Maxims, rules of thumb and other observations on human cognition and sociocultural affectations

This will be added to on an irregular basis...
  • What is said to humans directly is received with skepticism and considered with dubiousness while that which is heard in passing, especially that which most conforms to their mentality or prejudices, is readily believed.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive latency between exposure to new information or experiences and the ability to think dispassionately and intellectually about it.
  • Humans have a certain cognitive spectrum starting with the moment of exposure to new information or experiences and ending with some point at which the thing is effectively "in the past" for them.
  • This cognitive spectrum is linked to the emotional process often referred to as shock, anger, denial and acceptance.
  • The more and faster information or experiences are presented to people and the closer the quarters and the lesser the distance between people, the more their early reactions in the passionate emotional stage are reflected back to them in the manner of responses to those reactions from others in light of those responses.
  • The more outrages which are suffered without sufficient time to allow emotional bleed-off, the farther the bar for subsequent reaction and outrage are pushed, and the more further events must progress before reaction and outrage.
  • It is possible for serious detriments to eventually sit below this threshold for long enough for their damaging effects to build and multiply until their entire society undergoes some reactive convulsion.
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Friday, March 28, 2008

You were warned, the Patriot act would be used for non-terrorist cases... | 03/25/2008 | Patriot Act used in drug case; lawyer riled

The lawyer for a man accused of being a major cocaine supplier for the Wichita Crips gang contends that a secret search of the man's house under the Patriot Act was illegal.
  1. Wichita. As in Wichita, Kansas. As in Dorothy and Toto country. Not a place you associate with international terrorist organizations and acts against the USA. Better have a really good reason right off.
  2. Crips. As in Crips and Bloods. As in your two largest black gang-banger organizations. Not an organization you associate with international terrorist organizations and acts against the USA. Better have a really really good reason right off.
  3. Wichita Crips. As in WTFBBQ. Man, don't make me slap that corn out of your hands.

What was the essence of their justification?

In the affidavit, the ATF agent contended that earlier disclosure to Andrews could "seriously jeopardize the investigation."

As in, we would have no case without abusing the constitution and the ends therefore justify the means.

Starbucks to California courts: We're above the law

Starbucks Corp. does not plan to compensate its California baristas for tips they shared with shift supervisors, defying a San Diego Superior Court ruling last week.

Starbucks To Defy Tip-Sharing Ruling - Money News Story - WKMG Orlando

Further, there's this fiction:

"The ruling would take away the right of shift supervisors to receive the tips they earn for providing superior customer service," said Chief Executive Howard Schultz, in a voicemail message to employees Wednesday night. "I want you to know that we strongly believe that this ruling is extremely unfair and beyond reason."

Uh, no. The shift supervisors in question are getting portions of the servers' tips when they themselves may not have actually functioned as a server.

Last week, San Diego Superior Court Judge Patricia Cowett ordered Starbucks to pay baristas more than $100 million in back tips and interest, saying state law prohibits managers and supervisors from taking a cut from the tip jar. A hearing is set for May 1 before Cowett on how the California tip money should be distributed.

Starbucks responded in the statement that "shift supervisors are not managers and have no managerial authority," and customers don't differentiate between the supervisors and baristas when they tip.

Shift supervisors ARE managerial in that they have definite powers of decision making over the shifts of subordinates, and can terminate people in certain circumstance. That's management.

Why does this company keep reminding me of Krispy Kreme?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PC World - Microsoft Prepares 'Albany' to Compete with Google

One more time:

PC World - Microsoft Prepares 'Albany' to Compete with Google

One word Microsoft... Spitzer.


Verizon accuses cable TV operators of dragging their feet when consumers try to switch to Verizon's voice and television services.

PC World - Verizon Complains Cable Operators Slowing Switch to Fios

Hmmmm... Should I feel any sort of pity for them given that they have a better than 50% chance of failing to deliver a proper error-free T1 line by the deadline they give customers, and deliver it late with errors, closing the order without cooperative testing for acceptance by the customer, and then force the customer to file three trouble tickets in a row at the customer's expense when if they'd done the job they were paid for in the first place it would be working weeks earlier?

Take a frigging guess.




Gulag America Continues On

Police are like vampires. They shouldn't be invited into your homes," said Jamarhl Crawford, chairman of the New Black Panther Party in Roxbury, who moderated the meeting.

"Vampires are polite; they're smooth," he said in an interview the following day. "But once they get in, the door closes. Havoc ensues."

Other comparisons have been no more favorable.

"The community doesn't want this," Lisa Thurau-Gray, managing director of the Juvenile Justice Center at Suffolk University Law School, said at the meeting. She likened the police persistence to a sexual aggressor who refuses to stop assaulting a victim despite her pleas. "What part of no don't they understand?" she said.

Police limit searches for guns - The Boston Globe

What part? Any part. Because our government, when it comes to law enforcement, is possessed by an assumption of guilt of all suspects and all people not law enforcement are suspects. When the only tool in your box is a hammer, ever problem looks like a nail. The nail that sticks up, gets pounded down. Does this seem familiar to you now? It's the de facto state of American law and order. Law above all else, including and indeed most especially the the spirit behind having laws. Not to provide for the common good, but the empowerment of those who enforce it, and their masters.

We have a federal government that is presently earnestly arguing in multiple court venues against constitutional protections limiting law enforcement searches and seizures, and arguing in favor of warrantless wiretaps, and using things found in those explorations to justify warrants after the fact, which is a bedrock NO-NO of our nation.

Now then, the most clueless people here are the Boston Police who despite the long history of abuse of minority communities by police, and political abuse of black American society, and the current abuses of power by various state governments and the federal government, still live in a totally different world where the police walking door to door offering to search your home and clear you of suspicion when there was none to begin with and no cause for same is a perfectly fine and normal idea.

No, no, we don't suspect you of anything, but why take chances? We'll search you now and clear you up front. Wink wink nudge nudge...

Show me your sexually oriented materials papers!

A new state law that requires sellers of adult material to register with the state has Hoosier bookstore owners fuming about government censorship and threatening a legal challenge.

"This lumps us in with businesses that sell things that you can't even mention in a family newspaper," said Ernie Ford, owner of Fine Print Book Store in Greencastle. Advertisement Ford was talking about House Enrolled Act 1042, which Gov. Mitch Daniels signed into law last week.

Ford was one of 15 independent Indiana booksellers who signed a letter last week urging Daniels to veto the legislation.

The new law that takes effect July 1 requires businesses that sell sexually explicit material to pay a $250 fee and register with the secretary of state, which would then pass the information to municipal or county officials so they can monitor the businesses for potential violations of local ordinances.

Booksellers incensed over sexual content law | | The Indianapolis Star

Your are guilty until proven innocent. Until we get around to charging you with something, you pay us to watch you and eventually charge you with something.

That's the basic attitude here. It is wrong. And the American people will silently go to the slaughter of their civil rights, each time moving a foot closer to the inevitable, because it sounded good, not because it was good.

If the state of Indiana were a private organization, this would be a clear case of extortion and protection, and punishable under the RICO statutes. How nice the governments can engage in practices that when others do, they react with self-righteous indignation, ignoring the subliminal discordance in the public which can only engender disrespect for the rule of law and the very institution of government.

1% of American Adults Are Prisoners of the State

Of that,

  • 1 in 15 black adults is in jail
  • 1 in 9 black men aged 20-34 are in jail
  • 1 in 100 black women aged 35-39 are in jail

On the one hand you have a liberal white elite who feel free to speak for African-Americans, disavow any moralists among them, discount structural deformations in the African-American subsection of society, and make excuses for every manner of bad behavior by black criminals which does nothing so well as further victimize those criminals' victims further, and those victims are overwhelmingly black.

On the other hand you have a conservative white elite who feel that throwing every single black man and woman who commits any offense behind bars instantly and forgetting about the key despite the fact that it has resulted in the African-American community being shot through with holes of absence like Swiss cheese, causing multiple generations to grow up with an insanely high likelihood of a relative either being in jail for part of the growing up, or shamed by the legacy of that former incarceration and by that hobbled in their ability to make a change, and provide for their family.

Is it any wonder so many black people feel unfairly put upon? It's a wonder they haven't revolted.

Yet, they haven't. They have been given more than sufficient cause to scream to Heaven, and rant and curse the bones of everyone around them, yet they don't revolt. Truly, there must be something amazingly positive amongst these people to survive this extreme dichotomy of more and greater official de jure freedom but with so much de facto lack of freedom.

Society's inter-woven net of mutual support and health and well being has been damn near severed from them, but they show a remarkable trait of mankind: humans can control themselves, their natural expected reactions to being assaulted emotionally and socially, and maintain dignity.

America, please wake up and stop bullshitting yourselves. In a desire to either take a total hands off to the Africans or a total hands on, you've allowed liberals to try to turn them into a political petting zoo and conservatives to turn them into a dog pound. These people are an inextricable part of the nation. They are as much a part of you. They are fellow humans.

They want to be part of the mutual support mechanisms of a civilized society but there cannot be a civilized society just for some people and not for others. Without those others sharing the same benefits, they must inevitably fail and fall to the nastier side of human nature and as a result, they will be harmed even further, and you will be harmed further. This is exactly what is happening now.

Here's a few suggestions for the country.

First, to black Americans, tell liberal whites to fuck off. No matter what your politics from liberal to conservative, speak for yourself. When someone in your community is being an ass, when your kids are misbehaving, and some liberal white moron starts to make excuses for what is a detriment to you, bind and gag the fucker, and discipline your kids and report the ass. Defend yourself. Just because you're victimized by someone who is also black doesn't mean you have to stand for it. Do you think white people put up with white criminals or their own kids because they're white. Fuck no.

Second, to white Americans, fucking stop thinking of that whole damn eye for an eye bullshit. You're the bloc most responsible for this craptastic situation of incarcerating entire neighborhoods and cities worth of American citizens. You have your heads up your collective asses filled with self-righteous bullshit about crime and punishment and the only thing you are doing is insuring that those you callously and harshly treat will resent society, and keep on being bad people.

Third, to all of you, good and bad behavior are no more subjective than your immediate interest in not getting bonked on the head and your wallet taken. It's that simple. All of you want the same things. You want your kids to listen to you. You want your neighbors to respect you. You want people to treat you nicely. You want justice without vengeance. You want repair of the world. You want bad people to be made good people. You want everything to work out.

It never will happen as long as you cannot forgive each other and are wrapped up in your own victimhood. Please, for the love of G-d, stop. Before the statistic reaches 2% and carries an obligatory after comment, "and the other 98% are awaiting arrest."

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sex in the Home of the Slaves, Land of the Cowards

Every day or so I check into and see the detritus of American and global civilization settling around our feet, breaking off from the structure below as we crush it with new structures above. Imagine a "soft bottom" structure whose first floor pancakes in an earthquake but instead of rebuilding the whole thing proper, the second floor now becomes the first and they build a new second floor and over and over.

One thing that really fucking bothers me is the way the American public is headed towards an almost police state mentality regarding sex, especially as it is enslaving children and teenagers who have not even had the chance to grow up and decide on the way through that process what they want to do with their developing sexuality, in the ostensible name of protecting them, but truly and really in the quest for creating another power bloc to be spoken for.

All over the Internet, we see stories of people being busted for trying to get in the pants of teen girls. Hey fine, a man really did strike up a conversation with a real girl and for sexual purposes. Fine, investigate and press charges. Win if you can in a court of law.

Nope. Not how we do it anymore. We put up sting operations and actively attempt to entice people who are on the fence sitting but weak willed side of things, and use such enticements as they most likely would never ever have the possibility of receiving from a young girl, and without such enticement lack the initiative to do more than jerk off at home.

Once arrested, these men are then tagged as "Sex Offenders". Consider for a minute the meaning of that phrase. First, they've narrowed it down to being about sex. Second, they've claimed there is an actual offense which implies it is against society as the law enforcement people involved are charged with protecting society against law breakers and other offenders against the public.

You cannot have an offense unless there is a norm to be broken. What this means is that if there is such as thing as a "Sex Offender" there must by contrast be a "Sex Non-Offender". Which furthermore implies that there is a norm which determines one's compliance. Moreover, it also then implies that society has given its elected officials the power to direct the appointed officials of law enforcement to enforce that norm.

Does no one see the danger of de facto acceptance of the concept of a societal norm for sex? Does no one see the danger of this de facto norm being essentially decided and defined by elected politicians and appointed police?

In the name of "for the children" we are willing to internalize and swallow that idea, that there can be a societal norm for sex and it can be handed to others who are most definitely not involved otherwise in our very personal sex lives, and offenders however they are defined punished in any way that the system wishes?

What punishments do we levy? We tag them for life with a name, with a classification, that allows for no forgiveness, no changeability, no hope. We take an offense that we claim on paper has XYZ for a punishment but then we go beyond that in a very real and damaging way to practically insuring that they will be left with no chance for change, let them know we will never believe in them again, and wonder why the recidivism rate is so high.

At no time does morality enter into it. We never have anything like the Jewish Mussar phenomenon. Not even a whiff of a mention of philosophy and ethics is made.  It is clear from the first moment that this is not about justice and correction of an offender. It is not even revenge for we ourselves in society who were not involved were not directly wronged and thus have no personal connection to claim vengeance. In fact, we make it clear that it is about society being deep down the bad guy. A cowardly bad guy. Like the Spartans who would prove themselves by murdering a Helot and getting away with it, we use the flimsy excuse of justice, we visit this hellishness on them with the fire of revenge, and we have no personal interest in it other than we've found a victim we can go cathartically medieval on.

Finally in the case of this child molester under every bed hysteria, we claim we are doing it for the children. At no time are the children involved in a sting operation so that argument is clearly bunk right there in that case. It was fishing and the claim that they would have targeted a real kid is not proven. We would not know unless they actually offend. Seeking to get people to make attempts at offending but not actually offending is what that is.

When it comes to real intergenerational sex, does anyone even ask the child what they thought? No. It is simply reflexively assumed that the child cannot decide for themselves what they want.

Well when I was in junior high, girls I went to school with thought boinking the high school seniors was cool. Some of them were eighteen already. Back then, it was ignored largely. Parents didn't know what their teens were up  to and didn't want to and unless there was a complaint the police did not become involved. They rightly had the attitude that how parents dealt with their kids' sexual experimentation was their business and as long as they did not come out and tell them to fuck, hey, they're trying but teens exist to bust their parents' boundaries. This is nothing new.

Today, parents are just as willfully clueless and still don't want to know who little twelve year old Suzy is doing behind the K-Mart after school, they just wish she wouldn't or that she'd even stop rolling her eyes and take them seriously when they told her about the birds and the bees or even to tie her fucking shoes.

Police on the other hand, whipped into motion by a feeling of righteousness in protecting the public morality which is neither their job nor should it be, as well as prodded by grabby politicians, are full tilt kiddy protecting machines. And as with most government functions failing miserably at it because of the ham fisted Mr. Magoo conceptual grasp crossed with the swatting flies with cruise missiles Sledge Hammer nature of government functions. Of course there's also the fact that they are not doing it to protect the kids because neither the kids nor the parents charged them with doing so, and indeed cannot because an unspoken foundation of America and indeed most humanity being that the family has ultimate responsibility and influence in matters of child rearing and not the state.

Why are they doing it?

They are doing it because the grabby politicians are empowered by it. Don't believe me? Check out this article in the NY Times. 1% of all American adults is not a small number. Every last one of those people is a ward of the state and I do not mean one of the fifty states, I mean the state as in government. That is over 1.5 million people who they can speak on behalf of. They have no rights. No choices. No voice. They are captive. Someone else speaks for them. Obviously since they are incarcerated, the power of the voice for them isn't going to them. It goes to someone else.

It works this way with the unincarcerated as well. Children have no voice. They are by law not allowed to speak for themselves. They are disenfranchised by virtue of an assumption that until they turn eighteen they cannot reason for themselves much less be responsible. Usually, classically, the parents speak for their own children and not for each others' nor those of people half way across the nation.

No longer. In the vacuum of parental responsibility taking in the USA, the politicians have found a new class to speak on behalf of. One which cannot gainsay them and disavow that spokesmanship. One whose rightful spokespeople won't disavow that stolen representation because of the nature of the subject matter being used. The politicians are protecting my kid from sex predators. Why should I speak up?

Just because the stated aim of protecting your kids is the same as your own natural imperative, does not mean the actual aim is the same and you should have a natural and inherent knowledge that you as the parent alone can have such an overly protective feeling towards your kids. Your interest is the biological imperative of passing on your genes and the spiritual imperative of continuing your own existence through the impression you make on them and what you teach them, what you impart by their experience of you.

What is the political class' interest in speaking for your kids? What is the only interest the political class ever has? Think for a minute.

How long will it be before it goes from deciding that the societal norm is that your kids cannot have sex with adults, to deciding that your kids cannot learn about sex from you?

The public schools are an arm of the state and hence politically connected. Anyone who has been a teacher know the politically tempestuous nature of schools and understands the incestuous nature of the connections between school administration and town council politics. Town council politics where schools are concerned is affected very heavily by the state government of state taxpayer fund disbursements, or lack thereof should compliance with political motivations not be forthcoming. States suckle at the teat of the federal hog and no one can miss the nature of our congress or presidency.

So already the series of connections from the federal circus to the state carnival to the local petting zoo is well established. Do you really want that bunch to be the sole societally accepted venue for transmission of sexual mores to your kids?

Consider that schools are presently not teaching children abstinence or even self control, but starting from a proposition that they are going to have sex no matter what short of a G-d they figure doesn't exist telling them not to. All they say is use a condom.

Your average mass media from television to radio to Internet is alive with sexual imagery. We had a sexual revolution. We had a sexual revolution hangover. We got horny again and society's mirror shows it. When was the last time you felt truly effective in your attempt at communicating to your kids that they should not have sex and wait for when they truly felt ready, unpressured, and truly wanting it? Do you think the mass society reflects anything that helps you in this?

Okay, now go back two paragraphs and compare that with the paragraph following. Not only is the mass culture putting forth an image of sexual promiscuity as exciting and fun, of sex coming without ramifications personal or interpersonal, but your kids' public school's official government position is that your kids are going to fuck and there is no point in trying to tell them not to.

I don't know about you but I don't want a proven power hungry and eternally self-aggrandizing bunch of morally perverted fucks like our political class to practice this schizophrenic imposition of wildly contradictory messages that on the one hand there's no point in even broaching the message of self-control in anything much less sex, and on the other hand that whoever or whatever they have sex with, they have no right to do it, no right to choose it, and someone is going to prosecute someone somehow if they do.

Does this not seem like a prescription for complete disaster?

It seems rather odd to me that in the shift of twenty-five years from when I was a teen to now that the number of sexual offenders is now several thousand percent greater but the population is not. One would have to expect a concomitant increase in crime across the board and yet there has not been. We do not live in walled villages with bars on our windows and armed police manning emplacements at each corner. There are no mohawk-topped  barbarians in assless chaps running loose raping and pillaging. This is not the criminal infested future we once imagined we'd have based on the tired conception of "if present trends continue".

The only thing that has changed is that police are now in a frenzy and hysteria driven so by politicians, their own egotistical need for feeling righteous and relevant, and the mass media phenomenon.

Did you never wonder if all the witched execute during the witch hunting hysteria of the previous centuries were real? Didn't it seem curious that before that, they had no problem with those thousands of witches in their midst and yet had been upright Christians for centuries already? Was it that witchcraft was suddenly being cleaned out? Or was it that they never were and were invented for the furtherance of the agenda of those doing the hunting and executing?

In the name of the further empowerment of a class that already has entirely too much power, the sexual doings of we the American people and the sexual and moral education of our children is being stolen at the gunpoint of a threat of societal ostracism and penal punishment. We silently let them take the power from us, even as the methods they use insure a further taking of our power ongoing into the future.

So when can we expect that intrafaith conference?

Saudi king says he'll convene interfaith conference with Jews | Jerusalem Post

Now if we can get rabbis from Reconstruction, Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox, and the various so-called Ultra camps together in one place talking nicely we'll really be making progress. I mean come on, if a Wahhabist Muslim can make the offer, why not?

Friday, March 21, 2008

How to crochet a kippah

Very simply, this design I hit on while making my own so it is entirely original and not based on anything I found somewhere else.

You will need to learn the basic terms elsewhere I am afraid. I may retromod this and add pics another time.

DC=Double Crochet

Okay, get a starting loop on your hook and chain 6.

Slip stitch the last to the first to make a ring.

Chain 3 to make your first radial spoke, DC through the hole in the center of the ring to make another. You need to do another sixteen for a total of eighteen radial spokes.

Slip stitch through the 3 link in the first chain 3 to join it.

Chain 4, double crochet to the left through the space between the radial spokes below. Chain 1, then double crochet in the next space. Keep going all the way around.

Slip stitch through the 3 link in the first chain 4 to join it.

Chain 4, DC through the space on the left like before, then do another DC in the same space (you'll note that thanks to the chain 1, they are wider spaces now), and then chain 1, move on to 2DC in the next space and chain 1, etc all the way around. At the last space you'll have the chain 4 occupying one of two radial slots. DC to its right in that space and then slip stitch to 3 link in that first chain of 4.

Chain 3, 2DC in the space on the left, then 1DC in the the space between two radial spokes, then 2DC in the larger space following, then 1DC, then 2, etc. all the way around.

When you get to the end, slip stitch through 3 link in the chain 3, chain 3, and do single DCs through each space between radial spokes below.

Including the center group of radial spokes you initially did, you should have 13 rows total. When you get to the final slip stitch and it is done, cut the yarn an inch from it, and pull it through that last loop tight.

This design will fit down over your head a little snug at first but loosen up quick, and will fit down farther than smaller kippahs that you have to clip to your hair.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How to end the Jerusalem dispute

Here in the United States of America, we are able to separate our capitols from their cities. If you ask someone in CT where the state capitol is, they say, Hartford. If you ask someone in Hartford where the state capitol is, they actually point to a physical location within Hartford and say over there.

Most cities around the world that function as their greater associative organization's HQ siting I would guess are like that. So, we're really not all that different. If you ask someone in London where the capitol of the UK is, they point towards Big Ben simply because it is easy to pick out and attached to the rest of the building in which parliament sits.

However, unlike most other nations if not all of them, our national capitol is not inside any given state. Whereas the area which includes London can boast of the nations HQ being right there, and not nearer to let's say Cardiff or Glasgow, no state or county or whatever can claim that about Washington, D.C. because it is as the final two letters abbreviate a district.

We have fifty states and several other entities plus a district separate from all the rest in which sits our capitol and well, the locals do have issues with the separation. The city is their home, and it for them on a daily basis has nothing to do with the running of the nation.

Despite that, it works pretty well. No state can hold the district hostage. Quite the other way around but that's normal for government, isn't it?

This is in a nutshell the way to let Jerusalem be the siting of the capitols of both Palestine and Israel. Let it be a separate district not controlled or owned by either but a separate place by constitution of both nations and the chosen siting of their government center.

Some will say because I am a ger tzedek that I can't possibly have the raw passionate feel for the desire of Israel and Jerusalem. I don't think there's anything intrinsic to being born Jewish. It's something you learn. And you choose to care or not as so many agnostic non-practicing Jews show. The desire of the Palestinians to hold Jerusalem is almost as strong if not historically tight other than having to sit by while Christendom and the western world in general traipsed through or fought with the eastern world on their doorstep. Since I'm not Muslim or from their land, the Palestinians would doubtless say I can't feel it enough the way they do.

Maybe, but maybe that allows me to step back and see a bigger picture. The Catholic Church is headquartered in its own one-city nation of Vatican City. Italy cannot claim to own it. It is its own place. Polish Catholics have just as much a right as any Italian Catholics to visit.

So to should we Jews and Muslims and Christians all have access to Jerusalem without worrying about any of the others claiming ownership. It's not about ownership. G-d does not command us to own, He commands us to respect and cherish. I respect and cherish my street. I don't own it, the collective whole of our citizenry does but that doesn't stop me from living there. I own my house and property on it.

So too can Israel as an entity own property just as it does anywhere else. The US can own property anywhere that the local government of jurisdiction allows the purchase. If Jerusalem was a separate district, all the parties involved here could have their government facilities there.

What are the chances of such enlightened mutual cooperation for the benefit of all? Very low. It would force into the light the current shadowy truth that the parties involved do not care for the sake of G-d, only their own petty getting their own way. This fight over Jerusalem is about pride and that is going to lose Jerusalem for all of us. How does this profit the nation of Israel and the Jewish people?

We need a District of Jerusalem. We need to get on with our lives.

But first, there's the matter of the Palestinian hornet's nest and the world that keeps poking it and encouraging it to be aggravated for their own ends to the eternal detriment of the Palestinian people and thus the Jews and everyone else as well as secondary casualties.

Monday, March 17, 2008

From the "Too Much Free Time" files...

Ala. Building Can't Shake Swastika Shape - News From AP

From the ground, the Wesley Acres Methodist retirement home looks like any other building. But fly over in an airplane, and the outline is unmistakable: It's one big swastika.

They even mentioned the other swastika building.

Take a piece of graph paper, and draw a box around a 7x7 space. Starting from the center square, go out in all four directions from it coloring in blocks. You get a cross. Now since you can't go outside the border, you want to expand the raw footage, what do you do?

Well, you could expand off each arm to make something like the German Iron Cross. Or the tetragrammaton cross symbol. OR you could then have each arm suddenly all turn the same way at a right angle along the perimeter. Either way you get a swastika. Either facing the same way as the Nazis or the other was as used in Asia.

Simple math and geometry, simple symmetry, simple regular efficient design. Why use a swastika shape and not the cross with cross bars? Simple. The swastika design encloses four quads for greenspace out on which windows have for a view. The other design ends up more like a Bronx apartment building with windows staring directly at each other.

Look at the pictures with both links and notice the space enclosed.

Another way is to do a square building with a cross section in the center, but that is just the swastika continued to enclose a space, but with a building that side if you need a portable lift to do repairs, how do you get it inside each quad WITHOUT lifting it over by crane OR taking apart and hand carrying the many pieces through the building to the inside quads and reassembling?

And fully enclosed quads have the problem of wind shear and containment. My high school had a fully enclosed area and when the prevailing winds whipped up, were near to rattling the windows out of their frames, and even light breezes outside the school became overpowering gusts within the enclosed area as wind whipped over the roof and down into the space.

We have more than enough problems in the Jewish world without this conspiratorial nonsense that makes us look like the fundamentalist Christian kooks who look for embarrassing secret dirt on the Vatican, or the idiots who try to find 666 everywhere.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WTF Round-Up For Today...

12-Year-Olds Accused Of Sex At School - Greenville News Story - WYFF Greenville

As expected, you see no one saying that maybe this should NOT have been a legal matter, that the school should have been quiet, saved face for the CHILDREN, and kept it between school administrators and the parents. Instead, now the kids are going to be known for getting arrested for getting it on, and bet your ass, no adult demonstrably guilty of lack of child rearing sense will be punished at all. Just the kids for doing what comes naturally.

Montgomery's Finest Won't Pay Fines -

Simple solution: have the owner of the vehicle, the municipality or country, pay the fines and then dock the pay of the offending officers and reprimand and punish them. OR remove the cameras. Using cameras everywhere like the UK is doing is odious and basically the final nail in the coffin of trusting each other on which our free society depends.

Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney | U.S. | Reuters

I would vote to have the entire state of Vermont arrested for intellectual perversion. That is, daring to think that what they think matters one fucking bit to anyone outside of a mental institution. Personally, I am all for a boycott of their state and all its economic offerings. Let's see them play Cuba of the north.

Gilligan's' Mary Ann Caught With Dope

Feel free to respond, "but that dope was Bob Denver years ago..."

Lack of material, girl: Madonna wears see-through skirt to her Hall of Fame induction | the Daily Mail

Check out the view through the second picture. She's wearing a strapless number underneath the see-through outer portion NO LOWER THAN MOST OTHER EVENING FORMAL GOWNS and the pants underneath aren't remotely like panties or a thong, they're more covering like gym shorts. In short, the outfit that Wonder Woman wears is more skimpy and this one makes Madonna look like a super villain enemy of Wonder Woman. But see-through gets played up? Slow news day Daily Mail?

School's bizarre ploy to beat internet perverts - masking pupils with Acid House smileys | the Daily Mail

Anyone else thinking of that Ghost in the Shell series?

Earth to America, please stop fucking long enough to pay attention to your kids...

Study finds 1 in 4 US teens has a STD - Yahoo! News

and linked on the same page...

ABC News: Spitzer Risked Everything He Has...for Sex

Look at the picture of Shpritz with his wife and daughters. Do ya really think they don't have sex or want to have sex or think sex is cool?

In the abstract, sex is canned awesome. It's great. Straight sex, gay sex, whatever. It's grand fun.

In reality, it involves human emotions and humans aren't the most rational creatures around. They fight wars over imaginary events thousands of years ago that no one can honestly say they have any proof ever happened. That may be a basis for meditation, moral and ethical treatment of others, etc., but not war and killing. And yet, we do.

I've had plenty of sex. With my wife and others and so has she. We had our younger swinging days years ago. You know what? It is over, the sex is done, the orgasmic highs are gone and we're left with what we had before that. Each other and an ongoing daily renewed commitment to living with each other in peace. The emotional benefits from that dramatically outweigh sex. Not that we don't have any, but it is not as important as just being able to stand each other.

During the 70s and 80s as America struggled through the aftermath of the sexual riot of the late 60s and early 70s, still groping each other, kids learned that their parents were full of shit. Single moms divorced because they believed anything not forbidden was compulsory. Sure you could live without a husband, but you could also jump off a bridge.

Men decided that if women weren't going to require them, all bets off, time to be a perma-bachelor and screw with abandon.

In the African-American community, this sort of thing was made a horrid and nearly permanent undercurrent and DEFENDED AS A WAY OF LIFE BY WHITE LIBERALS. What the fuck do you have to be smoking to think that a way of life that totally sucked for white families is perfectly cool for black families? Ask a black single mother with three kids how cool it is.

In short, the sexual revolution wasn't fought against anyone but ourselves and we essentially guillotined our own common sense like it was the Reign of Terror. Good going America.

I'm far from a prude. I love sex still and porn is not a problem. People's lack of control and willingness to overindulge absolutely everything that crosses their minds or crotches IS.

So are you really surprised? When I was a teen, it was the height of sophistication for twelve year old junior high girls to bang eighteen year old high school seniors from the football team. It made them cooler than the other girls, more grown up. For boys, it was to get any sex at all, and drink.

What were their influences? Playboy martini and jiggly Playmate parties. Sex in movies and television being depicted WITHOUT the emotional consequences, WITHOUT the human dimension and WITHOUT parents drilling it into them that sex is great in theory, very difficult to make right in practice given human emotion and cultural aspects.

In theory, we could lower the age of consent and as soon as puberty hits we could fuck and suck for all day. In practice, most thirty year olds I know of either gender should be stuck in chastity belts or locked in a room with Kleenex and a Penthouse for a decade until they grow up.

We're human, and we have drawbacks, and we need to take them seriously and account for them in raising the next generation. We must NOT give them false impressions and we must NOT gloss over our doubts about our abilities to conduct ourselves properly in the sexual arena just because we're horny. As one adult put to me as a teen, when in doubt, don't date, masturbate.

Have you seen Bratz dolls? Have you seen Barbie? Have you seen MTV? Have you seen prime time television? Okay, now have you seen anyone actually showing the true aftermath of the 70s sexual debacle?

No, and that's why this statistic is not shocking to me in the slightest. What's shocking is the utter cluelessness this country still operates under in the name of fearing conservatism. It's not prudery, it's common sense. STOP FUCKING LONG ENOUGH TO HEAR YOURSELF THINK.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chaim Potok is to blame for so many Jewish fictional kids named Danny...

Judge a Book by its Cover: A Quickie for All of Our Jewish Friends

It's an old post over there, but worthy of bringing up. Especially this line:

I wonder how many of the 613 laws he's breaking on this cover alone.

Quite a few. Someone call Mogen David Adom. I think he needs to be brought in for a check for catatonia. On the other hand, maybe autistic kids are used for cosmetology classes in some lands.

Treif on a stick... » Bacon Lollipops

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Two signs of severe cracking up in Israel

Eitam: Banish traitors from Knesset and Israel | Jerusalem Post

Ashkelon man builds homemade missile | Jerusalem Post

The government of Israel's truly breathtakingly vast and grand incompetence on the same scale as America's is leading predictably to the people at large cracking up. Common citizens want to fire rockets back like the terrorists. Elected MKs want to publicly support the destruction of their own country.

It's like the kooks of the American white supremacist movement, going on about black helicopters and conspiracy theories and how we need to overthrow the government. Here though, we aren't under fire from foreign enemies right on our border unless you count the continuing influx of Canadian comedians or Mexicans willing to pick vegetables for pathetic insulting pay, which I don't.

Well, maybe the Canadian comedians, but the same could be said of the enemy within, Minnesota comedians. The point is that people at large are not waiting for the government to react to a perceived issue but in the case of Israel, the issue is NOT imaginary. It's as real as a Kassam hit.

Israel definitely cannot afford to keep up this American inspired atmosphere of hurry up and wait. It definitely cannot afford continuing religious schisms. It definitely cannot afford anything but a unified commitment to its own survival. It definitely cannot afford to follow more slow path to peace Jimmy Carter Camp David style bullshit.

Instead, Israel's government is busy passing laws and regulations that make anything like strong patriotic expressions of ever more questionable legality while letting elected officials publicly mouth support of what amounts to the destruction of their own nation, which is at the very least sedition.

Maybe the anti-Zionist religious fundamentalists have a point. Maybe Zionism alone isn't sufficient to overcome all of our human foibles and weaknesses. It certainly looks like Israeli government is willing to bend over for the fifth column out of nothing more than misplaced false compassion which is really fear of being tagged as bigots against Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims.

Well learn from the USA already Israel. For fear of being tagged racists, white conservatives have been afraid to cross the so-called race lines and support black and other minority voices shouting out for self-control, propriety, and family; if they do, they are called opportunistic, racist, and those they reach out to support within those communities are tagged as sell-outs and Uncle Toms.

The result is that African American parents have NO support against childhood rebellion and social upheaval from the white majority. Well, WE ARE ALL IN THIS WORLD TOGETHER. SOCIETY IS WHAT THE MIX OF ALL OF US IS CALLED. If the Arab/Muslim Israelis are upset, and Jewish Israelis are upset, then they have to start talking to each other and helping each other AS FELLOW ISRAELIS.

It definitely is in NO ONE'S interest for Hamas and Fatah to continue this way. Palestine has a chance to coexist with Israel in peace and prosperity and Hamas and Fatah are FUCKING THAT UP FIRST AND FOREMOST FOR THEIR OWN FELLOW PALESTINIANS.

Furthermore, they are doing it for the pleasure of Syria and Iran. Hello, Earth to Palestinians. You live in Palestine, NOT SYRIA. NOT IRAN. Stop letting those opportunistic bastards who are nowhere near your home, your street, your problems, to guide what you do and how you do it. HAMAS AND FATAH HAVE BETRAYED YOU FOR THE COIN OF SYRIA AND IRAN. They are traitors to your desire for a moment's rest. Yet you suck up to them while they are sucking up to would-be global troublemakers who are sacrificing your safety and security for their own selfishness?

Israel, time to reach out and reclaim YOUR OWN CITIZENS WHO YOU ARE LOSING THE LOYALTY OF. When that reaches critical mass, civil war becomes inevitable and you can take this from America, it can take CENTURIES to heal that IF you survive it. In your case, I don't think Iran and Syria will let you.

All we had to fear was Canadians and Mexicans on our borders and when was the last time you heard them mentioned in the same sentence as "international terrorism"? "Relatively harmless" is more common but that is never used in the same sentence as Syria OR Iran.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In my day, we actually got naked in front of each other...

--In one incident, a girl and a boy took nude photographs of themselves and sent the photographs to each other. This happened off campus, he said.
--In the other, a girl was given a cell phone by a boy. She took the cell phone into the girls bathroom at school, took nude photographs of herself and gave the cell phone back to the boy, he said.

Police: Students exchanged nude cell phone photos - Breaking News from the Press-Register -

Wow. People are so conservative now they do it via electronic means. When I was in junior high girls and boys flashed each other in the hall near the bathrooms. News reports? Heck, we didn't even have the Internet. Teachers just suspended people for a day IF that much. Big freaking deal. Back then, they were smart enough to think that child pornography probably didn't include children themselves taking the pics because they were CHILDREN, JUVENILE, IMMATURE, ETC.

Now, they're sex offenders. Welcome to Political Correctness run amok.

They give the kids Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Romper Room and Sesame Street, then they give them nuclear war, AIDS, Al Queda, and Sex in the City. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING MADHOUSE DID YOU EXPECT EXACTLY?! Fail to raise your children, have the Internet and television do it, and what happens? THIS COUNTRY TODAY.

If you can't beat them, make them out to be on drugs...

The thunder, lightning and blaring of a trumpet which the Book of Exodus says emanated from Mount Sinai could just have been the imaginings of a people in an altered state of awareness, Shanon hypothesized.

Was Moses high on Mount Sinai? - Science-

New tactic in the war on Jews and Christians by the mass culture, long expected. Make them out to be on drugs at the very beginning, thus rendering everything about them suspect from moment one, AND allow co-opting by the psychedelic New Age freaks who the mass culture already writes off as kooks.

Orthodox rabbi Yuval Sherlow told Israel Radio: “The Bible is trying to convey a very profound event. We have to fear not for the fate of the biblical Moses, but for the fate of science.”

Amen rabbi. Amen.

School Bans Hugs, Students Protest By Hugging

A school policy banning student hugging prompted dozens of east Valley students to protest with a giant group hug across the street from campus.

School Bans Hugs Over 2 Seconds - Local News Story - KPHO Phoenix

You know, I totally didn't see that coming and neither did you, did you?

Of course not.

Ah to be a teenager. Next they'll explicitly ban fucking and you know what will happen across the street.