUBLICAN. A Republican thinks this is a good idea. A right out of the modern liberal touchy-feely playbook bit of nanny stateism is considered by this Republican to be a good idea.

Oh it gets better:

"It's a health issue," Scott said. "People are dying from secondhand smoke. There's no doubt about it. I don't understand how you can make exceptions when it comes to public health. If you agree this is a public health issue, you can't then turn around and say we're going to make exceptions for people to be contracting cancer."

There’s no doubt about it? There’s no proof of it. People have been dying of lung cancer since there have been people, and suddenly in the later 20th century some very questionably motivated doctors, unquestionably selfishly motivated politicians, and the usual arrangement of busybodies and do-it-yourself epidemiologists decided that we should declare any lung cancer by a non-smoker to be the result of second hand smoke. WHAT?

I live in a fairly urban environment full of cars and exhaust there from as well as oil burning furnaces, wood burning stoves, and natural gas burning ovens to name but a few. When I was growing up in suburbia, NO ONE EVER claimed that the smoke that inevitably did not go perfectly up the chimney would give me cancer, yet that smoke exposure for me was far greater than that from parents and other family members who smoked.

Between barbecues, campfires, fireplace fires, and leaf burning, I shouldn’t have any lungs.

Oh, but only tobacco of all plant life on Earth magically gives you lung cancer.

The truth is that ANYTHING that gets into your lungs INCLUDING OXYGEN can trigger cancer. That means one little atom of radium in a mote of dust decaying. That means one oxygen molecule oxidizing a vulnerable molecule. That means one little piece of silica dust.

Do we advocate making children wear particulate filter masks to the beach? Do we make people wear respirators when they cook out? Do we put scarves around our faces in the summer walking past traffic?


This is why I say that we cannot hope to defeat (il)liberalism and leftism when we cannot even get on the same less government is better page. If Republicans are starting to believe that people who freely choose to go to a specifically for smoking establishment and expose themselves to other peoples’ smoke, and further that the second hand smoke is more important to outlaw than the first hand smoke they will get from the cigars they are buying, then we are well and truly fucked.

Friday, January 16, 2009

From a reply of mine at LGF

Creationist Hearings Scheduled in Texas

We conservatives have only ourselves to blame for this creeping superstition masquerading as science. Of course, the modern Olympic dash to chaos and unbelief our society is engaged in overall has much to do with it for multiple reasons, but we conservatives missed a golden opportunity.

Evolution has it that the way we are is a result of slow process of reproduction in the face of adversity from the environment around us which if we do not surmount it, will kill us before we can pass on our traits from parents to children and they to theirs and so on.

That means everything about us has some function in our existence after all this time. The bad parts and the good both. Our endemic species-wide reactions to many things, our psychological tendencies, etc. all relate somehow to our still being here and not having destroyed ourselves.

For instance, if we had evolved without an inherent psychological resistance to unrestrained sexuality, with males and females being equally aggressive and receptive to each others' aggression, our breeding statistics would have been disastrous. We'd have bred in numbers sufficient to kill most females through abuse of their reproductive systems, the numbers of humans produced would have been far far too much for the environment to support in terms of food and biological waste disposal, STDs would have run rampant in ways we almost cannot imagine, and lack of biological waste disposal would have increased biological contamination of our waterways immensely. All the way around unfettered sexual hedonism of the kind imagined as a paradise is so utterly incompatible with our current ability to cope with the side effects that it would have killed us off thousands and thousands of years ago.

There are reasons for our behaviors and mentality almost every single one of which devolve back to our survival instincts or because not being that way would have led to our destruction and those who have evolved in that other direction have been severely outnumbered by those who did not.

There's a reason that massive mental aberrations in humans are aberrations and not every day and that is because insane people with antisocial and even dangerous social and personal behaviors are not good mating candidates in the view of others. They see them as too different and too dangerous or upsetting and do not mate with them and reproduce their DNA into the next generation.

We conservatives dropped the ball when we turned from evolution because the number one argument against the unrestrained practice of many of our more dangerous behaviors was evolution. In doing so the left, which has in the western European and American world practiced a soft touchy-feely version of selective non-judgmentalism turned it into a subliminally inferred argument for the eradication of all qualms and second thoughts about anything, painted all negative reactions to everything as latent primitivism or outright bigotry, and that evolution was really a process to free ourselves from all those things and do whatever we want without cognition or conscience.

Without conscience humanity is doomed and if you don't believe in G-d then evolution is your number one reason for having conscience. We threw it out and instead became the primitives we were accused of by blindly embracing plain scripture instead of treating it as multileveled and full of nuance and import of differing levels of significance, and in doing so rendered our own religious faith into having no greater meaning that any given restaurant menu.

Cowboy Bebopped

Keanu Saddles Up for Cowboy Bebop - E! Online Guy on the right speaks with an emotional and vocal range of a potato.

Guy on the left speaks with an emotional and vocal range of a Generation X slacker.

Guy on the right is not lanky, agile, or quick with the wise ass remarks or quick to yell.

Guy on the left is very lanky, agile and quick with the wise ass remarks and quick to yell.

I’m not seeing the resemblance.

What are they going to do, look at the silicone bobbed Faye Valentine (not the porn startlet) and think, “hmmm… we should get Winona Ryder for the part”? Will they find some new ingénue to play Ed the girl with the ridiculous male name, red-orange hair, and mannerisms of a any given Robin Williams routine in the package of a small girl with an almost alien appearance? Maybe let’s say someone really chubby and cute instead of thin and semi-hyperkinetic? What about Jet Black? White guy, tall, bald, gruff… Yeah, you know Hollywood, hire against type and choose Eddie Griffin?

Truly there is no goodness and we are in hell.

Rice is predicting a world free from tyranny and I am waiting for Elvis to get here…

The Associated Press: Rice departs predicting a world free from tyranny

Rice said her own story — the first black woman to serve as secretary of state — showed how far the United States has come in making its ethnic, religious and racial diversity a catalyst for social progress.

"And that's why I know that one day there is going to be a world in which every man, woman and child will be free from tyranny," she said.

And Barack Obama’s election is why I know that one day is very very far off. In the name of crass venal politics, the first black president of the USA was chosen to preside over a nation that his backers made out to be buried under a mountain of problems that no one can solve to the point no one has any hope that trying is even worth it, and made out that he will solve it almost as soon as he enters office even though the man himself has basically said “whoa, no way, MAYBE two years out” and then presented a policy of even greater spending than that which he criticized his predecessor for, which he and his backers have all made out is the primary reason for this mess.

It’s as if someone said the Atlantic Ocean needs to be emptied, it can only be done with a teaspoon, the person who filled it was a reprehensible monster for doing so, and the person selected to empty it out is going to do it by dumping in another' ocean worth of water first and have it all done in less time than it took to fill it.


Bareback O’Rama will be a prescient name for me to have chosen for him. I get the feeling that in a few short years he will in retrospect have been much better off as a swimsuit model or on a resurrected Baywatch. One of those.

Hero Pilot's Records, IQ Scores Released by School District in 'Accident', Hundreds Dead and Thousands Injured

Well no, not really, but it sounded dramatic, didn’t it? And I am sure that if this stupendously stupid act is taken as seriously as it should, hundreds will be investigated for their compliance with information security procedures already in place. IF any. - Hero Pilot's Records, IQ Scores Released by School District in 'Accident' - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Well maybe the problem I see explains why this happened. Can you spot the problem?

I don't know how that got out of the district," said Cavin Boettger, Denison High School's principal. "That was an accident that was not intended to be released.

His records and IQ scores were an accident that were not intended to be released. As in his records and IQ scores were the accident. Not the release of them.

That was from a high school principal.

DO they have information security procedures? If they don’t after this little dust-up then at least I already know why. The people in charge of education are uneducated.

Chileans enraged at busty Virgin Mary models gone wild

Well no not really, but check this out and ask yourself who that picture looks like.

Outrage in Chile at busty Virgin Mary models | U.S. | Reuters

Do you suppose the Material Girl is jealous of the endowment?

Supreme Court of the United States needed to decide if accusation of Ibuprofen possession a strip-searchable offense…

What, are you shitting me???


School officials in Safford, Arizona, ordered the search in 2003 of Savana Redding, who was in the eighth grade. Following an assistant principal's orders, a school nurse had Redding remove her clothes, including her bra, and shake her underwear to see if she was hiding ibuprofen, a common painkiller.

Why in the Nine Hells would a public school system think that it is okay to make a fourteen year old girl disrobe in front of them?

School officials did not find ibuprofen, which is found in over-the-counter medications like Advil and Motrin. Higher doses require a prescription.

So they were looking for the presence of a LEGAL OVER-THE-COUNTER medication? How does that in ANY way justify a strip search of a minor?

The strip search had been prompted by an unverified tip from another girl who had Redding's school planner and some ibuprofen pills. She claimed Redding had given her the pills.


Redding denied it and an initial search of her backpack and pockets did not turn up any ibuprofen. The assistant principal then ordered the strip search to be done in front of the nurse and his administrative assistant, both women.

Like that matters. If two male school personnel had tried to make me strip for them, I’d have walked out that room with my modesty intact and theirs on the floor with their asses.

Redding said she was embarrassed, scared and about to cry. She said she felt humiliated and violated by the strip search.

No brainer. Who wouldn’t? Well, if I had been strip searched by two women, they might have gotten more than they bargained for…

Supreme court to decide case on school strip search | U.S. | Reuters

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Courtesy Daily Rotten: New Scientist jumps on the world as a hologram bandwagon…

Our world may be a giant hologram - space - 15 January 2009 - New Scientist

Does that make G-d Max Headroom?

Circuit City's creditors realize what their management doesn't: there's no rational reason for them to be in business

Circuit City seeking to liquidate - Jan. 16, 2009

This quote is at the same very accurate and very inaccurate:

"This company made massive mistakes," he said, citing a decision to get rid of sales people and other mismanagement.

One wonders if they've ever been in a Circuit City. The accurate part is that they made massive mistakes. The inaccurate part is that sales people being removed had anything to do with that. Their floor sales force was one of the biggest reasons for Circuit City being known far and wide as Circuit Shitty.

First, they engaged in blatant bait and switch tactics on a constant basis. I cannot remember ever walking into their stores and not seeing one or more so-called corrections of alleged advertising mistakes where a product was either advertised at too low a price which they would not honor or they did not actually have the product and were simply going to substitute another product of their choosing which was not necessarily and in fact usually not of comparable value. More numerous were the unstated cases where no notice was made as you walked in. They simply told you when you went looking for the item from the sales circular that you couldn't have it and they'd give you something they felt you could have.

Second, their floor sales staff has consistently been the worst floor sales staff this side of the perfume people at the New York City Macy's near Times Square. Ever walk through and get sprayed in the face with a perfume without warning never mind asking first and not waiting for your answer? I did and it was like getting maced. I react badly to most perfume formulations and nearly went into shock. The Circuit City floor sales staff has been rude, pushy, and very in-your-face for as long as I can remember. "NO FOR THE THOUSANDTH FUCKING TIME I DON'T NEED YOU TO SUGGEST ANOTHER ITEM OR HELP ME IN ANY WAY BECAUSE FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME I AM A COMPUTER AND NETWORK PROFESSIONAL!!!"

I remember on one occasion telling no less than four twits in a row right in front of each other that I did not need help, thank you. They swooped in like vultures over and over to get their commissions which were the cornerstone evidently of their paychecks and their base hourly pay more like thin set mortar underneath.

Third, in the face of competition from Best Buy and Wal-Mart they decided that the best possible course of action would be to continue to sell a sub-median product line of quality below that of Wal-Mart and well below that of Best Buy for a higher price than either of them. The latter part of that is a course for boutique stores but demands that the first part be to sell above-average and unique merchandise with sufficient demand to justify the consumer going to your store specifically and paying a higher price.

I feel for their employees who were sold cosmic possibilities for salaries based entirely on commissions at sales success rates completely unrealistic for almost any market. I feel for their employees who were told the company was a serious contender in the market and intended to compete but then actually did everything they could to not complete.

I have no sympathy at all for their management who should be barred from holding business management positions involving company-wide decisions relating to the strategy of the company, ever again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

One on One: It's religion, stupid! | Features | Jerusalem Post

One on One: It's religion, stupid! | Features | Jerusalem Post

Read this. It's really really good and says much that is true very simply.

Since e-Kvetcher didn't feel like Music Monday

Hat Tip to Stop The ACLU: Reuters AlertNet - Halt all carbon emissions by 2050, says Worldwatch

Reuters AlertNet - Halt all carbon emissions by 2050, says Worldwatch

Let's begin the idiocy:

To avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change, world carbon emissions will have to drop to near zero by 2050 and "go negative" after that, the Worldwatch Institute reported on Tuesday.


But it gets better:

Limiting carbon emissions aims to keep global mean temperature from rising more than 3.6 degrees F (2 degrees C) over what it was before the Industrial Revolution -- but one Worldwatch author said even this is too dangerous.

"Global warming needs to be reduced from peak levels to 1 degree (Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) as fast as possible," co-author William Hare said at a briefing on the "State of the World 2009" report. "At this level you can see some of the risks fade into the background."

I return fire with this:


Okay class, look to the far left and bottom of your picture where 0 thousands of years ago is indicated. That means, the left bar is where TODAY is. Now look up to the blue graph which indicates temperature. Follow it right and note the highs and lows. Note anything about the pattern? Come on, you can do it.

Yes, that's right! The last three interglacials and especially the last one and the one before the one before that show they reached higher temperatures than now. The last interglacial high was roughly 120,000 years ago and it reached very nearly 1.5 degrees Celsius above the present before heading into the next glacial period.

Did mankind exist then? Yes. Mankind was as of 120,000 years ago wandering probably still mostly naked, barely able to make stone tools, and perhaps possibly in command of making fire. Man had no oil drills, no gasoline, and made no "carbon emissions" of any kind beyond burning really nicely when they didn't escape from forest fires or fell into lava, or when they died and decomposition caused carbon dioxide and methane emissions.

Facts are ugly things and the fact is that the bulk of the present interglacial warming took place between 6,000 and 1,000 years ago. Mankind began producing carbon dioxide in more than negligible amounts only in the last 150 years and amounts on par with today only in the last 100.

These Vostok ice core results USED TO BE trumpeted and held up as proof of the linkage between CO2 and warming, but now are oddly forgotten, left to Wikipedia pages and the memory of those who can see obviousness when they see it in that graph.

Glacials are getting longer and colder, interglacials shorter and hotter and hotter faster. It looks like an oscillatory system showing signs of entropic breakdown, wearing down to chaos. Given thermodynamics, the inevitable winner must be ice, BUT this is based entirely on the current configuration of the continents leading to the current oceanic alignment north south from pole to pole. As we know very well, the continents are drifting on internal convection currents in the mantle and outer core and subject to centrifugal force and balance as the crust and outer mantle are separated from the inner core by those liquid layers like a bearing.

Where does it stop? Nobody knows, but short of another planet hitting us, probably not till the sun has burned out and its red giant phase left Earth a cinder slowly radiating its heat into space.

Does any of that seem to you like mankind has been around long enough to even begin to influence it let alone cause it?

Thanks To The Patton Doctrine: Illinois Governor Rod R Blagojevich and Barack Hussein Obama

The Patton Doctrine: Illinois Governor Rod R Blagojevich and Barack Hussein Obama

 Illinois Governor Rod R Blagojevich-n-Barack Obama

Smoking gun? Well, like we needed more. BTW, ever notice how politicians' wives ten to look so much better than their husbands?

From Jihad Watch: Head of Muslim group with admitted Hamas ties to offer prayer at Obama inauguration

Jihad Watch: Head of Muslim group with admitted Hamas ties to offer prayer at Obama inauguration

Jihad Watch and Dhimmi Watch are excellent sites to read and follow. I highly recommend them.

Moron of the Day Award: UK Indymedia

UK Indymedia - Smashing the Israeli war machine - Starbucks, Whitechapel firebombed

Israeli war machine??? By attacking trendy coffee shops???

Based on a forged memo sent out claiming that Starbucks was supporting Israel, as if that was a bad thing. Check out Starbucks responsa.

The idea that any company has to apologize for being in support of Israel at all, never mind being against Palestinian terrorists, is laughable and yet the fact that today they do is testament to the complete moral bankruptcy of modern western society in its obsessive-compulsive rush to avoid all responsibility, knowledge, wisdom, and conscience.

To my fellow conservatives I tell you, if we cannot clean up the cultural trash heap our own nations have become in the west, the rising tide of human failing brewing in the east will overcome us because we will no longer have anything like an understood and recognized coherent culture. We have to be able to define what we in the free world stand for and if we can't, we're screwed.

This sort of thing only illustrates that further.

Against An (Un)Sustainable Future: Why Prosperity, Wealth, And Plenty For All Matters

Coming soon...

Right now, bed time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My wisdom continues unabated...'s some stuff I've written in replies elsewhere netside.

Over at Say Anything, this with regard to gay marriage...

Whether people want to face it or not, human males and females are different. Females generally need seduction, males not. Females are usually the prey in the situation, males the predator. Females passive, men aggressive. It is a natural limiter of reproduction rates or else if females were entirely receptive to every male advance, and females made as many advances as men, and males were equally entirely receptive, human population numbers would grow out of control for their environment almost immediately, not to mention increase STD rates to the point of biological system collapse.

When females seek females, there is still the passive-aggressive dynamic, but females are decidedly less aggressive and more circumspect than men are, using passive techniques. Males on the other hand while following the same dominant-submissive pattern, are both born to sexual aggression. When men want each other, its really not hard to see that the answer is going to be yes when they find each other.

It isn’t lesbians who had the bathhouse culture of San Francisco. It isn’t lesbians who are given to promiscuity in public. It isn’t lesbians who were noticeably represented in large number during the AIDS years. It isn’t lesbians who have the largest STD rates. It isn’t women on whom the focus of safe sex has to be put.

It’s gay men. And the anti-gay sentiment is largely from other men who know their own gender well. People should stop pretending that humans are other than they are. We behave the ways we do for good reasons related to our sense of survival. We can through choice manage and oppose our own natures, but straight male misgiving of their innate sense of their gender’s nature should not be tossed aside or as we’ve seen with this blind rush to be pro-gay-everything or the sexually aggressive nature of men aimed at other men will go unopposed and unmanaged.

The result of that helps who exactly?

Until gay males are held to standards expected of straight men and women regarding public sexual behavior and promiscuity, and encouraged to practice self-control in sexual relationships and choices the way straight men and women are, no, I am not for gay marriage and I’m not sorry about that.

Submitted to Daniel Pipes but awaiting moderation, in response to Sam and quoted here for clarity a little:

Please read Maudidi (an influential thinker in pre 1947 India). Many islamic scholars formed the core thinking in asking for an islamic state by emphasizing that Islam and Koran have to be the law of the land.
They said, they have to subjugate Hindu population and make them pay jiziya, as Allah as asked them to do.
It's not that it must be the law of the land in absolute but by the choice of individuals. Christianity and Judaism both do not give wriggle room if one is strictly observant. Both have expressions of intolerance for all those who do not subscribe. The difference is that the Jews according to all archaeological evidence never practiced those intolerant aspects and have a very long legal history that engages in monumental backflips of logic to avoid meting out harsh penalties in religious jurisprudence nevermind the death penalty in the old state of Israel. The Christian Crusades and Inquistions have been over for centuries and all Christendom is chastened by the recognition of what they in madness did.

Islam has not as a culture renounced those darker negative aspects of the religion. Composed of individuals as all agglomerations of humans are, they may choose to do so freely. Can they do as Jews and Christians do, simultaneously hold the entirety of their religious texts to be the word of G-d, and yet still hold that those things which they find repugnant in light of the findings of the evolving human society entire are inadmissible to practice and as the Jews so many times have, find a transcendent way to see them which gives another meaning that negates the plain one read out?

Well, they are humans so of course they can. But the desire to do so must be there and those darker negative things are more appealing to the baser aspects of man. All human history is an ongoing fight to overcome man's baser aspects and willfully abrogate those things.

Tolerance from a position of strength is mercy and from weakness folly and that false mercy of weakness is always the most cruel for it is done always with fear aforethought. If the only tolerance Islam can extend to the non-Muslim is from a position of absolute supremacy, then it is from the position of weakness of being unable to face opposition which is itself intolerance born of fear.

Shoes continue dropping...

Birth control pill inventor laments demographic ‘catastrophe’

Evidently one of the three co-inventors of the first birth control pill is now in his octogenarian years having second thoughts about the wisdom of it and the demographics of Austrian births.


Bit late now.

Not as though you all weren't warned decades ago that this idiot obsession with simplistic living, limited families, lowered expectations, and deprivation as normal among many other things would be ethnic suicide, but no one would listen.

While the developed world is too busy and fat to have enough kids, the underdeveloped world, which the developed world likes to preach the benefits of the opposite of plenty to, is busy getting busy and having kids. When people are free to go places, they will. Guess where these huddled masses are massing?

Europe, the USA, the west in general.

If the nations of the west want to keep their peoples from being more than a memory, they will do two things:

Spread plenty for everyone, absolutely everyone as a matter of driving principle and make the underdeveloped world developed so that natural human tendencies towards smaller families when prosperous come into play.


Sorry, but it's true. White people are going to become a minority in the USA very shortly and if middle east and east Asian immigration to America and Europe continue at their current rates, whites will practically cease existence in less than a thousand years.

Now then, if it is okay for every other non-white group to have ethnic pride, why not whites? Why can't Italians, Greeks, Poles, Germans, English, Spanish, etc. all have their own pride and determination to grow their numbers?

Paternalistic Liberalism, that's why.

We white people aren't supposed to have any pride because it is believed we're better than that. That's why. Racial/ethnic/cultural pride is held privately to be the childish feature of immature peoples and to be cynically encouraged of them to make them manageably peaceful. Go ahead you non-white people. Go ahead and have black pride. That's right, go have Kwanzaa and all the other parallel cultural and societal things you want. No, don't worry about white people doing the same. They already dominate society and their past makes them ineligible to have pride.

If you non-white people buy this, don't. There's one reason that white liberals are only too happy to embrace your expressions of cultural pride, the more separatist the better: they think that white people are too good to do that themselves, and that means that cultural pride to them is a negative. They are encouraging you to engage in something they cynically disbelieve in for themselves.


Sorry, but I disagree with them. Cultural, ethnic, racial, whatever, pride is an essential feature of any of those things because to undertake something is to at the most basic level do so by choice through free will. As with faith, those choices are irrespective of external rational justification, but not internal justification. That is, people do things for a reason to them, not to someone else. Else, why do it? Motivation moves men from within. They have to see as worthwhile having that society to bother doing the very real actions that are needed to make that society an ongoing concern without which they become nomadic strangers to everyone and each other.

One has to have a sense that there is a reason for the enterprise, and generally when that is not one done under duress to address a threat, it is for pleasure. They must take pride in the undertaking. You remember the saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well? Why do you think that is? It is because of pride.

Too little pride can be a sin as much as too much and liberal whites have way too much of the wrong pride in their avoidance of white pride and pride of all the white cultures, and not nearly enough in those extended families of theirs to have real sense of their worthiness, and look down on others altogether with a patronizing arrogant superior smug attitude that fairly screams out, "this is hollow, but prick and it will collapse".

Yup, it will collapse. When their breeds are all died out because they enabled themselves to be overrun by other peoples who they looked down upon, and who they left to deprivation of the sort that makes humans have large numbers of children, instead of embracing the idea that ALL MANKIND SHOULD SHARE IN LIMITLESS PROSPERITY AND COMFORT.

Do not live simply that others may simply live. Live wildly. Live boldly. Live prosperously. Then show everyone else how and beckon them on to join your joy. The rest will take care of itself and if one day all mankind has the same skin color, hair, etc., and they all look the same it will be because they all intermarried as equals, and not because some of their ancestors were held back by condescending idiots who shattered their human dreams of betterment, discouraged their advancement, and left them to wallow in high birth rate poverty until through sheer numbers they overran everyone else in the entire gene pool. Let human descendance be based on more even footing than that, like say universal plenty.

Why Short News?

Because it is always good to see what the crazy imbecilic people of the planet Earth are up to without filters.

For instance, the sheer amount of unthinking anti-Israel bias out there. Stunning that the same people they are fighting in Gaza are brothers in theological arms with Al Queda and have the same intention for Israel that Al Queda does for the US, absolute annihilation, and so many people credulously listen to the PR from those jerk-off fanatics that they're the victims.

Not when you assault civilians ON PURPOSE because you are TOO COWARDLY to attack Israeli army units head-on like real fighters you're not victims. Not even close.

The world needs to keep being reminded of this.

(UPDATE: Move the ticker to the bottom of the page because it is so busy and distracting no matter what I do. Of course, the bottoms of blogs are barely seen by anyone. Thhhhhbbbppppptt...)

The 90s called, and they want their headline back...

Clinton vows smart mix of diplomacy, defense - Yahoo! News

Didn't we hear this before? Like from Mr. Hillary Clinton? Sixteen years ago?

What did we get?

Black Hawk Down.

September 11, 2001.

Islamic Supremacism rampant.

The word "Balkanization".

Blue dress.

I'm really not looking forward to any follow-up by Mrs. Bill Clinton in any capacity.

Obama, not even in office yet, already reaching for the gold pressed latinum ring...

Obama pressing for remaining $350B bailout funds - Yahoo! News

Guess the passing resemblance of his to a Ferengi by way of the ears is a little more profound than I thought...

The closer to his taking office we get, the more window dressing is shed and the more obvious Obama's true colors get: he's a dyed-in-the-wool government can should and must be all things to all people type.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cox Cable Does Not Suck For Speed

In my best Steve Austin, "CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?!"


Haredim continue their drive to make Orthodoxy look as cultish and silly as possible...

Haredim negotiate for mehadrin El Al flights | Jewish News | Jerusalem Post

Yup, because we just can't stand that someone else on the plane eats lower on the food chain than Glatt Kosher, or women with less fabric than a burqa, or women in general, or anything like a reminder of the modern world in which they coexist. Shtetle in the sky...

The gender separation would include male flight attendants for haredi male travelers. Haredi females would be served by both male and female flight attendants.

Yup, I'm sure those prissy little men are so much better off without scary women serving them meals. So why do the women have to suffer male flight attendants?

I love this.

Last year El Al and the Council for the Sanctity of the Shabbat, which is controlled by the Ger Hassidic Sect, reached an agreement according to which El Al planes would refrain from flying on Shabbat.

Does that mean they fall out of the air when they cross a date line?

You know, the Japanese capsule hotel idea needs to be extended to flying. Each person in a capsule, wearing a mask providing air, and the space between their body and the capsule filled with expanding foam. The capsules are loaded into cradles in the cargo jet, and they are hit with nitrous oxide and subjected to random shiurim on the headphones for the duration. WHEEEEEE!!!

Ten hours later, touch down and unloading. Never having seen a female or been exposed to anything. In fact, we can start with airline branded blindfolds and black velvet hoods and gloves to ensure that there is not the slightest chance of contact by eye or skin with someone not righteous enough to enter their world much less women.

And people think I'm wrong when I saw that charedi Orthodoxy is going to drag the rest of it into disrepute through extremism. If you don't think so, consider how any truly liberal Muslim feels every time they pick up a newspaper. Every average Jew will get that feeling more and more as this sort of vicious idiocy continues. What a desecration of G-d it is to run from His works.

Why this Hamas/Gaza/Israel thing is happening...

The fog of war: Root causes and resolution | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post

While the rejection by Hamas of any peace with any Israel - or the existence of Israel itself - is a foundational root cause, there is a much more pernicious and sinister one that is all but ignored in the fog of war. This is the public call by Hamas, in its charter as well as its contemporary declarations, for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Jews wherever they may be.

Jews everywhere - not just in Israel - are referred to as inherently evil, as responsible for all the evils of the world, as defilers of Islam, and, repeatedly during these hostilities, as the "sons of apes and pigs." This genocidal anti-Semitism - and I do not use these words lightly or easily, but there are no other words to describe what is affirmed in these genocidal calls, covenants and declarations - this culture of hatred, this is where it all begins.



The whizzing sound of the irony zipping past their heads.

So there he is...

Walter Williams, one of my heroes...

Forgot where that link went I've been so busy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another reply on another blog...

Over at The Patton Doctrine: YouTube Video: Doom and Gloom, economic outlook, who's right? I posted a reply thus...

Such cataclysm will only happen if we keep saying it will. Humans are much for the self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell them there is economic disaster and they will do those things that will enable it, such as not spending, not lending, not hiring, firing, hiring for lower wages, cutting of existing wages, delaying expansion of business, etc.

Tell the people there is disaster at hand, and they will make it happen. When at last they've become totally accustomed to the idea of that disaster, then they will be disposed to listening to anyone who claims a solution to that which they fear.

Of course, once the damage of encouraging destructive behaviors has been done, actually repairing it becomes very much more difficult as it is not enough to say one will fix it, but provide enough of a dog and pony show to convince them that it has or will be fixed yet not enough to undo the reason for them giving power over to you. The problem must become a path and not a destination.

In short, this is the tactic of selling the eternal struggle to the masses and that only by your leadership can the situation be maintained in eternal conflict and this at best. Serene accomplishment and rest is impossible, total failure highly possible, and a constant tense struggle without end the only thing one might aspire to.

However, human nihilistic nature makes the prolonging of this problematic as what does not kill humans fast enough, makes them reckless before it. Soon enough, the fear of the failure is no longer a motivation and the run from it seems more and more a pointless exercise and the fate avoided to be embraced.

Therefore, one must sell a constant series of disasters to fear, and a never ending series of temporary non-solutions to cover over the reality that the danger never existed and the purveyor of the solution was useless.

The danger then becomes that the damage done by those negative behaviors during the times the people were convinced things were so will not actually be corrected by any of the actions to follow, and will be like chipping away at a foundation until it can no longer support the weight above and collapses.

All that is necessary for this is human credulity. What is told to them pointedly their dubious paranoid nature eschews and what is said casually is gospel truth.

It will only go bad as long as people believe it will. Then they will make it happen.

Further about Israel and Gaza

Over at DovBear, which I read almost religiously, I have been replying based on my take of the situation. Today there was this article, The righteous men in Gaza. In the replies, I broke mine into two separate parts given the limitations of Haloscan.

Part 1
The percentages of who voted and who did not do not matter. The concept of joint and several liability of peoples of a nation in the actions of their nation is a principle held for over six thousand years.

When first practiced, it involved by the subliminal recognition of human nature to return if allowed and wreak vengeance the practice of slaughter of entire tribes, villages, and cities to the last. This is still practiced somewhat by the more primitive humans where less primitive humans aren't paying attention, but has overall become negligible with the elimination of most tribal societies. pre-Colonial American Indians for example.

Over time, as humans developed further, they merely killed all who might further do insurrection against the conqueror or return for vengeance, and the destruction of any cultural coherence and continuity of the survivors, who were enslaved, scattered, and assimilated into the conquering culture and dominant religious order whenever possible. Pre-Rome, covering most of the BCE years we know of.

Further along, cultural continuance on the part of survivors was tolerated but in limited form and violent suppression of anything approaching dangerous resurrection of previous opposing force used at the drop of a hat. Otherwise survivors' social structures were co-opted and members of their societies corrupted purposefully. This was Rome's approach.

As time moved on, humans began to settle on the eradication of standing combatants until the remainder surrendered. This would take until enough destruction on one side was enough to bring them to that point. Then the survivors would be dealt with so as to prevent a follow up by reconstruction or curtailment of influence through embargo and other isolation.

This is where war was as of the close of WWII.

Nowhere in human history has the idea of the percentage of the society that supported the ruling regime ever been a factor other than in attempts by other side to corrupt the other's society, but only then as a method of subversion and never as a matter of moral or ethical consideration.

Those who did not support the ruling regime are by their failure to stop it held as culpable as those who supported and even acted in the furtherance of that regime. There has never been separation of the two and never in human history has that been a feature of warfare.

The idea of civilian innocents is a relatively new one in the scheme of human history and for one to make it an accepted one going forward, it can only be by the recognition of what it entails.

Part 2
Things like peace, justice, brotherhood, and so forth are merely human intellectual constructs which although they may in some way necessarily logically descend from human societal behavior and human psychological nature, exist nowhere in actual nature itself.

Nature itself is based on survival of the fittest, pure and simple. Predator and prey, who lives, who gets eaten. if you want esoteric intellectual constructs made de jure or de facto, they have to be made so by concrete will to action. One must choose them, and then back up the choice with action.

The effectiveness without proper notice and understanding of the motivation is debatable, but even if one doesn't understand one's motivation, the decision resultant and the action that follows from the decision are still important. Without this much, the enterprise is a sham.

If you want there to be such a thing as innocent civilians, and there to be a minimization of their damage and death, it must come with the recognition of the nature of the actions entailed in bringing that about.

Actions are circumscribed by reality and logic. If you mean to grease your engine, you don't do a nonsequitur action such as buy an ice cream cone, you buy grease because the essence of greasing an engine is to apply grease, not ice cream.

So then, what are the realities of the situation? This is where the anti-Israeli faction consistently is missing the point because of a willful delusion regarding the nature of the situation. Hamas is an Islamist organization which has avowed the destruction of Israel, Jews, and every other non-Muslim as well as any Muslims not sufficiently Muslim in their view. They are the de jure power of Gaza with enough supporters to get and keep that power and insufficient opposition within that populace to remove them.

It matters not at all that they presently have not the capacity to in any short time frame make good on their threats against Israel, Jews, and everyone else. They have demonstrated quite clearly their commitment to their avowed stance through violent action which has caused casualties up to and including multiple fatalities.

They've made it as clear as an angry dog straining at the chain that the moment they are able, they will strike for all they've evidenced that they will.

A proportionate response to someone stating their intent to kill you and then engaging in escalating acts of violence upon your person is to kill them first. Clearly, Israel's response in telephoning civilians in Gaza, warning even the family of Hamas' leadership to get out of the line of fire, is a disproportionate response in that it allows the would-be killer to keep having opportunities to do just that.

THAT is what everyone asking Israel to stop attacking Gaza is really asking Israel to do. They are from their comfy safe positions of relative invulnerability telling Israel and its citizenry to put themselves in the position of risk of injury and death before an enemy which has sworn to commit that upon them, in the interests of not injuring the populace which has either sufficiently supported or insufficiently opposed the motivating parties running their state.

This is clearly a disproportionate request given that it is pointedly not made the same to the other side. It is as ludicrous as telling two children fighting, "Joe you stop fighting back. Mike, you do whatever." Clearly Mike cannot be allowed to keep punching Joe as it is plainly evident the response that Joe must in his own defense give and return the hits.

Despite experience with human nature in general and Hamas in particular, Israel has agreed in essence to risk itself and its citizenry to cease action as soon as Hamas agrees to stop firing and makes an actual effort to follow through with that.

Hamas has refused.

There is no good rational logical reason for Israel to cease action until the aggressor force is eliminated from contention and made no longer able to function either through their destruction, or their change of mind and habit.

Everyone here knows very well that only Israel out of all nations and peoples on Earth is or has ever been expected to suffer grievous threat and assault on a constant basis from enemies who have avowed its destruction without the sort of response that all other humans would expect to be natural in the defense of their own interests.

Advocacy of Israel putting its neck to the chopping block for the sensibilities of others is repugnant, especially when those others are unwilling to step in and stop the aggressor themselves, and even more so when they by their ignorant actions only encourage those aggressors.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Public service announcement - for people who can't stop getting viruses on their machines because they are so stupid that they cannot find porn without infecting their machines


There you go. Have fun. If you get one more damn virus on your machine from loading an executable file from some Russian site that promised free teens with huge boobs doing it doggie style, I am going to smash your hard drive with a hammer, your head with your monitor, and hang your mangled body from your roof with your DSL line.

Or at the very least, not cleaning your machine for you one more fucking time.

(How can so many people be too stupid to find free porn without turning their machines into electronic petri dishes?)